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The Georgetown Prison Fire

 A failure and opportunity for good governance through public accountability Last week swift public accountability reinforced good governance in Trinidad & Tobago. Ms. Marlene McDonald was sworn in as Minister of Public Utilities on June 30. Three days later Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley fired her for countenancing a reputed member of the criminal underworld […]

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Linden’s Mayor Forges Twinning With US City

Submitted by the CARIBBEAN GUYANA INSTITUTE FOR DEMOCRACY (CGID) BROOKLYN: The Mayor of Guyana’s second most populous municipality, the town of Linden, will on Saturday February 4, apprise Lindeners in New York City of plans to twin Newark City, New Jersey with his town, as well as on his agenda to create jobs and redevelop […]

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Report of the Commission of Inquiry Surrounding the Assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, RELEASED

The above [below] is a digitalized text of an “unofficial” printed copy of the Commission of Inquiry Report on the death of Dr. Walter Rodney which occurred on the evening of June 13, 1980 in Georgetown, Guyana. The text for this version is transcribed from a printed copy similar to that submitted to the Guyana […]

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Guyana Prime Minister to kick-off 50th Independence Celebration in New York

Submitted by Rickford Burke FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Nevlon Duguid, Director of Communications Tel: (862) 224-9697. Email: nevlonduguid@gmail.com NEW YORK CITY: Guyana’s Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, will on Saturday, January 16, 2016 launch his nation’s 50th Independence celebration in New York. […]

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Caribbean Leaders Silent on Guyana Elections

Where were they when what happened in St Kitts-Nevis took place in Guyana? By Donya L. Francis a 24 year from St Kitts-Nevis, presently studying in Taiwan- (Journalism and Mass Communication) I am writing on behalf of the youths and the Kittitians and Nevisians who have similar questions. What happened in Guyana after the elections? […]

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It is Time to Save Guyana

Submitted by the Guyana Trades Union Congress

The APNU+AFC’s campaign theme “It is time” is appropriate at this juncture of the nation’s development for all Guyanese to take note and say it is time for change. GTUC embraces “It is time” not only in the concept of opposition sloganeering and PPP counter-sloganeering but as a rallying call for the people of Guyana to recognise that it is time for each and every person to become involved in helping to charter the course and direction of this country.  It is time to stop the lies and propaganda that keep our people divided. It is time to save Guyana.

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Flooding, a Region wide Problem

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress The Guyana Trades Union Congress is fed-up with what is passing for governance and calls on the citizens/workers/electorate to register their disgust with the current management of the affairs of state. The continuous lost and inconvenience caused by floodwater incurred through rainfalls or high tides is a toll that […]

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President Ramotar Requested to Intervene to Secure Passage of AML/CFT Bill

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release) The GTUC views with concern and understanding the position taken by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). The CFATF’s consideration that Guyana is a risk to the international financial system and referral to the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) bear testimony to the seriousness and […]

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GTUC Will Participate in the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has retained Civil Rights Lawyer Mr. Selwyn A. Pieters, to represent its interest on the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. The GTUC met the commissioners when they were on their exploratory visit and expressed concerns with the Terms of Reference (ToR). Dr. Walter […]

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GTUC Forewarns Citizens of Goverment Pending Hysteria

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement – April 13, 2014 GTUC forewarns this nation to expect the government and its allies recommencing the hysteria in a few days regarding passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill. Guyana is scheduled to be evaluated by the Caribbean Financial Action […]

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The People Want Caribbean Regimes to Fall

Submitted by Pachamama As we write masses of people are demonstrating in the streets of Istanbul and many other Turkish cities calling Erdogan and Gul dictators, fascists, American puppets and Zionist traitors. They are chanting “we want the regime to fall’’, not the government – the regime, the regime! This call is not unlike what […]

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The O.R.Tambo Award and Forbes Burnham

As a people, we have a choice to make. And to this end the GTUC will be dispatching messages to the South Africa government and the trade union community, reminding them of the workers’ commitment and contributions to the apartheid struggle, making known our support for the O.R.Tambo award to Forbes Burnham, and expressing our […]

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Sir Kyffin Simpson Shows Leadership Investing in Agriculture (in Guyana)

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group The traditional corporate sector, in the Caribbean and in Barbados in particular, is not known as risk takers. Quite frankly, we believe that the development of the region has been systematically hampered by this traditional corporate class which has deep roots in the retail trade […]

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The Guyana Trades Union Congress’ position on the Linden Commission of Inquiry

Consistent with the Terms of Reference the Report by the Linden Commission of Inquiry is an achievement for all Guyana – see Linden Commission of Inquiry Report. This report exposes the underbelly of the beast seeking to consume law and order in the society and rob the people of the needed security and protection to […]

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Barbados Murder Investigation Points to a Police Cover-up – CGID

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) New York’s Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Monday accused the Barbados Police Force of covering up the apparent murder of Clinton Norton, a born Barbadian of Guyanese and Barbadian parentage. Norton died under suspicious circumstances in Bridgetown, Barbados on September 3, 2012. The institute’s President Rickford […]

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PPP Government Using Ethnic Politics In Diplomatic Accreditation Process

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is blasting Guyana’s  PPP government’s clandestine efforts to force Italy to revoke the appointment of Attorney at law Nigel Hughes as its Honorary Consul in Guyana.   The CGID condemnation is the latest salvo fired at the Guyana government […]

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Call For Lindeners to Reject Cecil Kennard

Dear Editor: I’m appalled that Guyana’s opposition politicians have agreed for former Chancellor of Guyana’s Judiciary and current Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard, to serve on the Linden Commission of Inquiry. It appears that his selection by the PPP may be in contemplation of naming him Chairman of the commission. This […]

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Freddie’s Worst Nightmare …I will take a brain scan this week

BU has a lot of admiration for Freddie Kissoon. If one has to define a Caribbean journalist this man is over-qualified. We reproduce his recent column for the family. August 19, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon My security situation has become so bad I think it may be […]

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