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Justifying BNTCL Sale to SOL

Submitted by Tony E. Gibbs (Energy Commentator) The promotion and maintenance of fair competition requires that business activities and trading practices be closely monitored and scrutinized to ensure that consumers’ welfare is protected and their interests served through competitive markets. This requirement seems particularly appropriate in the proposed sale of BNTCL to SOL, an agreement […]

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BIM "Open Letter" Email Response to the FTC

Submitted by Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Dear Ms. Sealy, Having previously noted receipt of your correspondence of earlier today in reply to our (BIM) Open Letter to the FTC on several matters, one of grave concern being the redacted documents for the Public perusal at the offices of the FTC as well as lack of […]

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"OPEN LETTER" to the Fair Trading Commission on the Proposed Sale/Merger of BNTCL

Submitted by David Comissiong, President,Clement Payne Chambers CLEMENT   PAYNE   MOVEMENT CLEMENT   PAYNE   CULTURAL   CENTRE CRUMPTON  STREET BRIDGETOWN BARBADOS 25 January 2017 Ms Sandra Sealy Chief Executive Officer Fair Trading Commission Green Hill St. Michael Dear Madam Re: Proposed Sale of the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited and its proposed merger with the SOL Group of […]

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FLOW and DIGICEL Are SELF Regulating Entities

There is a new initiative in the market. Digicel has partnered with Adopt a Stop to provide charging points at bus shelters across Barbados – read about it Bus shelters getting charging points. The first thought was how long does one expect to be at a bus stop to be able to appreciate the value […]

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BL&P Denied!

It is with great interest BU read the decision handed down by the Fair Trading Commission to DENY the application by the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P)  to apply the results and costs of Fuel Hedging to the Fuel Clause Adjustment (FCA). Some will argue that this is a pyrrhic victory given a […]

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The Teacher: O to be Worthy

BU wishes to express disappointment no Barbadian teacher was nominated to be considered for the 2016 Global Teacher Prize. Thousands of nominations, with a capital T, were submitted from 148 countries. […]

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Submitted by David Weekes Dear Mrs. Sealy, I write with reference to your response to my matter at caption – your reference #  4/14/20 (447). The reason that I have written is because i am so absolutely disappointed by your findings. Miss Emily Ronalds, the Abbey School circa 1965 taught using the Royal Reader series […]

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Barbados Renewable Energy Program–A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) recently ruled on the motion for review of the billing arrangement and metering option of the Renewable Energy Rider  (RER) – see FTC Order and Decision . The RER is a mechanism established by government to facilitate the sale of surplus electricity to the grid supplied by customers with Renewable […]

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FTC: Managing Energy Cost

It is estimated that the cost of electricity has doubled in Barbados since 2008. We are curious about the process of sourcing Bunker C to fuel Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) generators. How are the generators which use Bunker C integrated into the distribution of electricity to the benefit of the consumer? How has the […]

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Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Must Play Leadership Role Transitioning Barbados to RE

There is nothing surprising about a monopoly, namely EMERA, seeking to protect its commercial monopoly interests. That essentially is what the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) consultation paper is about. At issue though is whether the desired regulatory approval that serves a monopoly’s interest should be allowed to undermine the interest in the liberalisation and economic […]

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Fair Trading Commission RENEWABLE ENERGY RIDER Consultation

Submitted by St George’s Dragon The Government wants 29% of all electricity consumption to be generated from renewable sources by 2029. That seems ambitious but it is necessary in order for Barbados to help reduce CO2 emissions and help prevent global warming and rises in sea-levels etc. Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) has been running […]

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LIME Experiencing Problems At The Border Gateway

BU understands that Cable & Wireless is currently experiencing serious Internet networking issues. According to a BU family member the problem is complicated to explain in layman terms but involves something called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This is a protocol used by big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and carriers to exchange routing information between each […]

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LIME Defines Corporate Greed

In a Press release issued yesterday, LIME announced “all post-paid mobile customers completing data streaming, browsing, tethering and downloading of documents, games and any other transactions which go via the WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) and/or Internet Gateways on the LIME data network will be billed”. Nation Newspaper – 4/5/2012 Barbados Underground agrees with the decision […]

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Illegal Water Rates: Pay Back The Money

On March 3, 2012, the Saturday Sun published an article entitled, “BWA Sacred Cow”, which claimed that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is no longer regulated under the Utilities Regulation Act (the Act) chapter 282 of the laws of Barbados. This in effect means that Fair Trading Commission (FTC) cannot set water rates or hear […]

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Will The Fair Trading Commission Protect Consumers From EMERA And LIME?

On Friday, Emera showed a profit attributable to shareholders of $241.1 million ($1.97 per share) on revenue of $2.06 billion for all of 2011. That compares to a profit of $190.7 million ($1.65 per share) on revenue of $1.6 billion in fiscal 2010. The company credits gains earned by Caribbean subsidiary Light & Power Holdings […]

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I Have Had It With The Barbados Light & Power Company

Extracted from the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson. This blog was forwarded to Miles Howe, a Canadian journalist at the Halifax Media Group doing some good work to keep EMERA ‘honest’. Many of you might remember the tirade I did on BARBADOS *NOT REALLY ANYMORE* LIGHT & POWER a few months ago. And how far […]

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Canadian EMERA Controls Key Strategic Asset Of Barbados

Many Barbadians are still fuming at the decision by the government of Barbados to sell part of its 21% holdings in Light & Power Holdings (L&PH) to Canadian company EMERA. Many Barbadians are still fuming at the ruling by the Fair Trading Commission of Barbados to approve Barbados Light and Power’s application for a 10% […]

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Facebook Group Reacts To LIME’s Announcement To Hike Landline Rate

From the Facebook Page of SURVIVING OUR HARSH ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: written in response to the recent announcement that LIME will be increasing rate on basic landline service from October 2011 Dear Mr. Alex W. McDonald: I would like to express my strong objection to LIME’s proposed land-line rate hike. Frankly speaking, I find it repulsive […]

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