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Voice of Barbados Parent Launches Gospel Station in T&T

Just a year ago Starcom Network kicked its Gospel Station 97.5 to the curb. CEO Vic Fernandes explained the move that the programming on 97.5FM will merge with that on VOB92.9.  Starcom Network needed the frequency to operate the newly launched Caribbean Superstation also there was the usual spin about operating efficiency.   The merge generated […]

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DLP Reality Check

Submitted by Porridgeboy It has been some time since I have made a contribution to the blog, but at this time I feel compelled to put pen to paper once again so as to state some facts.Since the May 5th and most recently the September 30th a political poll was published The member base of […]

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Pat Hoyos Forced To Apologize To Minister Kellman After Uttering Unfortunate Remark

Many have been asking what is it Pat Hoyos said on last Sunday’s Brasstacks which caused Minister Denis Kellman to exact an immediate apology. Here is what BU can confirm. Last Sunday during the airing of the Brass tacks programme, listeners heard Pat Hoyos [moderator] make an apology to Minister Denis Kellman and many wondered […]

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Are Our Journalists Competent?

There was an exchange this week between a regular caller to the talk show, known as anti-American, who challenged moderator David Ellis that he (Ellis) and traditional media should have done more to lead public awareness about the FTC BL&P recent rate hearing. David Ellis predictably responded that his job as a journalist was to […]

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The Day STARCOM Kicked Christians In The Hiney

The Christian right (also known as the religious right and the evangelical bloc) is a term used predominantly in the United States of America to describe a spectrum of right-wing Christian political and social movements and organizations characterized by their strong support of conservative… …Wikipedia The Christian Right in the United States is known for […]

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Is STARCOM Network And Nation Newspaper Abusing Their Dominant Market Position?

My problem with Starcom and the Nation Newspaper is that their coverage lack balance.  I focus on them because no one reads the Advocate, CBC has always been CBC, we look to the Nation and VOB for some unbiased, good journalism. I have problems with the quality of the Nation and Starcom’s coverage of issues.  […]

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There’s A Time And A Place For EVERYTHING

I understand the rationale but I am not sure I agree with those who call for a removal of so-called “smut” from soca or calypsos. What really is the “smut” persons are referring to? Are we talking about sexual connotations? If so, then why pick only on the calypsonian? Seventy per cent of the songs […]

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CBC And VOB Battle For Top Talk Show Slot In The Afternoon

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)  decision to change the radio programming by expanding the talk segment appears to have gone down well. The introduction of the controversial neoliberal Peter Wickham as a moderator will boost ratings for that reason alone! We also observe that the CBC was able to entice Marsha Hinds-Layne from Voice of […]

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Top Media Personality Veoma Ali On $20,000 Bail

It was with shock that we read the report in the Nation newspaper today (16 September, 2008) that popular Voice of Barbados (VOB) personality Veoma Ali  appeared in the Magistrates A Court and was released on $20, 000 bail. To our horror, Ali was charged  with an attempt to seriously maim gospel singer Kareen Clarke. […]

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Cable & Wireless International Responds To Death Threats To Adrian Loveridge In The Barbados Blogosphere

  After many months of death threats to regular contributor to the blogs Adrian Loveridge and his wife, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Adrian Loveridge recently received communication from a representative of C&W International! We would have been more comfortable getting a response from C&W Barbados but maybe this […]

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Clyde Mascoll Needs Only Three Minutes To Do Damage Control On 3S Barbados SRL

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, and known to be the right hand man of Prime Minister Arthur, wants the citizens of Barbados to believe that he has no knowledge about the Operations Free Flow Project outside of the reason for the increase in the cost of the project linked to a change […]

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Press Freedom Continues To Be Under Threat In Barbados

FIRE PROBE Published on: 9/8/07. BURNT-OUT. The extensively damaged room that once held the two reception classes at the Lawrence T. Gay Memorial Primary School in Spooners Hill, St Michael, suspected to have been caused by arson. The room no longer has windows and because it is not boarded up, there are fears it will […]

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Adrian Loveridge Questions The Local Media Houses Regarding Their Deafening Silence About The Jonathan Laslo Danos 3S (Barbados SRL) Affair

All Barbadians know that Adrian Loveridge who is a Barbadian citizen has been one never afraid to speak-out. It is something that all Barbadians should take note of if our democracy is to be protected. The EDITOR The Daily Nation The Barbados Advocate CBC TV News On the 11th May 2007 in the Royal Courts […]

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