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The Vagina Monologues of Hillary ‘Rodham’ Clinton

Submitted Pachamama Our contentions have always been that a vagina represents the most sacred of places, as incubator for all life. We are adamant it is the only Heaven we have known and want to know. So concepts like sex working and establishing rivals to Her should not stand. The claims to the presidency of […]

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The Business Blog – Panama Papers and the Threat to the Offshore Sector

Compiled by Due Diligence In his April 28 column in The Nation, BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Time for Panama Papers fightback Tony Best wrote: – Undoubtedly, Barbados will come under increasing pressure to reduce the presence of international investors in its offshore sector. And the heat will come from the US, Canada, Britain, France, and other […]

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Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

The Caswell Franklyn Column – Stop the Bullying and Talk

ALL THESE YEARS I have been labouring under the belief that slavery had been abolished in Barbados. Now I am not so sure, if I am to be guided by the legal opinion from the Solicitor General’s Office, which is reported to have said that marking School-Based Assessments (SBAs) forms part of the duties of […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Blackboard Jungle

For all the oral public discourse, column inches, union sabre rattling, legal disputation, child advocacy, and official pleas for due process to take its course that it might have engendered in recent days, there has been, to date, no decisive confirmation of precisely what happened in the now notorious incident of the alleged battery of […]

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Pedro Shepherd, Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT)

Crisis in Education

Submitted by Anthony Davis The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) today put Minister of Education Ronald Jones on notice for industrial action if he does not meet with members by next Wednesday. “BUT President Pedro Shepherd sounded the warning following a more than  three-hour long meeting with scores of teachers who were summoned to a […]

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The Ambassador to CARICOM, His Excellency Robert “Bobby” Morris

Of Apologies and Compensation

An interesting and provocative editorial found in The BarbadosAdvocate 29.04.2016. “If you open that Pandora’s box, you never know what Trojan ‘orses will jump out…” –Ernest Bevin (1949) While Barbados does not proclaim it as poetically as Trinidad & Tobago’s national anthem does, our constitutional ethos implies that here also “every creed and race finds […]

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L-R): Edison Alleyne (Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment), Margot Harvey (Chairman, Sanitation Service Authority), Dr Denis Lowe (Minister of Environment), Clare Cowan (CEO of Cahill Energy), Christopher Sinckler (Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), Denis Kellman (Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development), Senator Darcy Boyce (Minister of Energy in the Office of the Prime Minister)

Final Nail in CAHILL ENERGY Project

A few words to put this project to bed. Barbadians were told by Ministers Chris Sinckler, Denis Lowe, Prime Minister Stuart and others singing from the same hymn sheet that the Cahill Energy project was the best solution to manage energy from waste (EfW). They peddled the position that plasma gasification is proven technology. What […]

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Adriel Brathwaite

Tales from the Courts – Adriel Brathwaite #bajanswantchange XXX

The latest report emanating from Adriel Brathwaite on amendments to the Legal Professions Act has appeared in several news outlets. For those who have not read about it, here is one such report. The truth is that these amendments will be as much use as trying to stick a plaster on a gaping abdominal wound. […]

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The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow Would Have Fired Michael Carrington

CHICAGO — A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert to one year and three months in federal prison — a term above what prosecutors had recommended and one that clearly took into account the sexual abuse allegations that generated the criminal case against the Illinois Republican – The Washington Post […]

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Afra Raymond

Telling Truths

“…The first responsibility that devolves upon you is the protection and promotion of your democracy. Democracy means more, much more, than the right to vote and one vote for every man and eve… Source: Telling Truths

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Influx of ‘foreigners’ Changing the Region

The following is an extract from a Yahoo T&T Group Forum BU is a member. It details a commentary on the rise across the Caribbean. In fact, a flavour of the commentary is playing out in the EU exacerbated by the refugee crisis. The old question is one the regionalist – and the ideologues – […]

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Philip Nicholls

Philip Nicholls and the Cottle Catford Matter, Questions

The release of the book published by Philip V. Nicholls More Binding Than Marriage – the former partner of the once venerable Cottle Catford law firm – has only served to exacerbate public scrutiny of the legal profession. Those who read the book were astounded by many revelations shared by Nicholls. Until now the public […]

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William Duguid former MP

Duguid Accuses Estwick of Smoked-filled Room Sugar Deal

The Nation newspaper carried a news report today the gist of which is encapsulated in the following extract:- BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) CANDIDATE for Christ Church West, William Duguid, is charging that Government has entered into a “secret deal” with an overseas-based company which could cost taxpayers more than $60 million, and a further $20 […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – JetBlue Offers Mouth-watering Opportunities for Barbados

Later this week JetBlue start their new daily non-stop flights from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood (FLL) airport to Barbados and it offers tremendous additional potential for our entire tourism industry. It is going to be very interesting how ‘we’ as a country target the Florida market. Of all the fifty states, Florida has the highest percentage of […]

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transgender beforeafter

Press statement: UNAIDS Condemns Violence Against Transgender People

KINGSTON, 25 April, 2016— UNAIDS condemns killings and violations of human rights against transgender people reported in recent months by civil society and media in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras and Venezuela. In Bolivia, through a press release issued last week, the LGBT Collective denounced the […]

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Submitted by Robert MacLellan LIAT Airlines has been a vital factor in the commercial and tourism life blood of the Caribbean for decades. However, the company has now had three CEO’s and two Acting CEO’s in the last seven years, evidence of LIAT’s challenges. Commentary on its unfathomable financial strategy, its lack of published accounts […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Mirage of Integration (iii)

Trade –Britain’s links with the EU are holding back its focus on emerging markets…Leaving would allow the UK to diversify its international links… Immigration – Britain can never control immigration until it leaves the EU, because freedom of movement gives other EU citizens an automatic right to live here… Law –Too many of Britain’s laws […]

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Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Scotland Has Links to the Dark World

One has to marvel at the lack of due diligence Caribbean governments and others in authority exercise when making decisions on behalf of the people they serve. There is the perception by the developed world that we are a bunch of banana republics, yet we continue by our decision-making to give truth to the belief. […]

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