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The ‘Immorables’ | Speaker Michael Carrington and President Donald Trump

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville protest in the USA President Donald Trump offered a strange explanation that equated the moral right of a White supremacist group to demonstrate in public to another group exercising a moral right to protest against the hate group. In recent days there has been elevated chatter in the social […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Dancing with Danger

Now show meh yuh slackness, show meh yuh Went and practice, Lucy is ah Carnivalist, and that is why I Behave so loose! – “Lucy” by Destra Garcia (2015) Two incidents last week, both concerning an activity as mundane as dancing, have provoked the discussion of complex issues of propriety and legality in the public […]

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Michael Carrington’s Immoral Act Goes Unpunished

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Submitted by Keep It Real   (and clean) I am waiting with bated breath to see a page-one comment from either the Publisher or the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper denouncing, in the strongest possible terms, its own journalistic faux-pas     (I am being kind) committed in today’s Sun on Saturday. None of us, not […]

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Stop the Filth, Protect the Vagina

There is a very disturbing trend which is gathering momentum in Barbados. If BU were to follow our sense of where it has its origin, all indicators point to Jamaica. There must be a good reason why the Creator designed a woman’s vagina to be secreted away behind the protective lips of the vulva with […]

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Deviant Behaviour On the Rise In Our Learning Institutions

Always the topic of homosexuality evokes heated discussion and BU’s recent blog on the subject  is no exception – Homosexuals Are People Just Like Us…no?. Societies including Barbados continue to battle the best way to come to terms with the issue. Of concern to BU as well is a type of deviant behaviour which has […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Is Greed Now Part of the Hippocratic Oath?

Introduction: As I sat down to write this week’s BU contribution on a pressing financial economic matter, I came across the break out of serious antibiotic-resistant bacteria problems at our only hospital. Those of us familiar with the various infections that plague British hospitals would not be surprised that Klebsiella bacteria has now arrived at […]

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Can Self-improvement Go Too Far?

Submitted by Charles Knighton It seems we are unable to listen to the radio, watch TV or read a newspaper without being urged to adopt some regimen of self-improvement (“The health of positive change” Sept. 7 Advocate) the most paradoxical feature of which is that self-improvement cannot survive without acceptance of imperfection and tolerance of […]

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The Starship Song By Filthy Mouth Nicki Minaj Reported To Have Been Aired On The CBC

It was reported to BU that the controversial Anthony ‘Admiral’ Nelson  played Starship, a popular song by Nicki Minaj at 8:22 AM on the morning of 07 September 2012. The BU family can listen to the lyrics and draw their conclusions. The CBC logs can be verified and hopefully appropriate action taken in the same […]

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We Have To Protect Our Children

Barbados, like all of the other States in the Caribbean region has committed itself to protecting the rights of children through ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (C.R.C.). Integral to this collection of rights are those geared at the protection of children who are abused, neglected or at risk of harm. […]

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A Picture Sums It Up!

Submitted by JULIA HANSCHELL There is a lot one could blog about this image. In this case the less said the better (check those grinning in the picture). All who witnessed this and similar incidences on the road, what was your thinking? Have we become numb to the point it makes no difference? Recently Minister […]

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Self Reliance Through Learning

Submitted by Charles Knighton Page four of the Sunday Sun featured a brief article in which former British gangster and cocaine addict Davey Falcus, now a religious minister, exhorted students gathered at the NCSA headquarters  to “live a good life based on Christian values, morals and ethics” and to “maintain a personal relationship with God.”  […]

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A View Of The NATION From Underground

Submitted by WordSong No Kaymar Jordan you did not tell the truth and stand justifiably accused by the general public. Your manipulations and distortions converted what could have been an otherwise great story into a scandalous piece of journalistic tripe. Now you and whoever helped you write that editorial would hoodwink the public (again) into […]

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When Bad Is Good

Submitted by  Charles Knighton The Advocate’s editorial of December 10th, “Rewarding bad behaviour?” makes the undeniable point that children will “….not learn half as much about values in school or a media campaign as they will from observing us, their elders.” Following such logic, and viewing the population of Barbados as one large extended family, […]

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The Moral Molecule: “Ye Shall Be As gods” – How Apotheosis is Science’s Last Attempt to Manipulate the Truth Behind Good and Evil

Submitted by Terence Blackett The heart of man is desperately wicked – who can know it? Jer. 17:9 The year is 1066 AD. William (Duke of Normandy), later to be crowned King William 1 of England after his war and conquest of King Harold. After setting himself up as Regent – commissioned a survey of […]

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The Origin of Life: Can Theories Like Abiogenesis, Exogenesis, Quantum Mechanics & Stellar Nucleosynthesis Help In The Debate Between Creationism And Evolutionary Science?

Submitted by Terence Blackett “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth – Gen. 1:1 Who holds the “patent” on the things we see all around us in nature? How do we explain that it takes an estimated 100,000 different proteins to construct a human being? Is that the product of accident, chance […]

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Time For Political Change

I do wholeheartedly agree with what Mia Mottley said in the 18 August 2011 issue of Barbados Today in regards to political changes from the same old same old style of doing business. Both parties fighting and placing the blame on each other surely isn’t going to resolve the problems that Barbadians are having.  Instead […]

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Should Same-Sex Unions Be Legalized?

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn I hate to get involved in an area where I have no personal experience or knowledge. I cannot speak to the attraction and sexual urges that some people have for their own gender. I am therefore writing from the perspective of someone who has been brought up and culturally conditioned to […]

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