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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – Fuel Charge Adjustment

According to a statement issued recently, the 200 plus airline members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are poised to deliver a higher than forecast record profit in 2015 and should see a further earnings increase in 2016, literally ‘fuelled’ by oil prices near seven-year lows. Profits for last year are estimated at around […]

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The Beat(ing) Goes on…@LIAT

Message received from a concerned individual. LIAT passengers stranded in St. Maarten for a week, Letter from LIAT CEO. I find the CEO’s letter to be well hidden, don’t know ’bout you… does the knee-jerk Chairman have anything useless to say? Just like his Boss, a pair of mouths with hot vaporised garbage flowing out […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – The Definition of LIAT is Politics

Frankly I have employed extraordinary restraint in commenting on the subject of LIAT, because at the end of the day I believe until the politics is completely removed from the management of the airline and it is operated […]

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LIAT Continues to Rack-up Debt for Shareholders

There is a newly elected government in Guyana preceded by one in St. Kitts and there is the T&T general elections announced for 7 September 2015. It seems our governments (politicians) around the region have allowed themselves to be consumed by domestic issues and the idea […]

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LIAT, the Political Football of Caricom

A reason our little islands will never agree to fully integrate, whether under the umbrella of Caricom or some other functional arrangement, can be traced to deep insularity. Some have convinced themselves it does not exist until a Shanique Myrie or LIAT incident serve to bring it to the fore. Barbadians are aware Minister Donville […]

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LIAT’s Homecoming

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Some 180 workers at regional carrier LIAT are headed for the breadline as the airline struggles to cope with high overhead costs and a projected loss of $29.6 million. Shareholder governments today endorsed the staff cuts – to be introduced on a voluntary basis in the initial stage – as well as a plan to shift LIAT’s fleet base to Barbados in a bid to rake in more revenue by targeting the southern CaribbeanBarbados Today 13 February 2015

Has Barbados been wrong footed in this LIAT deal? Not long ago Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy made the comment about Barbados becoming the base for LIAT. Antigua was quick to respond that that would not happen. Sealy seems to have left it at that, because not one word more was said about it. Suddenly we have a meeting of LIAT’s shareholder board, and the majority of the new planes (four) will be based at Grantley Adams International Airport.

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Intra-Regional Travel is Important to Barbados

As someone who has championed intra Caribbean travel for over 40 years and invested literally hundreds of thousands of Dollars of our own money promoting – what for Barbados is still just about our third largest source market – it gives me no pleasure to observe the dramatic decline in regional arrival numbers. For the […]

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LIAT’s Woes Continue With John Maginley’s Idle Talk

Majority shareholders must remember that their junior partners will not always be their best allies.  Although the minority shareholders may initially appear to be highly cooperative, this can change rapidly for any number of reasons (change in business economic conditions, change in personal attitudes, change in personal financial situation, differences in the corporation’s business direction, […]

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LIALPA Awaits LIAT Action on ECCAA Report and LIAT Investigation.

Press Release submitted by Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association St. Johns, Antigua – March 18, 2014 – THE LEEWARD ISLANDS AIRLINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION awaits the recommendations of an investigation commissioned by LIAT’s board of management to investigate the breach of The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation (ECCAA) regulations on November 2nd 2013 by its executive management. […]

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LIAT Threatens to Shrink Caribbean Airline Network

The board of LIAT airline is clearly feeling the pressure of mounting ongoing criticism of its consistent inability to achieve a stable business model and to provide a vital intra regional air service in the Eastern Caribbean on a reliable basis. Unfortunately, the announcements of 6th March from the LIAT chairman, Jean Holder, strongly suggest […]

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A Discussion About LIAT…flying us where – Part II?

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A Discussion About LIAT…flying us where?

This Sunday, the subject is LIAT and Regional Air Transportation. Persons invited to the discussion include myself, Robert MacLellan, Gregor Nassief and Tomas Chiumecky. The Caribbean regional television programme “Time to Face the Facts” is a production of Island Media Communication Inc. with headquarters in St Vincent & the Grenadines, and was successfully launched in […]

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LIAT Leadership Asleep at the Wheel Again

In the first month of 2014 Caribbean regional media reported that LIAT has had to choose between paying employee salaries and paying aircraft lease charges in order to maintain flight operations. Even before the news of LIAT’s latest financial crisis, the flight chaos of last summer was nearly repeated in December 2013, at the start […]

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Complaint Letter To LIAT Airline

Submitted by Corey and Karen Burns It is with great disappointment that I have to express my disapproval with Liat and how Liat conducts business. Most other airlines I have travelled on would simply wish to take me from A to B quickly as possible. I find it preposterous that Liat can just change a […]

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LIAT Update

The following was circulated to those who signed the petition by James Lynch, PETITION FROM THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC TO THE OWNERS OF THE CARIBBEAN AIRLINE LIAT. You need to know that LIAT are about to have another huge meltdown. Yes, it’s probably going to happen again, and maybe even worse. All the ATR Pilots trained […]

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We were asked to share the following article with the BU family. Although against our policy which is to be original in our postings sometimes we have to concede when there is merit in deviating from policy. Business: LIAT’s turning point? 9/30/2013 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under […]

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One Scapegoat Does NOT Fix LIAT or Caribbean Airlines

Some might believe that, for the second time in only three years, Captain Ian Brunton has been made a scapegoat by the board of directors of a Caribbean airline company – fired as CEO of Caribbean Airlines Limited in late 2010 and, this week, he resigned as CEO of LIAT. Indisputably, the overall operation of […]

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LIAT Board of Directors to Meet (Face to Face)

Message received by persons who have signed the a petition started by James Lynch on Change.org: “PETITION FROM THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC TO THE OWNERS OF THE CARIBBEAN AIRLINE LIAT. Hello again, friends!! The LIAT Board will be meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, to “decide whether to accept the CEO’s resignation”. In today’s vernacular, “Yeah, OK. Whatever.” Of […]

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