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Getting Ready For The Campaign Trail, SOON

The following was posted as a comment on the CLICO – A Rape Victim But Who Are The RAPISTS? blog. BU believes the submission captures many of the issues which will be distilled on political platforms in the upcoming general elections. Current Opposition Leader Owen Arthur says that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government has […]

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Not One RED Cent To REDjet Says Noel Lynch

Submitted by Adrian Loveridge According to former Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch and as reported in the Nation and repeated on Down to Brass Tacks. The same person, when in office, who first denied all knowledge of a loan to borrow US$15 million to charter Carnival Destiny for CWC2007, and who still after 5 years […]

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REDjet’s Demise + LIAT’s Haemorrhaging = Regional Transportation In Crisis

A quote from a BU commenter about REDjet

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What Concessions Did REDjet Receive?

David Ellis who has become VOB’s goto moderator since the demise of Tony Marshall shared some interesting information today [26/3/2012] to his midday audience. On the subject of REDjet many Barbadians were under the impression REDjet was being treated like a stepchild compared to other airlines who are suspected of receiving subsidies from government. However […]

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REDjet Grounded!

The ‘sudden’ demise of REDjet has been a talking point in the Caribbean in the last few days. Each day that REDjet remains grounded secures another nail in its coffin. It would be a pity if this airline goes belly up the way of Carib Airlines and others before it. It is perplexing how two […]

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REDjet And re-Discover Caribbean

By now, much of our energy would be going into fine tuning the annual re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show, which usually takes place in late April. Just in time for the longer and leaner eight summer month tourism season. Sadly, unless a major sponsor comes forward, it will not take place this year and this may […]

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LIAT, REDjet and Caribbean Airlines – Who Will Pay The Price?

Submitted by BarbadosFirst It has just been told to me that Barbados Civil Aviation Authority granted permission for Caribbean Airlines to fly the Barbados/Guyana and Barbados/St Lucia routes – two of the most profitable routes for LIAT (in which Barbados is the majority shareholder). This is after giving REDjet the same license. The Barbados Government […]

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Redjet: Playing The Fiddle As It Burns

Submitted by Looking Glass The airline having promised wonders announces imaginary success. In the process Barbadosbecomes the culprit but to date not a word from us. That we need to give the green light–also suggested by the CEO–is another bit of unadulterated falsehood. Barbadosis not Caricom. It cannot control or dictate to the islands what […]

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Redjet: About Time To Say Goodbye

Submitted by Looking Glass Redjet reminds one of a dying man gasping for breath. The CEO, having claimed to have met with Caricom officials, is claiming fictional success and profitability almost everywhere except St Vincent and attributing success to the Prime Minister. He told the Nation (7/20/2011) that your “intervention paved the way for Redjet […]

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The Regional Bullies Are At It Again

BU resisted giving our two cents on the current tug war between Barbados and Trinidad but defend we must the yella blue. All the other Caribbean islands defend their ‘colours’ and honour, Bajans however are expected to be a rare breed of people who should adsorb the disrespect of our Caricom neighbours with ‘grace and […]

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REDjet: Cheap Flights And Validity

Submitted by Looking Glass First congrats to Joseph “Reds” Perreira. “Living My Dreams” is indeed a beautiful cover drive that belies the WISU experience. According to the CEO the World Bank 2006 Report on air travel in the Caribbeanidentified the “need for competition and private capital to bring the region’s aviation capacity in line with […]

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REDjet Seeing RED!

The point is that the Government has been fully behind the establishment and operation of the REDjet airline, it has given REDjet the necessary certification … and it is incumbent therefore on this Government to add its voice to the call by REDjet for more prompt treatment in the region than it is getting  – […]

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REDjet Sabotaged By Caricom: The Big Two Jamaica And Trinidad

Two events occurred in the news this week which confirmed to BU that Caricom is in a coma. A mini-Caricom summit held in Guyana saw four heads absent, Prime Minister of Trinidad among them. In the obligatory end of summit communiqué which nobody reads except Rickey Singh, the heads advised the world implementation of a […]

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The REDjet Revolution

BU has been following the progress of new entrant REDjet to the regional air transport market with interest. Not since Carib Express have we seen a new airline generate so much debate. The airline was approved to fly by the Barbados government albeit after a mountain of bureaucratic hurdles had to be leaped. The airline […]

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REDjet Approval To Fly Welcomed – Efficient Regional Air Travel Remains A Pipe Dream

Like thousands of people around the region, I share the excitement of impending competition and all the benefits hopefully it will bring to us with the launch of REDJET. Frankly, it could not come at a better time as we face the daunting prospect of near eight month softer summer season. Our Government should be […]

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Questions Asked Of AIRONE's REDjet

Submitted by Mr. Thompson   What’s really the objectives behind the proposed Airone/Redjet low cost airline. Questions: Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure ? Are $9.99Bds fares realistic or practical ? Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT ? Will the FAA grant the airline […]

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Tourism MATTERS – Exploring New Markets, Keeping Airfares Down

Fair competition is a wonderful thing and personally I don’t think it’s anything to fear. Hopefully soon the necessary operating licences will be granted and the prospects of seeing some reduction in the cost of intra Caribbean travel will become a reality. And how exciting to see the international aviation registration of 8P emblazoned on […]

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