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The Adrian Loveridge Column – More Local Food

When I hear various vested interests lobby for the greater use of our tourism sector using more locally made and available product, I am a hundred percent behind this concept, but after almost three decades pursuing this ideal, I have to admit that it is not easy as it is made to sound. It should […]

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Alienating the Junk Food Industry

The Barbados Advocate editorial of yesterday addressed a controversial position taken by Dr. Trevor Hassell regarding the addiction of our people to junk food especially the youth. What are the whys and wherefores we need to debate to save the health our people? – Barbados Underground As much as we understand the authenticity of his […]

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Continental Foods and Bhana, the Chicken Wings and Expired Labels Affair

Recently a shipment of chicken wings was destroyed by the Ministry of Commerce after it was discovered it landed on the island illegally. What concerns the BU household is the response from several Bajans who were quick to cry fowl to the decision to incinerate the wings. Why? Bajans love their wings, what a waste […]

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Aquaponic Farming is Growing

Submitted by Damian Hinkson With a decade of experience in Aquaponic(AP) farming I am very happy to see AP systems now being created all over the island. The benefit of producing vegetables using fish manure rather than land animal’s or chemical fertilizers are many but the most attractive is the fact that your irrigation and […]

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Producing Local Food to Feed Tourists–Can We Do It?

Hardly a week seems to go by without one or two prominent figures calling for, or in some cases demanding, more use of local produce by our tourism industry and especially restaurants. First, I absolutely and totally support this objective but I wonder if the energy expended in trying to make this happen is entirely well placed or in fact truly balanced.

Some time ago the dairy farmers were complaining about being forced to accept lower prices and reduced quotas, the virtual monopoly milk processing entity unilaterally stopped making yogurts locally, pretty much a basic serving menu article in most hotels and alternative accommodation offerings. No-one can convince me that it is cheaper to bring in a foreign made refrigerated alternative across 6,000 or more miles by road and ship and for the wholesale distributors to always disperse them within the stated sell by date. There has to be waste and spoilage.

I also understand the economics of mass branded cheeses like Cheddar, but surely there are specialty items that can be made locally like double cream, feta and cottage cheese which are largely imported with a huge drain of foreign currency.

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Understanding Aquaponics and Growing Food

Submitted by Damien Hinkson My first true commercial farm upgrade to aquaponics (AP) is complete, the first of many more as the commercial farmers are rushing to exploit the labor saving qualities of AP. This type of farming comfortably puts you in the .3 to .7 worker per acre range, amazingly, with no additional labour […]

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Support the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute of Barbados

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the project

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Food Revolution Wanted

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Let Us Discuss Food Imports Minister YESTWICK!

“It has been reported that Barbados current food import bill is in the region of $800 million dollars annually.  The Minister of Agriculture has also stated that 65 percent of our food is produced locally. This means we import 35 percent of our food.  Our total food bill is therefore almost $2.3 billion dollars annually. […]

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The First Steps to Food Security

The following extract about Aquaponics submitted by Ready done Aquaponic farming dates back to the Aztecs but due to the currently available combination of cheap plastics and Magnetic drive pumps it was recently re-discovered and improved upon as a viable organic farming method. The system is designed to hold fresh water fish in tanks, in […]

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Aquaponics Versus the Pet Dog

Submitted by Ready done Aquaponics is the food production system the world is upgrading to from conventional industrial farming. The major problem it solves is that potassium fertilizer taken from mines and used to help crops produces 40% more fruit. It has worked well for the last 100 years but it is a finite resource […]

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Adoption of Aquaponics Systems the Food Solution for Barbados

Submitted by Ready Done I got home yesterday and heard the unmistakable voice of my first crush Jacqueline Yvonne ‘Jackée’ Harry, there she was standing on that same step in a tight blue dress as curvy as l remember her. My daughter was watching the show 227, she likes the 80s era, as she puts […]

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Are These Banned Foods for REAL?

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Guerrilla Gardening Provides Healthy Food Alternative

Submitted by Green Monkey One approach to providing healthy food alternatives to his neighbours, many or most of whom are accustomed to eating large amounts of disease inducing fast foods as a regular part of their daily food intake, comes from a guerrilla gardener and activist in South Central LA by the name of Ron […]

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How Do You Eat Your Apples?

Submitted by Ready done Some people eat apples as portrayed in the mass media from the side to the core, some eat from the bottom or top end because that way you eat the whole apple leaving only the seeds and stem, some people scrape the wax off of the apple before eating it. Most […]

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Baird’s Village Aquaponic System: Finding a Balance

Submitted by Ready Done Finding a balance in life is one of the best feelings one can have, bills paid, meat in the fridge, veggies in the Aquaponic system. At this point in life, the air smells better and the grass is greener, no stress, life as mother nature intended it. To maintain that state […]

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Monsanto: Seeds of Death

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T-Minus and Counting to Develop a Food Security Strategy

Submitted by Readydone Next time you walk into a supermarket take a good look around and enjoy the experience, after all,  you are paying for it, the light bill,  the manager’s mortgage, all of it is coming out your pocket even though you think all you are buying is food. Very little of your money […]

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