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Paradise LOST

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler updated Barbadians in November 2014 that the Paradise deal was very close to being finalized – “…new equity partners have been found and are now doing their due diligence and once that exercise is completed, they too will sign up. Once that happens, Government will then be repaid its resources, […]

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Time to Put Up or Shut up Minister Estwick

The political temperature is rising in Barbados about one year after the last general election was held. At a time when Barbadians would have wanted the political directorate to seek solace in the attribute Barbados is well known – a politically stable country – we have Minister David Estwick adding unwanted political diatribe to the […]

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Pure Beach Resort, Boom or Bust?

Submitted by Due Diligence You will probably think I am flogging a dead horse; but since PURE Beach Resort has all the signs of being a dead horse, here goes anyway. I happened on a new  PURE Beach YouTube video posted recently. It is simply a new and expanded version of previous 3D renderings. There […]

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Beware of Streets Lined with Gold

Submitted by Old Onions Bag When people don’t make use of their history, they are bound to repeat mistakes. Recall the Battle of Waterloo, think for one moment how Napoleon would fall for a similar Wellington’s ploy of deception, and engage a third of his French infantry on a pedestrian bridge that led to nowhere? […]

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Movement on the Clearwater Bay (Four Seasons) Project

It is good to read about government’s effort to wrestle the Four Seasons beast to the ground – finally. It maybe tactical to have placed the tender in this weekend’s press which is sure to go unnoticed by many Barbadians who are gearing up to party in the last lap for Crop Over 2013. All […]

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Paradise Beach Limited (Four Seasons) Inquiry

Barbadians welcomed the revelation by Opposition member of parliament Ronald Toppin that two Paradise Beach Limited  bond holders had to be paid by government to the tuned of BBD120 million. There was also the view that government’s haste to dump its minority holdings in the former Barbados National Bank, now Republic Bank, was to ‘shield’ […]

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Four Seasons a Project for All Seasons

In the coming days leading up to the General Election – to be held on the 21 February 2013 – BU will be raising issues which we hope will be ventilated and explained on the campaign trail. The first is the vexing issue of the stalled Four Seasons project which has been forced from the […]

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When Will The Haemorrhaging Stop?

The author’s name withheld by request “A stitch in time save ninety nine “ Money spends like water when you are in government, after all it is not yours. You don’t have to account for it  far less pay it back. Imagine a metallic claptrap spawning the highway by BET head office building costing $255,000 […]

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Saving Almond Beach Village At What Cost

Neal & Massy (52% shareholder) delivered the Almond Mess lo Barbadians last week which has knocked CLICO from the front page of the Nation newspaper for the moment. A scan of that paper’s front page this morning should create some concerns for Barbadians. Bjorn Bjerkham is mentioned as one of about four parties bidding for […]

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The State Of Villa Stock In The Caribbean

The video summarizes a Wall Street Journal article which made the rounds this week – Caribbean Getaways Ensnare Buyers. It explains the current state of the villa market in the Caribbean which does not bode well for the Paradise Beach Development (Four Seasons Project). With many similar projects on the skids in the Caribbean this […]

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Financial Meltdown, How Would It Effect Our Fragile Investment In Four Seasons?

Submitted by Old Onion Bags Greece’s political leaders struck a historic deal Thursday to make deep cuts in government jobs and spending to help save the country from a default that could shock the world financial system. Greece needs the bailout by March 20 so it will have enough money to redeem €14.5 billion worth […]

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Market And Operations Study Of Four Seasons Barbados Hotel Project

The politically weighed Paradise Beach Development Project (Four Seasons) has become one of several hot potato issues in Barbados of late. Should the government intervene by investing NIS funds?  Are the original investors in the villa properties losing faith? A general election is looming and it is therefore very difficult to determine the motives behind […]

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The Four Seasons Project Summarized

Submitted by W. Lorimer Lest we forget some of the reasons for this project… Me thinks that people have perhaps become a little too bogged down in the trees of politics and grandstanding and everyone is tired from looking at this too long to see the forest – hopefully this might refresh people’s memories of […]

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Notes From A Native Son: Four Seasons, The End

The scandal over the national insurance scheme’s so-called investment in the stalled Four Seasons hotel and villa complex has now run its rational course. There is clearly no business or economic case for the investment, despite special pleading from Professor Avinash Persaud, the public face of the development, and a moribund government anxious to make […]

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Notes From a Native Son – The Four Seasons ‘Investment’

The government of Barbados, despite sound public advice, looks set to go ahead with the Bds$50m ‘investment’ in Four Seasons, the holiday project on the West Coast, which in time will become the biggest white elephant since independence. It is clear there is no business economic reason for the decision, as there is none, and […]

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Government and Property Owners Chart Way Forward In Paradise Beach Development (Four Seasons Project)

Today the NATION has reported that law suits have been filed by UK billionaires Lucian Grainge and Aidan Heavy. Those who have followed the Four Seasons Project know that this is an OLD matter which has resurfaced. The NATION article quotes denials by Mia Mottley and Professor Avinash Persaud, principals for the project, that any […]

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Economics, Housing And Tourism

Submitted by Looking Glass Economic theory like ideology is “rooted in the material conditions of life.” However, despite what we believe or are taught there is no unilateral or universal relationship between the true foundation of society/country, relations of production and the legal/political superstructure. Quite often the structure of society exerts a determinative effect on […]

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Occupy Four Seasons In The Offing

Submitted by John Dillinger I have followed your blogs [BU] with regards to the Four Seasons and Professor Persaud’s decision to ask the NIS to invest in the project as opposed to bring in international investors like the late PM David Thompson mandated him so to do. Was not the Professor to use his international […]

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