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How to Squeeze a Lime

Submitted by Bush Tea Life is really not as complex as many make it out to be. In the final analysis, we find ourselves existing on a big rock which is spinning wildly through space at ridiculous speed, somehow managing to (so far) miss the millions of other rocks and other objects also speeding randomly […]

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Submitted by David Weekes Dear Mrs. Sealy, I write with reference to your response to my matter at caption – your reference #  4/14/20 (447). The reason that I have written is because i am so absolutely disappointed by your findings. Miss Emily Ronalds, the Abbey School circa 1965 taught using the Royal Reader series […]

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IS LIME Exempt from the Laws of Barbados? Even the Barbados Courts Can’t Constrain Them!

Submitted by David Weekes I would be grateful if you would publish this for me. Last year around September 26th 2014 after going to Surepay to pay a bill, a conversation with a Surepay attendant led me to review all my bills and services with LIME. Suffice it to say, I found that I had […]

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LIME’s Operations Must be AUDITED

News out of Jamaica this week is that LIME has to pay Digicel more than J$1.5 billion dollars for wrongly withholding money for calls from LIME’s fixed line subscribers to Digicel mobile phones. This is not the first time the regulators have had to arbitrate to force telecommunications companies in the region to do the honest thing. All the while LIME, Digicel and the others push the message of being good corporate citizens.

Have we, Barbadian consumers, ever wondered who is championing our rights? In the same way LIME and Digicel who are always at each other’s throats to demand their rights – what about the consumers? The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) and other bodies have been created with supporting legislation to safeguard consumer interest as well as the Utilities but one gets the impression after several years that the system is not responding to citizens in the same way it does for the utilities.  What are consumers to do in the circumstances? Our politicians have no motivation to change anything because they are puppets of these corporate marauders. We have a non existent consumer body. Our citizens are lazy and see no need to forcefully demonstrate against the system. Some will say we deserve being chaffed.

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Vote NO to Cable & Wireless Columbus Merger

The Fair Training Commission (FTC) is advising on its website that on the 24 November, 2014 an application was received from Cable & Wireless Communications Plc and Columbus International Inc seeking permission to merge the local subsidiaries (C&W and LIME) in Barbados in accordance with Section 20 (7) of the Fair Competition Act. Pursuant to […]

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C&W FLOW Merger: All Eyes on the Regulator

Submitted by Anthony Davis “It may not have the blessing of regional regulators and even consumers at this stage, but shareholders of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), the parent of LIME, today voted overwhelmingly in favour of the merger with Columbus International Inc., operator of the consumer brand, Flow” – Barbados Today Once again the […]

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Cable & Wireless Tied to Government Surveillance Program

The news Cable & Wireless has acquired Columbus has generated a lot of discussion across the Caribbean. How it translates in Barbados – if the Fair Training Commission agrees – the local Internet/broadband market will revert to a monopoly with a merger of LIME and FLOW. Barbadian consumers were promised competition in a deregulated telecommunications […]

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LIME eBilling

Submitted by Anthony Davis LIME is assuming that every household has a computer or smartphone. There are many people who cannot afford any of the two. There are also the poor, the needy, and the vulnerable, and many old age pensioners who will NOT be able to pay any additional fees at this time. This […]

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Submitted by Anthony Davis Minister of Commerce Danville Inniss says he is not troubled by the proposed merger of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) and Columbus International Inc., which trade here as LIME and FLOW respectively. However, an issue which is of great importance and should be addressed, he said, was the lack of regulation […]

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Cable & Wireless (LIME) Leaps for DIGICEL’s Jugular!

Submitted by Anthony Davis “The battle for the number one spot in Barbados’ lucrative telecommunications market is back on. Former monopoly provider Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) today served notice that it will not ‘roll over’ and play dead while its main competitor Digicel  continues its expansion.” – Barbados Today 6 November 2014 They have […]

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LIME Disappointing

Supported Anton Brathwaite My father’s LIME telephone has been out of order for the past 36 hours due to a technical fault at LIME. All telephones carried on fibre optic were out of order when the fault first started but some have been restored. I called at 10 pm Barbados time on Wednesday to report […]

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LIME Introduces Caribsurf Emailers to Googlemail

Submitted by St.George’s Dragon Lime appears to have made a botch of the transfer of their email system over to Googlemail. All users were mean to be transferred over to Googlemail as of 16th September (today) but everyone I talk to says their email is down. Can anyone enlighten us as to what is happening […]

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Cable & Wireless: When is a LIME not Local?

The following was received from a trusted source and BU adds its voice to the query. – Barbados Underground “It is alleged that a Canadian who has Barbados citizenship is living in Barbados and being paid out of Cayman and not paying a cent of taxes to the Barbados Government. Her name is apparently J*****er […]

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RBC Employees in the Bahamas Fear Job Losses,,,Next?

BU has been asked to highlight the fact that RBC has started to retrench workers in Bahamas. Ever since RBC acquired the assets of RBTT in 2007 interested observers have been waiting for the hammer to drop on staff as a result. When two business entities come together there is always an inevitable result. The […]

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A Business Ethos of Deception…the money grab

Many years ago some questions were asked about the circumstances which led to the award of an insurance contract by the Transport Board (TB) to CGI Insurance. Although the questions were put to former Minister of Transport Rommel Marshall at the time, he or the government he represented never felt compelled to answer the taxpayers […]

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Barbados Workers Union Has Become Irrelevant

Submitted by Philip Skeete I should be grateful if you [BU]  would get in touch with Sir Roy and tell him that a strike by the members of the BWU will not cripple LIME operations in 2013. All Sir Roy will be doing is crippling the Barbados economy. LIME’s survival depends on people using cell […]

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LIME BWU Dispute: Social Partnership Failing

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank/Watchdog Group For some time, we have warned that the trade union movement in Barbados was being marginalized. The coziness with employers brought about by the so-called Social Partnership, has long been a cause of concern to the Mahogany Coconut Group. The frequent love fests of the employers’ representatives […]

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LIME Experiencing Problems At The Border Gateway

BU understands that Cable & Wireless is currently experiencing serious Internet networking issues. According to a BU family member the problem is complicated to explain in layman terms but involves something called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This is a protocol used by big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and carriers to exchange routing information between each […]

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