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Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mottley’s Big Bag o blunders Wunnah Really Feel She Ready?

Submitted by Douglas

1. George Payne vs Eddmond Hinkson an unnecessary high court suit still not resolved since the start of her term as opposition leader OFF AND STUMBLING!

2. The bitterness and the display of spite – Full of malice she began by refusing to name Dale who was good enough for Owen as her deputy ——-nor has she named any one else for that matter! (But The world is Mottleys and the rest are pawns in her personal power game).

3. Wasted opportunity :Appointing the biggest disappointment in Christ Church Dr “smut matters most ” Walcott to the senate. Does he lead the young and un impressive Wilma Abrahams or is Wilma leading him ?

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George Payne vs Edmund Hinkson

The Edmund Hinkson and George Payne Story, EXPOSED–Dale Marshall

The following is the Witness Statement of Dale Dermont Marshall who was Chairman of what BU describes as the  tumultuous BLP Parliamentary meeting held on 25 February 2013 to select  a political leader. Dale Marshall Witness Statement (1) Dale Marshall Witness Statement (2) Dale Marshall Witness Statement (3) Dale Marshall Witness Statement (4) Dale Marshall […]

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The Edmund Hinkson and George Payne Story, EXPOSED

The following was extracted from the witness filings in the Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne Barbados Labour Party affair: Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (1) Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (2) Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (3) Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (4) Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (5) Edmund Hinkson versus George Payne (6) […]

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Mia Will Walk

The following is a statement issued by the leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley. The action by Mia Mottley may prove to be a defining moment for her in the battle of public perception over BLP leadership. If she is able to rally her troops on Thursday, it will go a long […]

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BLP Squabbling

At a time Barbadians are crying out for leadership the official Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has pursued a strategy to retreat into political obscurity.  In the same way many believe the government is responsible for rolling out policies that are heavily influenced by the dictates of international lending and credit rating agencies so too the […]

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Will the Real Trevor Please Stand Up

Submitted by Political Commentator It seems as if Trevor Precod is hell bent on reducing further – if that is really possible – his already less than impressive political career.  At a time when Prescod as the oldest Member of Parliament both on the BLP and DLP benches should be focusing on creating some kind […]

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Chris Sinckler:Political Germs Hosted by Queen Bee

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler suggested during the 2014 Estimates Debate that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has allowed her political soul to be host for “two political germs”. Sinckler has become known for his rumshop political lexicon but did he go too far or should his vitriol be regarded as part of the cut and […]

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M.I.A. Must Go

Submitted by Douglas Barbados’ social and economic livelihood is currently under threat from infestation by an insidious phage which is more devastating than Ebola, SARS or Chikungunya.  This deadly pathogen is M.I.A. – Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba.  MIA must go! The MIA phage had tried to over run and corrupt Barbados in the period 2008 to […]

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VACANCY for Leader of the OPPOSITION

Submitted by Douglas A few weeks ago in the article titled ‘Its Friday Mia!’, her bluff was called regarding the change of strategy from attacking The Minister of Finance to the Prime Minister. As usual, nothing happened. In that article as well it was predicted that there will eventually be a political obituary entitled ‘The […]

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It’s Friday, Mia!

Submitted by Dougie The Government of Barbados is pressing ahead with the people’s business. Whilst no individual would want to be laid off, persons have accepted that it is a necessity for the survival of the country and for their future and their children’s future. They have started looking at innovation, entrepreneurship, retraining and creativity […]

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Can Barbados Be Run Like a Company? If MP’s Would Learn to Leave Their Egos at Home

DISCLAIMER – I.A.N.A.E! Like my old pal from Pull-Push, I also am not an Economist, but instead I wish to provide someways and means I have been mulling in the hopes Barbados would flourish once again, if they are used or adapted then at least progress is made – everyone is operating too close to […]

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DLP: No Longer Relevant to Barbados

First there was the lost of consumer and investor confidence, then a capital flight from Barbados and now a brain-drain has been triggered. There was also a time when all of the young men and women were taken from Africa and only the old (who could not re-produce) were left. Barbados is in serious trouble […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, it Tolls for Thee

Introduction: Barbados is going through one of the messiest political maelstroms in living memory, if not in our post-war experience. It is now on an economic life-support machine. The DLP government is running around like a headless chicken, with its leader Freundel Stuart, arguably the worst premier/prime minister in our history struck dumb and unable […]

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Owen Arthur ‘Hits’ Mia Mottley, Again – Clyde Mascoll, Clear Heir Apparent, With Kerrie Symmonds as Placeholder

Submitted by Pachamama The Nation Newspaper today carries the essential components of an internal party memorandum from Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) to Kerrie Symmonds. A memo which is reported to have expressed a ‘lack of confidence’ in Mia Amor Mottley (MAM) as leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), the official  opposition, in the Parliament […]

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Has Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader, been issuing 'invitations' to her upcoming fete to avoid paying VAT?

The Back Story on Mia Mottley

Submitted by Mark Please permit me some space on your blog to share some information regarding the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). It must be made known what damage Mia Mottley is doing to this party. Mia has cast aside the party along with the parliamentary group and now runs the party with […]

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For Love of Country… a Coalition Government

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte Heads of Government :  Stuart, Arthur, Mottley, Sinckler Minister of Finance : C. Mascoll Attorney General : K. Symmonds Minister of Tourism :  D. Inniss Minister International Business: D. Marshall Minister of Transport: M. Lashley Minister of Culture: T. Prescod Minister of Education: G. Payne Minister of Labour :David Estwick Minister […]

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