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Walter Blackman Tells It Like It Is

In response to a BU commenter (Artaxerxes), former popular Talk Show host Walter Blackman delivered a stinging response – required reading for all Barbadians “Some students may be fortunate enough to gain scholarships and pursue […]

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Bjorn Bjerkhamn

Storage Solutions, Mark Maloney, Bjorn Bjerkhamn and Government – Has the Full Story Been Told?

One thing the government cannot deny is that it is payback time. Mark Maloney who fronts for the Bjerkhamn Group has been ‘winning’ many major government contracts. […]

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prison bars

WANTED: Bajan Politicians and Public Officials

President Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala resigned Thursday and will face charges in the customs scandal that has destroyed his government and mobilized ordinary citizens to protest against the sleaze. – The FCPA Blog […]

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Ronald Jones

Wejonesing and Cracking Heads Den

Submitted by Anthony Davis YOU MAY NOT LIKE me but work with me for the good of education,” said Minister of Education Ronald Jones… I don’t have to like you at all (but) I will work with you. But he declared: […]

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The Holy Scriptures of REPARATIONS Chapter 1

The video submitted by Ras Jahaziel of The site on the Inter Net where you will find virtual Art Galleries, videos, the best roots music, and insightful articles to awaken the mind and release the Genie […]

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Internet Security

Understand Internet Data Privacy: What Should You Know and Expect

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, International Cyber\IT Security Expert, Co-founder of the Caribbean Cyber Security Center Using the Internet responsibly […]

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The Corruption Iceberg

13.  Corruption – Corruption is generally not a major problem in Barbados, but some U.S. companies have reported unfair treatment by Barbados’ Customs and Excise Department. […]

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Adjusting Our Educational System to Generate Sustainable Jobs for Barbadians

Walter, who is responsible you think in the society for building the framework to sustain employment? […]

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NCDs + Air Pollution = Unhealthy Living

Submitted by Anthony Davis I wish the Minister of Health would stop expounding the half-truth that to avoid becoming another NCD statistic one should partake in a healthy diet […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Scholar’s Tale

BU shares the Jeff Cumberbatch Barbados Advocate column – Senior Lecturer in law at the University of the West Indies since 1983, a Columnist with the Barbados Advocate since 2000 and BU commenter – see full bio. […]

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Cabinet Note 12 (2012) Mangrove Pond Green Energy Programme NOT Cahill Waste-to-Energy

The attached note was extracted from a Cabinet meeting minutes held on March 29, 2012 forwarded to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry […]

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Corey Layne


The Voice of Barbados (VOB) is the host of Barbados’s popular afternoon talk show. Over the years many moderators of the show have made a mark – Frank Pardo, Miles Rothwell, Reverend Andrew Hatch, Dr. Delph, Phillip Pilgrim, […]

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Why Cameras Should NOT be Focused on Customs Officers

The Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is on public record agreeing to the installation of cameras in areas ‘worked’ by Customs Officers. As the minister responsible for advising the government on legal matters it is noteworthy laws do not currently […]

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Crime and Girls

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group We now seem to be concerned that our young women are active participants in dangerous criminal activity. Societies do not become submerged in deviant behavior over night, this so called new phenomenon, has once more proven that […]

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