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Christians Accused of Pirating Gospel Music

Submitted by Anthony Davis Christians appear to be the biggest supporters of pirated gospel music releases. That is the assertion of Adrian Agard, who, has, for the past 15 years, been operating “Things Gospel”, a music, book, and stationery store. Agard, who is also executive director of Gospel Fest, said the pirates seemed to recognise […]

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The Association Of Music Entrepreneurs Working To Expose Barbados Talent

Submitted by DrenalinProductions.biz on behalf of the Association of Music Entrepreneurs Of Barbados Local musicians and artistes are feeling the impact of the global recession resulting in the shrinking of international bookings and performance revenues.  This has come from the newly elected president of The Association Of Music Entrepreneurs, George Thomas. Mr Thomas however believes […]

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There’s A Time And A Place For EVERYTHING

I understand the rationale but I am not sure I agree with those who call for a removal of so-called “smut” from soca or calypsos. What really is the “smut” persons are referring to? Are we talking about sexual connotations? If so, then why pick only on the calypsonian? Seventy per cent of the songs […]

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Sing Mr. Calypsonian, Sing!!

“Boy, I hear Colin Spencer putting some blows in wunnah this year”. That was the refrain of the self declared independent commentator, whom I know to be an ardent supporter and financier of ‘the other side’. He was thrilled that a known supporter, indeed a former candidate of the ruling Democratic Labour Party, had penned […]

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Rihanna The Sexy

Pop R&B song bird Barbadian Rihanna’s popularity continues to propagate as she promulgates her bad girl image. Despite the haters she continues to scorch the music charts across the globe. Many Barbadians have expressed concern about how her handlers have managed her image since her break-through Pon de Replay single. The sweet innocent 17 year […]

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How Many Sons Has Father Crab?

Submitted by Mario Herbert – GoWEB Caribbean The minibus situation in Barbados has grown unbearable for some of us. Recorded music is not supposed to be played in these PSV’s (Public Service Vehicles), only the live radio stations. However, there are several Dance-hall CD’s in circulation featuring Father Crab, who shouts profanity and vulgarly throughout […]

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The Rise And Fall Of A Star

Let us be clear, BU wishes Rihanna well in her chosen career. She has done well if we measure success by the penetration she has made in the world of pop. The BU household has watched her progression with admiration and interest. The recognition which Rihanna has brought to Barbados was rewarded by the government […]

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May The King Of Pop Rest In Peace

The death of Michael Jackson yesterday brought home the realization that one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen was no more. Even for those who would not have been enamoured by his genre of music, gerri curls hair style which transformed to straight hair over the years, his eccentric behaviour which featured […]

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Ambassador Rihanna Exposed At Reggae Concert

Ambassador Rihanna did a cameo at Reggae On The Hill last week during Beenie Man’s performance. For BU family members who don’t have the ear to understand what he is singing in the video here is the hook line  Me no have fancy car, but me no give you no scar. From reports Rihanna lingered […]

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Government Can't Do It Alone!

Barbadians for the most part have given high marks to the government for introducing free bus rides to school children under 18 years old. The only requirement is that the child is wearing a school uniform or show a school pass to benefit. The Democratic Labour Party is no stranger to introducing bold initiatives of […]

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Red Hot Cohobblopot Compliments Of Bajantube.com

Bajantube.com Lil Jon Pit Bull & Machel at Cohobblopot Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Nah Missing Me Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Yardie Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Unleash De Beast Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Krosfyah Sake Passe Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Til Morning Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Bashment Bacchanal Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Handle Yuh Bizness Bajantube.com Cohobblopot […]

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Machel Montano Spices-up Cohobblopot For Crop Over 2008

Bajan Reporter gave the blogosphere his opinion on the bubbling hot controversy which is simmering in the Cohobblopot – see link Caribbean Integration Hypocrisy – Red Hot Controversy? How can extra coverage and sharing of knowledge be detrimental to Barbadian calypso? Choopse!, we agree with a lot of what he wrote. However some additional things […]

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GoWEB Blog Pays Tribute To Rihanna’s First Grammy

GoWeb Blog Check out Boyce Voice Blog for exclusive behind the scenes photos of Rihanna at the Grammy Awards 2008. It is Rihanna all the way!!!

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Barbadian Diva Rihanna Continues To Make Tongues Wag

Source: Splash Online It has been reported that Rihanna has returned to her beloved homeland to get some much needed R&R before striking-out on her next tour which we think will be to Europe. Of course the debate continues in Barbados regarding the deportment of the Bajan star in public. Many Barbadians argue that she […]

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Barbadian Diva Rihanna Dishing out a large Dose Of 'Divatude' To Adoring Fans After Her David Letterman Performance

BU did a quick interview with Rihanna on the way out from her David Letterman performance on Thursday.  Unfortunately, she refused to give us any love back! What is up with Rihanna and the mut? Why did you not stop to hail your fans? All the guests who appeared on David Letterman that night stopped […]

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