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Gas Pump

Should Road Taxes Be Collected At The Pump?

Submitted by Tony “Kite’ Gibbs

The recent proposals by the President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) to recover road taxes through fuel tariffs at the pump may seem administratively elegant at first glance, but to the non-economist like myself, is riddled with shortcomings, economic and otherwise, which do not appear self-evident to many in the Barbados Economic Society.

Road taxes are fixed charges levied by the government on vehicles for the right to use the roads in this country. Collecting road taxes at the pump through volumetric rates will always result in revenue adequacy problems. There will be over-collection of taxes when the economy is good or when oil prices are low and under-collection when economic circumstances force motorists to drive less. Road taxes collected in this manner will eventually be biased towards over-collection since there can be no conceivable way for Government to true-up and reconcile collected taxes on a month-to-month basis, in a revenue neutral manner, similar to what occurs with BL&P and the fuel clause adjustments.

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Esther Byer, Minister of Labour

Another NIS Glitch Affecting the Vulnerable

It is our money and we want it now. “This is becoming the urgent plea of many Barbadians to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), despite an advertisement appearing in the Press that the department is upgrading its system and claims will be delayed. That is little comfort to four despairing young mothers who turned up at the offices of the SATURDAY SUN when their efforts to get some clarity from the NIS about their maternity benefits did not bear any fruitSaturday Sun

My, my, my!

How much more will this “people-centred Government” humiliate the lower echelons of our society? In the 1960s Jimmy Cliff sang: “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer . . .” This Government is taking us back to the days of slavery – with the difference being that the taxpayers of this country are NOT getting what is theirs. This makes the situation worse, because people have to go cap-in- hand to beg for what is theirs.

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Afra Raymond

Integrity Reflections – the background

Originally posted on
SIDEBAR: THE MEANING OF THE LAW “…legislation must be followed or driven by will. Laws are just what they are, convoluted and meaningless blocks of text until they are made alive/and relevant by human effort, human with a reasonable degree of collective/societal rectitude…” —Quote from one of the several FaceBook…

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Sir David Seale

Sir David Seale Responds to Sandals Barbados: I am NO Idiot!

Sir David Seale recently accused Sandals Barbados of preferring Jamaican Appleton Rum at the expense of the local product. The hotel management responded by labelling Sir David’s accusation ridiculous and mischievous. BU understands Sandals Barbados stocks a Mount Gay product for display purposes and that ALL rum used for mixing is Appelton rum.

See a copy of a letter Sir David has addressed to the Nation newspaper to defend his good name.

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Watchman David Sam

Vigilantes Caucasian Style

Submitted by Anthony Davis

As discussion continues about the massive search for missing woman Karen Harris last weekend, a watchman at Buttals Plantation in St. George is reporting he was harassed by three members of the search partyBarbados Today

This case is unprecedented in the annals of search and rescue in Barbados!

It is obvious that in such a case one will find the George Zimmermans who think that Blacks are there for a blood sport where they have the dogs and, like during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s campaigns, they could loose them at people whenever they want. If my memory serves me correctly, we are in the twenty-first Century – and not the seventeenth, eighteenth or nineteenth. Yet we have three Caucasian males treating Mr. Sam as if we were still in one of the latter three, and he was a runaway slave whose Human Rights they could contravene with impunity.

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Felicia Browne,
Human and Gender Justice Advisor
Caribbean Mentorship Institute

Rape is NOT Her Fault

Rape is not the fault of the victim. For many years, women and girls have been held responsible for the actions of their violators. In some cases, the victims are seen as contributors to the violent acts that they endured at the hands of their perpetrators. The social stigmatization associated with rape and other forms […]

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David Estwick, Minister of Agriculture

Cane Industry Restructuring Project (CIRP) and River Tamarind

The government of Barbados by its recent decision appears to be committed to the $250 million Cane Industry Restructuring Project (CIRP). The goal of the project is to integrate the existing sugar industry into the emerging renewable energy project Barbados has ambitiously undertaken to diversify energy needs. Barbadian taxpayers are always the last to be informed about the finer points of public sector projects. One question which keeps surfacing is what part river tamarind will play in the new enterprise. Tony ‘Kite’ Gibbs in a comment on another blog made the following intervention.

