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“I Have Nothing to Say to the Nation Newspaper”

There is the feeling of déjà vu. To use the Bajan vernacular, the more things change, the more they remain the same. A brief article in the Nation newspaper yesterday [18 December 2016] must have jolted many who read it. In response to a journalist Maxine McClean, Minister of foreign affairs responded, “I have nothing […]

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Nation Newspaper Continues to Mislead

The following was sent to the Nation Newspaper by Minister Donville Inniss Reference is made to an article appearing in your Nation Newspaper today which relates to matters before the Parliament of Barbados (Order Paper). Under the caption on Page 5 Govt Seeking to raise record  $4B, you state, “When the House of Assembly returns […]

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Central Bank and the Nation Newspaper – Bank Regulator and Media House

The Central Bank of Barbados respects and embraces freedom of the press and the importance of the dissemination of timely and accurate information and as such has not banned the Nation Corporation. The front page of the Sunday Sun of May 11, 2014, carried the headline “Cut Off”. The Bank assures media practitioners in Barbados […]

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Apes Hill ACCIDENT Incorrectly Given Prominence by the Nation Newspaper

Reading the Nation report last week on a regrettable accident at Apes Hill Polo Club where a Canadian minor on a visit to Barbados with his parents got struck by a polo ball and injured, should make us reflect on the effect that unwarranted personal injury litigation American style is having on caring individuals and […]

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Barbados Labour Party MPs Questioned by Police – Freedom of Expression Under Threat?

Three Barbados Labour Party (BLP) members of parliament were questioned today by the police in connection with a Nation newspaper story penned by Barry Alleyne. The story based on a Voice of Barbados report has to do with coverage of the Opposition walk out of parliament in July 2013.

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Response to JAMAICA GLEANER: EDITORIAL – Barbadian Press Blunder

Submitted by Fair Play Yesterday, The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper rushed to the defence and support of the Nation newspaper, with which, by its own admission, it has “fraternal relations”. However, right thinking Barbadians, as well as those knowledgeable Jamaicans living here, should point out to the Gleaner that, unlike some other countries – that will […]

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Roy Morris (and his gun) is Back

Submitted by Nomen Nescio Roy Morris is back and his gun turns up. On August 20 at 9.50 a.m. staff at the Nation Newspaper were informed via intercom that there would be a general staff meeting at 10 a.m. that same morning. Imagine ten minutes notice of a general staff meeting. Why not inform staff […]

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy Part II

Submitted by Nomen Nescio Well guess who, it is Nomen Nescio again. I found it interesting reading the comments to my post that perverted Roy Morris will be returning to the self-dubbed family newspaper or Nation Newspaper. Thank you David for your comments against those doubting Thomases such as, in particular, Plantation Deeds and BAFBPF […]

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy?

Submitted by  Nomen Nescio Word in the journalistic fraternity is that Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation Newspaper come 5 September. Ever since a week-and-a-half ago when the Newspaper advertised for an Editor-in-Chief the phones have been buzzing in Fontabelle about the imminent return of the PERVERT Morris, who at present is the […]

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Nation Editorial, Classic Example of ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’

Submitted by Douglas Monday’s Nation Editorial is a classic example of what my Mass Com professor used to call ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’. From the accusing headline to the first few paragraphs and the  general drift and body of the story, a reader is sure to deduce that Government was at fault for the delay in […]

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Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

Submitted by Jay Arthurs Now that it has been proven that the student did steal the boom box:- Is Ms.Whittaker going to the Nation and having them print a back page for Thursday as an apology to the Principal? Is the officer at the Ministry who advised Ms.Whittaker going to call her and advise her […]

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Leroy Parris v BLP, Nation and Barbados Advocate: Chief Justice Gibson Produces a What the Hell Moment

Barbadians were treated recently to the news that the enigmatic Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados Leroy Parris who was deposed when the bottom fell out of the CLICO parent company in Trinidad has filed a legal action against the Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Parris would not have made the top 200,000th […]

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Tales From the Courts Part XI: Sir Frederick Smith Attacked by Nation Editorial – when hypocrisy becomes high camp

BU has read with interest the editorial in the Sunday Sun of 10 March 2012 in which the writer launched an attack on Sir Frederick Smith QC for comments made about the Barbados judiciary. BU holds no brief for Sir Frederick but one is left to question the motive of the ‘editor’ of what is […]

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Blackout at Starcom

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL Even though Thanksgiving here in the US is symbolized by a bird we know as a turkey, somehow on this chilly thanksgiving morning other birds come to mind. Perhaps the Bajan in me comes to the fore anytime the temperature drops, but even so why am I thinking about sitting ducks […]

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Kaymar Jordan Booted

The departure (dismissal) of Kaymar Jordan from the Nation newspaper broke on BU last night, Kaymar Jordan held the position of Editor in Chief at the Nation newspaper. A scan of today’s Sunday Sun reveals that Kaymar Jordan’s name has been removed from its Masthead. What BU finds interesting is the silence which surrounds her […]

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BU Talkback:Nation Letter Sent to Prime Minister Stuart

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A Few Questions About The CADRES Poll

A couple questions about the recent CADRES Poll. With less than one year to go before a general election is constitutionally due, why would those (entity) who commissioned the poll not have requested constituency polling and also sought to adjudge the size of the swing for or against the government?Isn’t this the information which would […]

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The Nation Is At It Again

Submitted by Barbados Election Watch One can now be left in no doubt that the Nation Newspaper has set itself the agenda of getting rid of Prime Minister Stuart at all cost. On more than one occasion, contributors to this blog have drawn attention to the unmistakably biased approach of that paper towards the Prime […]

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