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DLP In a ‘Gifting’ Mood

Submitted by Hamilton Hill

The Hon Steve Blackett, Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development.

One of Country & Western’s most prolific song writers the late Bill Andersen once wrote a song called “Where Have All The Heroes Gone”. While listening to that song not long ago,the sense of frustration that I had subconsciously buried for quite some time, fought its way back to the top of my thought process, bringing to the fore this question.

Where have all the stalwarts of the DLP gone?

With such history, such a glowing legacy of performance in the name of nation building, why now do we seem so hell bent on gifting away the reign of leadership, as was done in 1994? Old sea dogs the likes of Greaves, the both of them and others like Branford Taitt, F.G.Smith, Keith and Erskine Simmonds must make sure that the gaffe of 94 remains a haunting memory never to be repeated.

If such must obtain then they must assume leadership of a vessel that for the most part gives the appearance of a rudder-less craft aimlessly sailing the choppy waters of this economic storm. For the most part the First Officer Mr. Finance Minister still has our confidence. Of grave concern however is the epidemic of verbal diarrhoea that seemingly is now the crew’s affliction. Dennis Kellman….almost every day. Minister Blackett who needs to be told that he spoke out of turn {dat shit you talk, shouldda come from Fruendel} and then the AG who chose to call David Ellis, who is chomping at the bit (de same one Fruendel spit) to hold feet to the fire. How do they not see that their actions seem to suggest abandon ship? Is it that or is it every man brek fa e self?

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