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Vishnu Bisram

Afro-Guyanese Blocked by PPP from being Elected President

Submitted by Rickford Burke
Bisram’s diatribe amplifies the PPP’s tactics to block an Afro-Guyanese from being elected President

Vishnu Bisram, a Queens based pseudo pollster, in a letter published in the Guyana Times on March 1, 2015, alleged that I’m a racist because I established that his party – the PPP, traditionally practices racism against Afro-Guyanese but pretends to love us at election time. If he thinks that condemning the PPP’s oppression of black people in Guyana makes me a racist, then so be it. I wear that label as a badge of honor.

Bisram said my assertion that when President Cheddie Jagan died, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, an Afro-Guyanese, was eviscerated to allow a none-black to take over the presidency, is a fabrication. He also claimed that Mrs. Harper’s selection as the PPP’s prime ministerial candidate demonstrates the PPP’s “multiracial politics.”

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Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu – The End of the Zionist Project

Submitted by Pachamama

This week’s unwelcome visit to Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu is the latest manifestation of deep-seated differences between the Obama administration and an Israeli government driven further and further to the right, at home, but more and more popular within the ranks of the love-hating, dispensationalists, WASP, Republican led, United States Senate and House of Representatives. These are occupied Israeli territories in the place called North America!

Nobody who has any sense, in the ‘international community’, likes Netanyahu. Whether it is Obama telling former French president Sarkozy, into a hot mic, that he did not like him. Or Obama himself complaining that he had to deal with him every day. Or the Europeans, countries like Switzerland, distancing themselves from the Zionist regime over settlement expansion while recognizing the Palestinian Authority, as a legitimate government, in international fora. Indications of how distasteful this maniac is.

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Adrian Loveridge

re-Discover the Caribbean

One of the most difficult and painful decisions I have ever made was to cancel our last re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show some years ago, which had become a highly successful annual event spanning over seven years. As well as highlighting and driving new interest in Intra regional travel it was also used as a catalyst to build trade between the islands. It also brought almost around $1 million of foreign exchange into Barbados, filled scores of hotel rooms, generated significant car rental business and helped keep our multitude of restaurants busy, during a traditionally quieter off-season period.

If you were among the thousands of people who visited the show over the two days it took place annually, you would have met representatives from up to 22 participating territories, from Surinam in the south to Jamaica in the north and everywhere in between.

What finally prompted the final decision to stop coordinating the show was the reduced funding by the then Barbados Tourism Authority which even at its peak, represented less than 10 per cent of the actual cost. Plus the sad realisation that they could not find two or more of their staff to ‘man’ a stand for the duration out of what were then over one hundred employees.

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Dr.Dexter James

QEH Head Suggests “Rationing” to Save Cost

Submitted by Anthony Davis

The chief administrator at Barbados’ lone public hospital is suggesting that authorities may have to consider discontinuing treatment for some terminally ill patients… the question I want to ask . . . ‘is Barbados ready for a conversation and a debate around futility of care versus rationing?Barbados Today

Well, well, well. What next? The answer is a resounding NO, Dr. James!

How much is a life worth, doctor? What you should do is drum it into Chris Sinckler’s head that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) needs the funds which he recklessly cut. The QEH was functioning very well until he came along and cut the funds to that institution along with the funds to the UWI and welfare. These are all things that are hurting the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in our society.

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Canadian Banks Struggling in the Caribbean

One of Canada’s largest newspapers The Globe and Mail published an unflattering story last week titled Trouble in Paradise: Inside Canadian banks’ billion-dollar Caribbean struggle. It comes at a time the government of Barbados has been telling Barbadians the economy is on the bounce. It is no secret the three sectors which drive the economy […]

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Vote Danny Gill for President

Danny Gill_NUPW

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Afra Raymond

Integrity Reflections

Originally posted on
This column sets out my reasons for seriously questioning the motivation and priorities of the Integrity Commission. Despite my doubts as to the way in which successive Commissions have operated the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA), I have continued to offer suggestions as to how their work could be…

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