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Obama Cannot be Trusted

Submitted by Pachamama Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts – (Virgil) A few days ago he came bearing gifts. A paltry Trojan horse to the Jamaican people. Today he is being quoted in the media as promising not to interfere in the internal affairs of countries in South & Central America and the Caribbean. The region […]

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DLP: Bajans Not Good Enough – Neither Can They Reach Jamaicans High Standards – Work Permits Therefore Necessary

You can excuse the DLP if it did not care to read the ‘National Strategic Plan 2005-2025. But Goal #6 of that document speaks, in part, to: “Branding Barbados Globally.” When you read it, you begin to understand why the demise of a Barbadian brand like Almond, is a national scandal. I suppose the same […]

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Political Messiah Needed to Infuse Confidence

“The likes of Aruba, The Bahamas, Bermuda and Trinidad are the most attractive issuers from the Caribbean, he said, while Panama and El Salvador are popular markets in Central America. Barbados, at one time, was among the list of most attractive issuers, but its economy has faltered since the 2008 world financial crisis.” Read the […]

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The Myrie Order

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) decision between Shanique Myrie and Barbados (Jamaica the Intervener) continues to resonate across the region – editorials, talk shows and on the streets. What is evident is that members of Caricom need to better manage how we promote freedom of movement given our obligation under the Revised Treaty of […]

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Stop the Filth, Protect the Vagina

There is a very disturbing trend which is gathering momentum in Barbados. If BU were to follow our sense of where it has its origin, all indicators point to Jamaica. There must be a good reason why the Creator designed a woman’s vagina to be secreted away behind the protective lips of the vulva with […]

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The People Want Caribbean Regimes to Fall

Submitted by Pachamama As we write masses of people are demonstrating in the streets of Istanbul and many other Turkish cities calling Erdogan and Gul dictators, fascists, American puppets and Zionist traitors. They are chanting “we want the regime to fall’’, not the government – the regime, the regime! This call is not unlike what […]

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CARICOM, Barbados and Me

The following was posted by David Weekes to the Shanique Myrie Goes to Court blog. Could anyone please explain this to me since I am slow of mind. Ms. Shanique Myrie, citizen of Jamaica, and CARICOM denizen, while travelling to Barbados, purports to have been inappropriately searched by Barbadian Immigration (and thereafter denied the right […]

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The Cost of Corruption… Jamaica’s Barrier to Prosperity

National Integrity Action (NIA) is a not-for-profit organization that was launched in December 2011 with the objective of combatting corruption in Jamaica on a non-partisan basis. This film, produced by NIA, graphically details four episodes in Jamaica’s 50-year Post-Independence history, each of which speaks to how corruption undermines Jamaica’s achievements. Thanks to Ras Jahaziel

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Barbados Under Attack From Jamaican Drug Mules

The much publicized Myrie Affair occurred in April this year. By all accounts Barbados came out of the affair with a bloody nose if we are to judge by the comments made by all and sundry. Despite the vitriol spouted from both sides Barbadians, Jamaicans and onlookers are none the wiser what actually happened to […]

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REDjet Seeing RED!

The point is that the Government has been fully behind the establishment and operation of the REDjet airline, it has given REDjet the necessary certification … and it is incumbent therefore on this Government to add its voice to the call by REDjet for more prompt treatment in the region than it is getting  – […]

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Excited About Jamaica Opening Air Link To Africa

I am very excited about the opening of air links to Africa from Jamaica to Nigeria and the potential for trade and commerce. However, we must tread cautiously. Why the caution? A non visa requirement is a welcome call for all and sundry, who may be an economic burden rather than a catalyst for commerce. […]

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REDjet Sabotaged By Caricom: The Big Two Jamaica And Trinidad

Two events occurred in the news this week which confirmed to BU that Caricom is in a coma. A mini-Caricom summit held in Guyana saw four heads absent, Prime Minister of Trinidad among them. In the obligatory end of summit communiqué which nobody reads except Rickey Singh, the heads advised the world implementation of a […]

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In Case You Have Forgotten Your I-Story

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel . “The reasons for the unacknowledged self-hate that leads to skin bleaching, wigs, and straightened hair (In reference to the article IT IS TIME TO STOP LIVING A LIE that discusses the alarming rate at which Blacks are trying to escape their skin)” Follow the first instalment HERE.

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It Is Time To Stop Living A Lie

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel   The following article points to the fact that on a global level the majority of Blacks FIRMLY believe in their own INFERIORITY. And even when this inferiority is not acknowledged it still manifests itself in many of the cultural norms that make up Black life today. Even when they do […]

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It Is Time Barbados Tells Some People In Caricom To Go To Hell!

Hopefully the Myrie issue will be fully investigated and the matter put to bed, although we doubt it! It seems passing strange that Jamaica and Guyana should be the countries complaining about treatment meted out at our border. These two regional countries represent the largest land masses in the English speaking Caribbean. In a sensible […]

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What’s Up With Skin Bleaching?

One of the challenges of living in these times is the difficulty being able to discern whether a behaviour is a fad or something more concrete. Cultural relativism seems to have subsumed the view by what seems to be a growing minority that a society should have as its underpinning a healthy layer of ethics […]

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Jamaican Research Prostate Cancer Breakthrough Reinforces The Importance Of A National Culture Of Entrepreneurship

In September this year Bajan blogger Green Antilles reported that Jamaican scientist Professor Henry Lowe was invited to make a special presentation at the Eighth Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) in Beijing, China.  Professor Lowe’s presentation was based on “research work on Jamaican medicinal plants, particularly his recent work with […]

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Minister Sealy It Is Time To Exploit Social Media

The global economy continues to fight its way out of the recession with the United kingdom, one of Barbados’ key source markets being hit hard. Over the years tourists from the United Kingdom have been wooed the most by Barbados because the British are known to be higher level of spenders and   book longer vacations […]

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