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Fruendel Stuart (r) Arthur (l) won the Integrity race last general election

Cahill Energy Agreements EXPOSE Prime Minister Stuart as Withholding the Truth from Barbadians

In her response to the budget of  June 2015 leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley gave impetus to the Cahill Energy debate when she shocked the country with the revelation that four ministers (Darcy Boyce, Denis Kellman, Chris Sinckler and Denis Lowe) had signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Cahill Energy dated 15 March 2014. […]

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Governance in Trouble

Submitted by Kammie Holder RESIDENT BARBADIANS will be found guilty of treason by future generations, for their failure to protect the legacy entrusted by our ancestors on their behalf. We must respectfully speak up and speak out and not just be humble while grumbling. Who will lead the people? Neither Clement Payne or General Bussa […]

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Fruendel Stuart and Adriel Brathwaite

The Cahill Energy Project – A Really Awful Deal for Barbados and Barbadians

Submitted by David Bryan, Attorney-at-Law Introduction Firstly, it must be said; some men are born cowards, some men are made cowards and some have cowardice thrust upon them. […]

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Afra Raymond

Setting the Table

Setting the Table by AfraRaymond The PNM’s successful election campaign placed strong emphasis on the critical need to restore proper standards of Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance. That was a commendable […]

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The Barbados Lobby

The Cahill Conspiracy

I am a firm believer in conspiracy theories. There have been many great conspiracy theories in history, ranging from the September 11 Terrorist attacks to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to UFO’s at Roswell. […]

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A Flawed Governance Setup

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. There was a time not too long ago if asked about the possibility of high gun and drug related crime and corruption occurring in private and public office in Barbados, most Barbadians would have said not a chance. […]

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Cahill Energy Scam and Local Connections, EXPOSED!

There is enough evidence (documents) in the public space about Clare Cowan, Cahill Energy and Barbados connections to move the conversation in Barbados to one of accountability. In the documents attached Bizzy’s name is mentioned which explains why Voice of Barbados will not want to offend a major advertiser. […]

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Afra Raymond

Our Land – The Review

…A small State such as Trinidad & Tobago must accord a very high priority to the judicious management and utilization of its land resources or perish. All elements of land policy must be designed to ensure that these finite resources are efficiently utilized and husbanded in such a manner as to serve the long term […]

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Party Paramountcy Vs PEOPLE Power…and the Winner is…

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group Throughout the Caribbean there have been calls for good governance. Unfortunately we continue to look to the political management class for the answer. We are afraid that seldom do the perpetrators of any wrongdoing seek to effect change to curb their transgressions. […]

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Holding Politicians Accountable!

The following post extracted from one of the leading Bajan Facebook pages SURVIVING OUR HARSH ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Maria Agard No this is absolutely NOT TRUE!!!! And we need to stop peddling this form of defeatist thinking. […]

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Margaret Sivers (l) Chris Sinckler (r)

Overseas Travel by Politicians and Civil Servants High on the Agenda

Some Barbadians have wondered about the need for government officials to travel overseas first class and in many cases to travel at all during a protracted period of austerity. Do you know government officials […]

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DEMinishing Political Capital

Brenda Mazibuko: You’re risking your political capital, you’re risking your future as our leader. Nelson Mandela: The day I am afraid to do that is the day I am no longer fit to lead[…]

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Can We Trust Local Media?

In the end the truth about what is happening is the only thing that is of value to anybody. And when a newspaper begins to suppress news, whether at the behest of its advertisers or on pleas from special segments of business, it will soon cease to be of any service either to its advertisers […]

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Michael Carrington, Disgraced Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly

Brazen Michael Carrington Breaks His Silence

However, Michael Carrington with-holding a client’s funds for 2 years [whether or not he felt justified in doing such, the fact remains the client filed a civil suit against him to recover his property – Artaxerxes Three months after Speaker Michael Carrington was ordered by the High Court to handover over two hundred thousand dollars […]

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Michael Carrington, Speaker of the House

The Michael Carrington Watch–Governance Crisis

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has weighed in with his opinion how the Michael Carrington matter must be resolved. He has suggested the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association apply its Code of Ethics to censure the Speaker of the House. Also he opined that the political stock of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government will be dented by the saga and the Prime Minister should also intervene. He does NOT agree with the position taken by the Opposition to boycott parliament, no surprise there. As far as he is concerned Carrington has broken no rules of the House therefore the Committee of Privileges will have no choice to return a ‘not guilty’ decision.

There is a lot to untangle from the Carrington matter which is moral, political and legal in makeup. What we know is that the Speaker of the House has been ordered by the High Court of Barbados to pay $200,000 plus to a wheelchair bound client; money he has withheld for years. All sane persons agree this is wrong morally, it is wrong legally based on the court order and the noise of public opinion ensures that it will have legal implications for a weak DLP government.

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CARICOM Continues to be Challenged by Governance and Economic Issues

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think tank and Watchdog Group As is customary, we join with other commentators, that review the year and what gains, if any, the region would have made. As much as it distresses us, we are forced to conclude that 2014 brought nothing new to the region and that 2015 portends […]

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Innovation Wanted

BU’s favourite caller to a popular talk show made the point recently – those who contribute significantly to political campaigns and political parties are the ones who consume scarce foreign exchange. These are the companies and individuals described as wholesalers and retailers who patrol and control the political landscape of Barbados. BU’s favourite caller was […]

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Open Letter to the DLP and BLP

Submitted by Charles Knighton An open letter to the DLP and BLP who both bear responsibility for the parlous state of Barbados today. What is good governance? What criteria should we use to assess the stewardship and policies undertaken by our elected leaders? Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, a wealthy Sudanese-British mobile communications entrepreneur and philanthropist, established […]

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