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Educate and Produce is the Way Forward

Submitted by William Skinner Education is one of the many tools a country uses for progress. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that it is the only tool and it must come in a defined format, which must never be changed. Education like any other national tool must undergo redefining and utilized strategically or it falls […]

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The Cost of Scholarship

The BU household continues our focus on education by reproducing today’s Barbados Advocate editorial – Barbados Underground It does not come entirely as a surprise to us that the public discourse surrounding the requirement that Barbadian students at the University of the West Indies (UWI) pay twenty percent of the economic cost of tuition fees […]

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Sir hilary Beckles

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles Lecture (Cuffee’s Stool)

The video is the third lecture in the UWI, Cave Hill series  delivered by Professor Sir Hilary Beckles on the 24 November 2016. He makes an interesting intervention to the narrative of where Barbados has come from, where we are, and where we need to go. The Q&A session is equally interesting. The BU household expects commenters will watch the video BEFORE offering comment.

A very interesting lecture –let us celebrate indeed!

Credit: Peter Lawrence Thompson

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Mirage of Integration (ii)

“The Community and Common Market are intended to promote the coordinated development of the region and to increase intra-regional trade thereby reducing dependence on extra-regional sources. The community will institutionalize the machinery for the many shared services, which already exist and which even the most prosperous of the More Developed Countries, could not operate on […]

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Jameca Falconer, PhD Receives Fulbright Award to Train at UWI,Cave Hill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jameca Falconer, PhD Date: Telephone: 314-800-4215 Jameca Falconer, PhD Director for Counseling and Psychological Services at Logan University in St. Louis Missouri

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Kindly Honour Your Word Mr. Minister

Submitted Napolean Bonaparte

Will the Minister of Education, the Hon. Ronald Jones update the people of Barbados as to his seriousness and intentions of remaining in his post and fulfilling the institutions mandate, as our children’s education, (that which most Barbadians cherish) is at stake. Mr. Jones if you reading this and if you have not yet noticed, we have become disgruntled as to their plight with you at the helm.

As you may know, Barbadians for many years have used this vehicle education, as a means of social mobility and have been most discreet and frugal with their spending to enable at least their children (if not themselves) the opportunity to further themselves. To have expected parents of the current years’ university entrances to find between $5,500 and $19,765 at the spur of the moment is wrong. Your proposal to somewhat buffer this unexpected hardship was a proposed 3,000 bursaries to families lacking the means.

Exactly where does these UWI students and their families stand with regards to these bursaries you have promised? Are you aware of the stresses and strains placed on them now that the term has started, with regards to completion of their education program?

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Whither the School of Medical Sciences at Cave Hill!

Submitted by Lemuel The University of the West Indies (UWI) was established in 1948. Currently, it has full campuses in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. The Mona Medical Faculty started in 1948 with 33 students. To date, the UWI has produced over 7,000 medical graduates. In 2008, the Cave Hill Campus took the bold step to […]

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To Barbadians ALL – Sir Hilary Beckles the TRUTH!

Submitted by Douglas I write this out of a concern that we are not hearing the FULL TRUTH about this issue of the FUNDING of UWI education. As I read the comments of the Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles, I Cry shame on a man I formerly respected. As one of […]

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Harry Husbands: A DLP Mole

Submitted by Jane Brathwaite BU understands Harry Husbands is the son of Austin Husbands and NOT Senator Harcourt Husbands – David. The truth is: Harry Husbands is a token and a mole for the Government of Barbados/Democratic Labour Party and has been placed by the party to get things done their way as the current […]

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Submitted by Guild Watchdog While some University Students are worrying about the Governments new policy forcing them to pay tuition fees at The University of the West Indies. It was chaos and turmoil at The Roy Marshall Teaching Complex at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus on Thursday night; for the convening […]

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Energy in Renewable Energy

Now that the outcry over government’s decision to make UWI students pay tuition cost has abated, there is the opportunity to debate the issue unhinged from political rhetoric. Let us keep hope alive! At  a recent address to the CARILEC Renewable Energy Conference Minister of Energy Darcy Boyce stated that although he understands the industry […]

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UWI Fees Standing On Current Enrolled Barbadians Students

Submitted by Politically Correct (to alert the President of the Guild of this vital information) This letter is not to slander persons in the Ministry but merely to assist the Guild in fighting the sudden increase in fees for Barbadian students. I will explain how to address this legally below from paragraph 2. The Ministry […]

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UWI, Tertiary Education Cost and the Budget

Submitted by Fair Play Sir Frank Alleyne’s interview on the People’s Business last night was spot-on. As usual, he was cogent, rational, reasonable and, of course, very ‘frank’, no pun intended. All the while, trying not to be overly critical of the administration at Cave Hill, but tacitly showing up its unreasonableness and excessive spending, […]

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Financing Tertiary Education in the Caribbean: The Case of the University of the West Indies

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Majority Supporting Government's Tertiary Education Plan

Submitted by Fair Play I believe our plan to ask students to contribute a small part of the cost of their tertiary education at UWI has more public support than we think. Talking to people from all walks of life, and ironically, particularly among low income earners, there is much support.  Their comments run the […]

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A Prime Minister's Word

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Notes From a Native Son: The Role of Education Policy in Development Part Two

Introduction: Globally, a greater proportion of privately educated pupils go on to higher education than those educated in the public education system. Not only does this simple empirical reality does not take a lot of analysis and can be explained in a way many of us will understand, its simplicity also hides a lot of […]

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On Sir Hillary McDonald Beckles KA

Submitted by Benny It has been repeatedly stated in the Press about the amount of money owed to the UWI by the Government. I would like it explained to the tax payers of Barbados how much the expansion at the University has cost the government in recent years. I am speaking of your philosophy of […]

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