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The Teacher’s Lot

Today’s Barbados Advocate Editorial addresses the decision by the Ministry of Education to dock teachers salaries who attended meetings called by the Unions. The policeman’s lot, the opera composers, Gilbert and Sullivan, assure us in their production, The “Pirates of Penzance”, is “not a happy one”. Members of the Barbados Union of Teachers [BUT], after […]

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Springer Memorial School Wrapper Update: The Education System Enters Its Darkest Hour

BU will not write too much about this except to beg for urgent divine intervention. As adults we are morally and legally bound to be caretakers of our children. What has transpired so far at Springer Memorial School involving a minor and a student is an indictment on all of us. All of us. The […]

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Ronald Jones, Minister of Education and former president of the BUT

Wejonesing and Cracking Heads Den

Submitted by Anthony Davis YOU MAY NOT LIKE me but work with me for the good of education,” said Minister of Education Ronald Jones… I don’t have to like you at all (but) I will work with you. But he declared: […]

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Bajan Journalists

Sir Hilary Beckles and a Bought Bajan Media

The following article originally posted at Bajan Reporter. Did Sir Hilary change tune because he was “kicked upstairs”? Or how Bajan Media make Piranhas seem ethical… by AirBourne / May 13th, 2015 When UWI enrollments diminished by 4,000 students compared to the previous year, Sir Hilary Beckles was enraged – he said Barbadian education has […]

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UWI,Cave Hill

Tension Between Hilary Beckles and the Barbados Government Continues

Brooks distinguishes two sorts of virtues: resumé virtues and eulogy virtues. Resumé virtues are the skills you bring to the marketplace: wealth, fame, status and a great career. Eulogy virtues are the things people will say about you at your funeral: that you were honest, loving, and steadfast. Most of us would say that eulogy […]

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Ministers Donville Inniss and Chris Sinckler

Set the Example Donville

Submitted by Anthony Davis As far as senior Government minister Donville Inniss is concerned, Barbados is 49 years late in becoming a republic and anyone who thinks the country should wait any longer is ‘innately lazy intellectually’ and has ‘no pride in being Barbadian –  Barbados Today On page 4 of the said issue under […]

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Do we have confidence in the 11+ model to equip our nation to be globally competitive?

Hard Work – Educational Success

Submitted by Douglas

Our educational sector plays a vital role in the development of this country.  This DLP administration has always regarded education as one of the key developmental tools which would take this country forward.  That decision made by the first DLP administration in 1961 to allow free secondary education for all Barbadians continues to be one of the foundation policies which accounts for all of the growth and development which this small country has accomplished since that time. 

One vital component of the educational sector which requires some focus discussion is the Secondary School.  

We note, with amazement, that the Opposition continues to dodge their work but yet still draw their salaries and dine at the tables of parliament.  We hope that mature bodies who have a vital role to play in the development of this country do not adopt the bad habits and practices of our childish opposition lead by Ms. Mottley.  However, we the members of the Democratic Labour Party will press on in our efforts to move this country forward.  This week, we focus on secondary school education.

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Jeff Broomes, Principal of Parkinson Memorial School

The Jeff Broomes Affair, Again–What About the Children?

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Teachers at Parkinson Memorial Secondary are expected to go on the picket line tomorrow morning to protest principal Jeff Broomes’ failure to take disciplinary action against students who took knives and other weapons to school.” – Barbados Today 9 Feb 2015. It is incomprehensible to me why the teachers unions are always ready to strike. Is it because about twelve weeks’ vacation – plus about an additional three days as “Teachers’ days” – are not enough?

I don’t see any other profession getting extra days every three months, so why should teachers? The most of the tax payers who pay them, and whose scions they are supposed to teach, do not even get a quarter of the time off for vacation. They seem to have utter contempt for the parents/guardians of their charges, and by extension the students. They already have their education – paid for by the said people whose children they seem bent on depriving of theirs.

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Innovation Wanted

BU’s favourite caller to a popular talk show made the point recently – those who contribute significantly to political campaigns and political parties are the ones who consume scarce foreign exchange. These are the companies and individuals described as wholesalers and retailers who patrol and control the political landscape of Barbados. BU’s favourite caller was […]

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Prudent UWI Correction

Submitted by Douglas It is the duty and the responsibility of the Government to ensure that the resources of the country are spent in the most prudent manner. In a situation where the resources are already under pressure, government has to take the tough decision to ensure the viability of the service being offered. The […]

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Who Offers Free Education Anyway

Submitted by Douglas Saw this important news item on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) – channel 703 MCTV – today, and I immediately went on the internet and found more. Persons, especially that small group of intellectually bankrupt lecturers at Cave Hill (including some Barbadians) who use their privileged position (at the tax payers expense) […]

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UWI Cave Hill Takes a Hit

Submitted by Anthony Davis “Not a single one! That was the reaction of a senior official at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies in response to SUNDAY SUN questions whether any students had turned up with proof of having received one of the thousands of bursaries promised by Government eight […]

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Time to Revolutionize Schools in Barbados, Everywhere Else!

Submitted by Pachamama In this article we will argue that the school system, at all levels, has outlived its usefulness and therefore can serve no desirable purpose in ‘development’. We will suggest that computers have made ‘knowing’  obsolete, that the brain of children respond negatively to the threats of punishment and examinations. That the 10,000 […]

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Common Entrance Examination: Termites Jonesing!

Submitted by William Skinner Once again the annual ritual surrounding the release of the Common Entrance Examination results, has taken center stage. While the Minister of Education rants and raves about the mathematics results, the Principal of the University of the West Indies seems down spirited about the science results at Cave Hill. Any alert […]

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To Barbadians ALL – Sir Hilary Beckles the TRUTH!

Submitted by Douglas I write this out of a concern that we are not hearing the FULL TRUTH about this issue of the FUNDING of UWI education. As I read the comments of the Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles, I Cry shame on a man I formerly respected. As one of […]

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University Education for the Young and the Unworldly

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Each child who goes to a secondary school should do at least one year of national service… thus making a contribution to national development as well as becoming familiar with the world that they now only encounter way too late—the world of work.” Orlando Marville, Education cuts –  March 12 Advocate […]

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Donville Inniss Says UWI Tuition Fees Must Stay

Submitted by Anthony Davis “The Freundel Stuart administration says it is sticking to its guns to make Barbadian students at the University of the West Indies start pulling their pockets for tuition fees from next year even though welcoming a new private sector fund to bail out those who cannot afford to pay…The firm position […]

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Resolving Crime with Education

All too often, we see our children in the news. Whether rape, theft or murder, we see too many of our future generation making headlines for all the wrong reasons. We have to now look at ways to reverse the growing trend of youth crime and violence. And, peace education is one of the best […]

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