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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Ministerial Misfeasance

For those not so few souls among the populace who believe that all politicians are essentially corrupt, the Barbados Advocate photograph some weeks ago of Mr. Shane Gibson, a former Minister of Labour and National Insurance in the in the outgone Perry Christie administration in The Bahamas, being led into court to answer charges of […]

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Integrity Legislation Will NOT be Implemented by the Political Class

The following email (document) was discovered in a court discovery process during the Kingsland Estate court case (those unfamiliar can search BU archives) which has been ongoing for over a decade. The BU household accepts that it is a family feud but the revelations arising from the case so far are of national interest. The […]

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Mia and Freundel …we want transparency legislation IMPLEMENTED!

The following was poster was created by Sunshine Sunny Shine The Barbados Labour Party opposition leader has painted a picture that the parliamentary system of government under the Barbados Model needs a drastic amendment to make it more effective and public centred. When one listens to the gusto of the opposition leader, the way forward […]

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Private State?

In Privacy Pros and Cons, I considered the Parliamentary debate around the recent SSA Amendment Bill. Most of that debate seemed to be concerned with the limits on the rights of citizens to privacy, but my concern was that there was precious little comfort being offered in terms of the secret conduct of our public […]

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Aliis Non Sibi

Submitted by Heather Cole If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Proverbs Chapter 24:10. Politics is not for the faint hearted. With it comes constant criticism which is good for the soul. One can learn from it and be a better person or be sharper and clearer in pursuit of […]

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Government Moves Integrity Legislation Pass the Lower House

As incredible as it may seem to some, the Prevention of Corruption Bill, 2012 has passed the Lower House on its journey to being proclaimed. Hopefully this will be done before the Prime Minister rings the bell for the next general election. One suspects though that Prime Minister Stuart will deliver on this piece of […]

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Politicians Laughing at WE – NIS Funds, Transport Board, a Matter of Integrity

Submitted by Hamilton Hill While listening to Sagicor’s Early Business Report on VOB some morning this past week I was startled by the news that the authorities in Jamaica had brought charges against three persons in that country for corruption. A business man, a police officer and a member of parliament–yes a sitting MP. According […]

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Where Is The Hardwood Housing Forensic Report?

BU admits to being sympathetic to the platform message of the late Prime Minister David Thompson that on winning the government, he would usher in a new kind of governance in Barbados. The new dispensation would be driven by transparency legislation, a combination of Freedom of Information (FOI) and Integrity Legislation. The Democratic Labour Party […]

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The Importance Of Integrity In Public Life, Moving to Stage II

There is a rising concern about the level of integrity demonstrated by people in high office in Barbados. Such concern is usually targeted at government officials. Not since the late Rt. Hon. J.M.G.M “Tom” Adams, Q.C., M.P failed to enact integrity legislation in the 70s  have we had a Prime Minister who has demonstrated the […]

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Prime Minister Stuart To Go Where No Prime Minister Has Gone – Prevention Of Corruption Bill Coming

The news that the Prevention of Corruption Bill is back on the Order Paper of Parliament or soon will be is good news. The fact that it is has taken so long to come is to be regretted. What BU has gleaned from the statement issued by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is his commitment to […]

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The Democratic Labour Party Caring For The Poor

Submitted by Porridgeboy The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) came to power on what is known and clearly established as a myriad of EMPTY promises. This country was promised an accessible and transparent government. In his 2008 Budgetary Proposals, page 25, the late Prime Minister David Thompson spoke about a Governance Advisory Board that was set […]

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Should The Enactment Of Transparency Legislation Be A Priority?

To the independents who voted for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) last election, it is evident that it has retreated from its promise to make enactment of transparency legislation a priority. Of equal concern to BU has been the reluctance by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to pressure the government to honour its promise. Civil […]

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The Government And Opposition Party In Cahoots To Keep Transparency Legislation Off The Statute Book

The month of November seems appropriate to blog about transparency in government. Thirty plus years ago the Tom Adams led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) attempt to proclaim Integrity Legislation was still born. The incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government – led by the late Prime Minister David Thompson – promised Barbadians within 100 days of […]

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Owen Arthur Calls The PAC To Order To Investigate Malfeasance By Government Over The Marina Project

It has become patently obvious to the BU household that politicians in Barbados are members of a fraternity who will defend their ‘club’ even at the expense of the national interest. The two political parties have been latched on to a good thing for the last 30 years. Each party gets a chance to enjoy […]

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The Business Of The Political Campaign And Its Financing

Submitted by Eli Davis Every so often I get the urge to contribute (?) a comment to this forum that I believe merits attention. This time around it is that of The Business of the Political Campaign and its Financing. It is an issue that is basic in determining the relevance of our electoral process […]

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Do We Want Integrity Legislation Or Not? The People Still Have the Power, Don’t We?

Submitted (as a comment) by Adrian Hinds Up until the recent legislation brought by the DLP, the BLP had the upper hand in making the argument that they are the ones who wanted Integrity legislation and DLP did not. In what I will deem a calculated approach, not intended, to make good on a campaign […]

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A Time For Change To Transparency In The Political Arena

Submitted by Hamilton Hill This past June we saw where BLP candidate Indar Weir submitted a video montage to this site, and given the variance of comment shook to the core the social conscience of a nation. At first look I thought that these were images left in the wake of tropical storm Tomas. Then […]

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The Democratic Labour Party Promised Integrity Legislation In 100 Days, It Is Now 1000+ Days And Counting

To illustrate the more things change the more they remain the same BU has cited three quotes below uttered by the Late Prime Minister Rt. Hon. J. M.G. M. ADAMS, M.A which have been extracted from his introductory speech to the Integrity Legislation Debate (parliament) in November 1979. During the last Session I moved a […]

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