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Tales from the Courts – Alair Shepherd’s Butt EXPOSED XXVIII

When can a lawyer be made liable jointly and severally for costs ordered against his client? What are the professional obligations of a lawyer and his/her responsibility to the integrity of the justice system? Update of “The Other Side of the Kingsland Estates Matter” […] Advertisements

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Proposed Location Of New Hospital Announced … No So Fast Mr. Minister!

Submitted by Crusoe Yesterday we heard the Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, indicate that the site chosen for the new $800MM hospital is in Kingsland. Firstly, I state that I am pleased that Donville Inniss has taken an open approach to the blogs, by choosing to comment. I also think that Donville has a good […]

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Update – The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard Part V

BU recently updated on the Nelson Barbados Group matter which was recently concluded in the Canadian Court. The Honourable Justice B. Shaughnessy who presided was very scathing in his closing comments directed at the Plaintiff. The transcript of the windup makes for interesting reading. Of note to the BU family is the likelihood this matter […]

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Barbados QC Named And Shamed In Conflict Of Interest, Abuse Of Legal Process Allegations. Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Backers Revealed – The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard – PART IV

It is over; in Canada, at least. (Those who are not interested in this matter please use the page down key) BU has learned that the case of Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v the Country of Barbados and others has ended with the Plaintiff, Nelson, and its officers, backers and insurers paying out undisclosed millions […]

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Unprofessionalism, Suggestions And Solutions

Submitted by Looking Glass One admires the peacock for the grandeur of his plumes only to be driven away by the discordant tones of his voice. Bajan Truth deemed Dr. Worrell’s first quarter presentation to be unprofessional; his sin not “sharing objectively on the economy.” According to him Dr. Worrell, having noted that “there was […]

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LawPro Lawyers Ask For Surprising Adjournment In Nelson Barbados Matter: The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard – Part III

BU has dubbed this story; the one the Barbados media is scared to touch and that includes Patrick Hoyos’ Broad Street Journal who reported on this story in the early day. Even if we agree with some BU family members that this is a family squabble, the indignity which Barbados and many of its citizens […]

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A Matter Of Cost – The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XIX

BU is aware the ongoing legal battle in the case we have dubbed The Other Side of The Kingsland Matter series continues to be of interest to some. The fact that this matter has tentacled to smear the government of Barbados and many entities which underpin the governance system of Barbados, although not covered in […]

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Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Vs Barbados And Others~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XVII

Submitted by BU family member Over the last year or so, I have read with considerable interest your “Other Side of Kingsland” series. It makes a change from the hearsay and unsupported allegations of Keltruth and Barbados Free Press. Recently, I was shown certain documents that I think you and your readers may find of […]

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Canadian Justice Shaughnessy Rules On Last Minute Motion Filed~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XV

Submitted by BWWR On Monday 8th, the hearing of the jurisdictional motion before the Honourable Justice Bryan Shaughnessy of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Nelson Barbados Group Limited v The Country of Barbados and others had to be adjourned because of a convenient last-minute motion for leave to appeal the decision of the […]

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Canadian Lawyers Recommend Videos Of Cross-examiniations Kept Secret In Nelson Barbados Group Vs The Country Of Barbados And Others ~ The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XI

Submitted by BWWR The latest development in the case that is truly entitled Mental Madge Knox and Almighty Peter Allard and others v the Country and People of Barbados and others is the cross-examinations that are scheduled to take place in Barbados within the next few weeks. Some of the defendants, including the Country of […]

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Bajan Bloggers Go To Court~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part X

Submitted by BWWR I have just received the exhibits from the affidavit of Mr. John Knox of the 12th November 2007. The affidavit itself is already posted by BU. Certain members of the BU family had asked for sight of certain of these exhibits. I had omitted to post them with the affidavit because it […]

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The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part IX

Submitted by BWWR In its latest, Keltruth starts: “I was ribbed for omitting to mention two scandals in a recent post, PwC has other problems besides Nelson’s Canadian $500 million law suit!” The thrust of Keltruth’s article is to complain about shell companies in Barbados. So, let us examine this carefully. Our example will be […]

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Nelson Barbados Group Ordered To Pay Cost~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part VIII

Submitted by BWWR As promised, I now am able to advise the BU family that yesterday in the costs motion brought against Nelson Barbados Group Limited in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, it was ordered that Nelson pay its costs by 27 August 2008, failing which the action against the defendants bringing the motion […]

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The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part VII

Submitted by BWWR I see that Kingsland Estates Limited is much in the news again with our friends at Barbados Free Press and Quel Truth. Important and more relevant news like that you have been publishing appears to be in short supply for them, so they harp back to ancient history. A lot of unsupported, […]

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