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Hold President Trump Accountable Before UN General Assembly

From the INTERNATIONAL  NETWORK  IN  DEFENSE  OF  HUMANITY (CARIBBEAN  CHAPTER) There is no such thing as “American Exceptionalism”! And therefore, the President and Government of the United States of America (USA) are just as subject to the rules of International Law as are the President and Government of any other country. Thus, when– on Friday […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE and the BIG CATs Irma, Jose & Maria

Many have struggled in recent days to recall a period in history when weather systems developed to Category 4 & 5 before leaving the space of the Northern Caribbean. Clearly there is enough evidence to draw a reasonable conclusion that we have entered a period in which the region will have to contend with more […]

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A Heather Cole Column – People Get Ready

People get ready, there’s a train a comin’ You don’t need no baggage, you just get on board All you need is faith, to hear the diesels hummin’ Don’t need no ticket, you just thank the Lord! – Curtis Mayfield I now have a firm belief that the Commissioner of Police is a praying man. […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Support our National Champion

The Hon Christopher Sinckler is Barbados’ Minister of Finance.  He has a most challenging responsibility.  He must consider competing interests and prioritize the spending of limited funds.  He must also be careful to respect the concerns of sovereign rating agencies, creditors, and the International Monetary Fund.  Concurrently, he must defend his decisions in Parliament. Mr […]

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Property Matters – Tobago Sandals

by Afra Raymond Is there a link between the Uff Report and Tobago Sandals? Is Tobago Sandals such a unique opportunity that we ought to adopt unique standards to assess its costs and benefits? What are the various benefits being proclaimed by the supporters of that project? This article will examine some of those claims […]

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Chris Sinckler, Is It True?

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine (SSS)Rumour has it, or should I say, it is alleged, that the minister of finance, Barbados, the honourable Chris Sinckler, might be involved, I repeat, might be involved in a shady deal concerning the purchasing of an expensive Range Rover. Let me say here that the source of this information […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Discipline!

Discipline! Barbados needs a strong dose of societal discipline. The prescription will only be helpful if this begins with the individual and is clearly exhibited at the level of national leadership. This solution is one of the few available ways that remain open to Barbados if we are going to be able to deliver, and […]

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Barbados Fuel Price Analysis 2016 to 2017

by Amit Uttamchandani The first week of September saw Barbadians paying more at the pump for gasoline and diesel with the former moving from $3.16 BDS per litre to $3.25, and the latter going from $2.35 BDS per litre to $2.46. Curious about the changes in fuel prices over time, and with a little digging, […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Booking the Best Deal

I have recently spent, what seemed like an extraordinary amount of time and research, mostly driven by budgetary restraints, planning an upcoming trip to the southern state of Georgia in the USA. There are so many of what can only be described as untruths and misconceptions in the tourism industry, it is small wonder that […]

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St. Leonard’s School Denise White Affair | Another Mess Brewing Under Minister Ronald Jones

The BU household has followed Minister Ronald Jones tenure in government with a bemused interest. He was the favoured ‘deputy’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart turned to until he associated himself with the Eager 11 and was summarily demoted in the pecking order with a Stuart ‘look and feel’ in Richard Sealy his preferred replacement.  Controversy […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – “…The Ball That Shot Nelson”

“…As a symbol of white supremacy and slavery it was meant to send a message. But it also represented an excessive and brutal abuse of parliamentary power…” – Sir Hilary Beckles on the 1813 erection of the statue of Lord Nelson in Heroes Square, Bridgetown. Readers of a certain age may well recall the Barbadian […]

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Hurricane Irma Poses Questions

“The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is forecast to be more active than historical averages with regard to the number of named storms, according to the latest forecasts released by Colorado State University, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and The Weather Company, an IBM Business.” Hurricane Central So far the 2017 hurricane season is following the […]

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An Elitist 11+

Submitted by William Skinner John Cumberbatch, the late president of the Barbados Union of Teachers, often described the Common Examination as elitist. He was convinced that once it remained the gold standard of excellence, the system would eventually be the main cause for several societal problems. It was a position he took before the mid-seventies, […]

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Diabetes On the Rampage in Barbados

Why is diabetes on the rise in Barbados? Is it the type of food we consume? Is it the lack of exercise? Is it the type of food AND lack of exercise?

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BSTU Dispute With St. Michael Secondary School

“The BSTU raised the matter at the Subcommittee of the Social Partnership on 25th August, 2017 and asked that the Minister of Labour use her good office to exert influence towards getting the Grievance heard. Government Minister, the Hon. Donville Inniss, while there expressed his horror at the matter, and stated his concern that if […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Entrepreneurs and Bank Managers Live On a Parallel Planet

This week’s column is a very personal one for which I make no apologies as I sincerely believe this country is at a critical crossroads with very limited decision choices. While not professing for a second to have any special financial skills, the mere fact that I have been in essence, an entrepreneur since the […]

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Dancin Africa: Black Lives Matter

“View a video of the award winning dance entitled BLACK LIVES MATTER, choreographed by Aisha Comissiong and performed by Dancin Africa. This was one of the stand out dances at the recently concluded CARIFESTA arts festival in Barbados. It is the ultimate REPARATIONS DANCE!”

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – National Insurance Director Misled the Public About Pensions

On Sunday, September 3, 2017 the front page of the Sunday Sun carried an item in which the Director of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) is reported to have said that workers took an inordinate amount of sick leave only to find on retirement that their pension payments had taken a hit. He is then […]

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