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St. Leonard’s School Denise White Affair | Another Mess Brewing Under Minister Ronald Jones

The BU household has followed Minister Ronald Jones tenure in government with a bemused interest. He was the favoured ‘deputy’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart turned to until he associated himself with the Eager 11 and was summarily demoted in the pecking order with a Stuart ‘look and feel’ in Richard Sealy his preferred replacement.  Controversy […]

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Who is the Liar, CXC Cleveland Sam or Minister of Education Ronald Jones

BU Commenter Ping Pong posted the following two comments to highlight a matter that should be of concern to all Barbadians. Comment 1 On 25th August @ 6:03 David posted in this thread, a report by Cara Foster titled: CXC not in business of failing students. In that report Mr Cleveland Sam of CXC is […]

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Call to Arms for Combermerians Everywhere

The reputation of the Waterford University has taken a big dent in recent months. The inability of the authorities to effectively manage the problems at the school have been well documented and discussed on social media. BU has followed the saga at Combermere Secondary School with interest because many in the BU household have benefited […]

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Children as Commodities (Breed! Breed!)

The following is an interesting Editorial which deals with the call for women to ‘breed’! The need to preserve our current social security system may be regarded as paramount if we are minded to maintain a reasonable standard of existence in future for our more vulnerable citizens. Hence, we suppose, the recent concerns expressed by […]

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Barbados Festival Day in New York with Ronald Jones

In the same way the Muslims trek to the Mecca to pay homage to Allah so too local politicians fly to New York to build their brand. Last weekend Friends of the D.L.P Association Inc in New York hosted ‘Festival Day’ (Bajan Day) and look who a BU correspondent spotted. It appears that a good […]

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Wayne Willock – Can You Imagine…?

Submitted by Wayne Willock Can you imagine some of the things that go on in this country? And the lives that have been, and continue to be, turned upside down as a result? The boss I had before I acted as his replacement for some 18 months is thought to be a very jovial joke-giving […]

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Tertiary Education Ladder Kicked Down

Submitted by Anthony Davis Minister of Education Ronald Jones has maintained that Government’s tertiary education tuition fee policy was necessary or the number of students would have had to be restricted because […]

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Wejonesing and Cracking Heads Den

Submitted by Anthony Davis YOU MAY NOT LIKE me but work with me for the good of education,” said Minister of Education Ronald Jones… I don’t have to like you at all (but) I will work with you. But he declared: […]

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Pigeon Shit Closes Ellerton Primary School

Submitted by Anthony Davis “A WORSENING PIGEON PROBLEM has forced the shutdown of Ellerton Primary School for the rest of the week after staff and students complained of, among other things, itchy skin. The ceiling of one block was ripped down yesterday as workers began a cleanup of the St. George school following reports of […]

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