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CRIME a Worry

The following is a post to a T&T YahooGroup to which Barbados Underground is subscribed. Take note of the following disclaimer. The BU household has replaced “T&T” with Barbados, “Keith and Kamla” with Freundel and Mia, “PNM and UNC” with DLP and BLP – Barbados Underground (BU) …. they admit the main reason for our […]

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Caribbean Countries Sitting on a Gold Mine…Legalize Ganja NOW

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte Time we unleash our true potential. The United Kingdom  has taxed and barricaded  our other crops like sugar and bananas, even tourism (APB) almost to non existence. Think that was by chance? Think again and while we at it, reconsider the Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ position. We sitting on a […]

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Judge Randall Worrell Joins the Call to Decriminalize Marijuana

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group We are in full support of High Court Judge Randall Worrell’s call to decriminalize marijuana for personal purposes. We are also in full support of his position that our court system is clogged up with old cases involving marijuana charges. We do not condone drug […]

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Include Drinking Of Alcohol In The Drug Debate

Submitted by Charles Knighton The August 26 article “Drug courts or drug treatment centers” hopefully signals the tectonic plates of the drug debate are shifting. Perhaps the appetite for spending millions and incarcerating thousands, in the service of pieties immune to rational analysis, is not limitless after all. Exhaustion is finally setting in with the […]

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Notes From a Native Son – A Dynamic Drug Policy Goes to the Heart of the Nation

Introduction: Once again the issue of drugs and the way we treat convicted drug dealers has returned to the public agenda. And, as in the original discussion, the issue has moved from the justification swung from the kind of justice meted out to offenders to the ‘humanity’ of Barbadian society and its moral compass. But, […]

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Submitted by Pachamama Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winestone, Jean-Michel Basquait, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on – again. A few days ago Whitney Houston joined a Glorious Band of the most exceptional artists this world has known. There are many factors that seem to militate against the most talented human […]

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Know Thine Enemy

Excerpts from the book “Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in The Caribbean – The Case of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Guyana”, by Darius Figueira. This book is available at the UWI Bookshop and online on Amazon.com. “The dominant race based illicit drug transhipping organisations/race groupings are: The Syrian/Lebanese grouping. This grouping consists of crime families […]

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Barbados Under Attack From Jamaican Drug Mules

The much publicized Myrie Affair occurred in April this year. By all accounts Barbados came out of the affair with a bloody nose if we are to judge by the comments made by all and sundry. Despite the vitriol spouted from both sides Barbadians, Jamaicans and onlookers are none the wiser what actually happened to […]

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What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?

Submitted by Len Richmond CANNABIS CULTURE – What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? CC presents an interview with Len Richmond, director of a new documentary film about how science is showing that compounds in cannabis attack cancer while protecting healthier cells.   It is one thing to kill a cancer cell, but the real question wracking […]

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Alcohol More Dangerous Than Illegal Drugs Like Heroin States Recent UK Study

A recent study out of the United kingdom concludes ‘Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin, ecstasy and crack cocaine, according to a new study.’ From limited reports the study rated alcohol the most dangerous substance ‘based on the overall dangers to the individual and society as a whole’.  The study was led […]

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Only Residents Of Barbados Entitled To Free Drugs Says Minister Inniss

Submitted by a concerned person   This is a response to the article on the subject of free medication. According to the Minister of Health only permanent residents and citizens of Barbados are entitled to free meds from the drug service. What I would like to know is why people domiciled in Barbados with immigrant […]

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Not So Fast Commissioner Dottin!

In the wake of the Campus Trendz tragedy Barbadians grabbed a little consolation in response to the news the Royal Barbados Police Force was able to apprehend two males for the crime. To be expected Commissioner Darwin Dottin held a press conference in the full glare of local/global media to communicate the news. There was […]

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Where The Blood Flows A Deep Red: Mexico

Submitted by Yardbroom More than 28,000 people have been murdered in Mexico, since President Felipe Calderon began to wage war, using the Mexican military and Mexican federal police against drug cartels which started in 2006.  The numbers seem too large to grasp in a non-military to military context, but broken down and closely examined with […]

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Concerns Raised About Diabetes Drug Avandia

The drug Avandia which is a Type II diabetes drug is raising concerns in medical quarters in the United Kingdom and the USA – see report. The drug is under review across Europe having been linked to a raised risk of heart attacks and heart failure. The respected UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s […]

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Decriminalizing Drugs Brings Its Challenges In A Common Market Arrangement – Just Ask The Dutch

Two popular reasons are usually given to support decriminalizing the possession of the ‘softer drugs’ like marijuana and cannabis in Barbados. Many cite studies which support marijuana use because it is a vegetable matter, it is naturally received by the body and it has medicinal influence. In many countries the use of marijuana is prescribed […]

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Watch Out For The Interactions Between Food And Drugs

Submitted by Doc GP

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We Are What We Eat, Alloxan And All!

Submitted by ROK (as a comment) The food that you eat everyday is laced with drugs. The amount of people dying from cancer; the amount of people with asthma; the amount of people with diabetes, where did you think they get these conditions from? Consider this. We have a flour mill in Barbados bleaching white […]

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Marijuana: The Law And Police Enforcement In Barbados

Submitted by Yardbroom I understand that the supply or smoking of marijuana   – quantity considered – is against the Law in Barbados.  To have a sensible debate about marijuana in Barbados – without the unnecessary name calling which does not advance the debate – the starting point for all law abiding members of the public […]

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