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The George Brathwaite Column – Ethics and Morality

James Madison, one of the founding fathers shaping the American Constitution, asserted that: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” From the outset, ethical behaviour is social and constituted through norms and standards of behaviour that are […]

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The Auditor General Report 2016 | Business as Usual

The findings contained in the 2016 Auditor General Report 2016 confirms that there has been no improvement in how government manages its financial affairs under a DLP government. The vast majority of state agencies still do n0t have updated financials available for the Auditor General Office to do its work INCLUDING THE NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME. […]

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Dr. Ronnie Yearwood | Ideas for a New Politics:Governance and Truth | The Good Society

The following documents shared with the BU family by Dr. Ronnie Yearwood I believe that at no point in a country’s history, should a single generation be faced with the decisions my generation will have to take to restore the fortunes of Barbados, but there can be no hiding. We are at a point in […]

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Dr. Ronnie Yearwood Invites YOU…

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Berries for the Boys

The Government needs tax revenue in order that we may all benefit from Government managed health, education, road maintenance, police, fire, and other services.  Therefore, we should all pay our taxes.  If we do not pay our taxes, then the Government must unfairly burden another group with additional taxes to make up the difference – […]

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Freundel Stuart: Holding Our Leaders Accountable

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Mia Mottley Addresses Governance Reform

It was reported recently that leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley floated the view Barbados needs to amend our system of representation in parliament to ensure there are greater checks and balances -see BU blog The Silly Proposal of Mia Mottley. As she correctly points out in the video posted our parliament is currently hijacked by […]

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No Backbench!

It has become obvious in recent years to the thinking citizen of Barbados that our system of government is in need of an overhaul. The inability of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to function under successive governments or the disregard of the findings of the Auditor General are two examples of the dysfunction. The Upper […]

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The Silent Majority

Dr. Malcom Grant posted an interesting piece on his Facebook Page SURVIVING OUR HARSH ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT titled The Silent Majority. Although the thesis of his article addresses the many members who chose NOT to contribute to discussion, the same can be said that there is a reluctance by the majority of Barbadians to actively participate […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – A Call for Direct Democracy

Generally, it is suggested that democratic politics involves public deliberation focused on the common good; it requires some form of manifest equality among citizens, and shapes the identity and interests of citizens in ways that contribute to the formation of a public conception of the common good. The great philosopher Aristotle posits that “the character […]

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The Ronnie Yearwood Lecture

The duration of the lecture is over two hours but worth the listen. Many of the views shared my Dr. Ronnie Yearwood last night have been mooted repeatedly on BU. It is important a greater number of Barbadians from the academic class step out of the comfort zone to challenge the establishment. It is evident- […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – New Parties and Bold Engagement

In last week’s column, it was argued that Barbadians are not contented with the functionality of democratic governance as explained by this writer. This week’s submission is a continuation of the discussion, focussing on the need to shape new institutions of participatory and deliberative democracy. Realistically, the present system of governance is gutted by diminishing […]

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Is Our Parliamentary System Right for Barbados?

by Andrew Simpson Reading about all the new entrants to the political arena, I am delighted that so many patriotic persons are seeing fit to get involved but equally concerned about the impact multiple parties will have on ‘splitting the vote’ – giving the incumbent party a better chance of regaining the government and with […]

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Make the Change Barbadians

By Andrew Simpson Why does there always have to be something on my mind – which I feel compelled to share? My input will not always be taken favorably, but will hopefully have some impact on those I care about. The newspapers are quite a resource for learning about matters which affect us and issues […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – What Would Barrow Do? [WWBD]?

My friends spit on the government. I do not think is just the government. Suppose all the gods too old, Suppose they dead and they burning them…The Saddhu of Couva -Derek Walcott The current public discourse on governance and the economy is nothing if not a cacophonous babel of contesting opinions. To the few casual […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Governance, the People and the Constitution

If I had my druthers, today’s column would have been an analysis of last Thursday’s decision of the local Court of Appeal discharging the injunction restraining the dismissal of the former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr DeLisle Worrell, by the Honourable Minister of Finance, and thus paving the way for the unhindered […]

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‘Leaks’, the Leveller

The elevation of Donald Trump to become President of the United Stated States of American has triggered a very eventful period in the history of that country. The most recent Trump event has seen the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn because he reportedly lied to colleagues – namely Vice President Pence –  about […]

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Dems Low on Credibility: Barbadians Beware!

Towards the end of 2016, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – speaking at a meeting of the Christ Church constituency branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – asserted that his struggling party will make morality a key issue in the next general election. For some, it is hip-hip hooray! Yet, numerous Barbadians are convinced […]

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