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Prime Minister Stuart - when words mean nothing

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart Promises to Expose the Names of CLICO EFPA Policyholders

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has done the unthinkable by breaking his silence on the CLICO mess. To quote him: “. . . Wait. There is going to be a lot to be said on this. Do not mistake my silence for an incapacity to speak. The time will come when all things will be made clear and explained. I ain’t saying anything yet” He added: “I have a list . . . of all of the persons who invested in the Executive Flexible Premium Annuity [EFPA], but I ain’t saying nothing yet. I know all the people who earning quick money, who were entranced by the lure of attractive interest rates. I know them, I have all of the names”.

Given the pace – or lack of it – at which Stuart moves Barbadians should not expect to hear from him anytime soon. Instead CLICO policyholders would prefer to hear the government enunciate a plan to resolve the plight of the policyholders.

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Well Done Freundel

Submitted by Douglas

Saturday, 21st February, will mark two years that the Democratic Labour Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Freundel Stuart, Q.C., M.P, was re-elected to serve the people of Barbados. Every day over those two years we have kept our commitment to the people of Barbados to deliver on our promise to develop a Barbados which is: socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance.

Our Prime Minister, his Cabinet and members of the parliamentary team have shown that they are capable of managing the affairs of Barbados in the most challenging period that this country has ever gone through. We wish to commend our Prime Minister and party leader for his mature leadership style. He has handled every challenge faced with a fearless resilience and integrity.

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Do we have confidence in the 11+ model to equip our nation to be globally competitive?

Hard Work – Educational Success

Submitted by Douglas

Our educational sector plays a vital role in the development of this country.  This DLP administration has always regarded education as one of the key developmental tools which would take this country forward.  That decision made by the first DLP administration in 1961 to allow free secondary education for all Barbadians continues to be one of the foundation policies which accounts for all of the growth and development which this small country has accomplished since that time. 

One vital component of the educational sector which requires some focus discussion is the Secondary School.  

We note, with amazement, that the Opposition continues to dodge their work but yet still draw their salaries and dine at the tables of parliament.  We hope that mature bodies who have a vital role to play in the development of this country do not adopt the bad habits and practices of our childish opposition lead by Ms. Mottley.  However, we the members of the Democratic Labour Party will press on in our efforts to move this country forward.  This week, we focus on secondary school education.

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Who is the Biggest LIAR in the DLP Government?

Submitted by Jason Beckles Can’t even pay NIS contributions. Sinckler walking bout telling big people big lies. Related Link: Unpaid National Insurance Certificate between National Insurance Board (Claimant) and Barbados Agricultural Management Co (Defendant) Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says urgent financial help is on the way for the dying sugar industry. LIAR Delivering the […]

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David Estwick Yelps, Again

BU highlighted faulty forecasting by the Governor of the Central Bank Delisle Worrell in the blog Governor Delisle Worrell Repeats Himself. We allow public officials to make statements without challenge. Governor Worrell recently had his contract renewed. On the weekend we suffered the re-emergence of Minister of Agriculture David Estwick at a constituency branch meeting […]

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Minister David Estwick Losing Credibilty, FAST

Watch from 7 minutes on the video.

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Poison Under the Scab

Submitted by Beresford The season of fun and frolic is over and the country returns to the bewildering scenes of DLP toxic spread. Like any pyramid scheme, the DLP tactic of promising new ventures even as the ones they announced yesterday fail, will come to an inevitable end – collapse. The fumes of the garbage […]

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Young Democrats Launch Education Grant

The following shared as a public service communication – Barbados Underground Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 18:28:29 -0500 Subject: Young Dems Educational Grant Programme Application Form and Poster From: youngdemocratsbarbados@****l.com To: Dear Comrades, On Thursday 17th  August, 2014, the Young Democrats lunched it’s Educational Grant Program. The Young Dems launch this initiative to target students […]

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BLP and DLP Political ‘Germfare’

Submitted by William Skinner As we continue to grapple with the floundering of the Democratic Labour Party and the blundering of the Barbados Labour Party, the collision of hypocrisy with reality stares us in the face. The inescapable truths are now haunting the apologists and desperate assortment of political henchmen and women, who never put […]

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Risqué: Owen Hits Mia, Again!

Submitted by Pachamama The Mighty Sparrow tells a story about a lion which was mastered by a donkey. In this epic, the lion (MAM), despite his loud growl, role as dominate polygamist, sharp teeth, body built for combat and a propensity to instil fear was made to submit and be the mate of a mere […]

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DLP as Clear as Mud

Submitted by Beresford This Friday will be a watershed for Barbados. The vote on the Estimates will determine whether hypocrisy will continue to subvert conscience and the DLP Government renews its hijacking of the economy and lives of Barbadians, or there will be a summoning of integrity, national and social responsibility in support of the […]

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M.I.A. Must Go

Submitted by Douglas Barbados’ social and economic livelihood is currently under threat from infestation by an insidious phage which is more devastating than Ebola, SARS or Chikungunya.  This deadly pathogen is M.I.A. – Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba.  MIA must go! The MIA phage had tried to over run and corrupt Barbados in the period 2008 to […]

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Estwick UAE Proposal and the Silence of the DEMS

It has come as no surprise to independent observers that the Barbados government has to labour to govern as a result of its 2-seat margin. Prime Minister Stuart finds himself in a position where making decisions is heavily influenced by the political considerations. Now that the E11 faction has been effectively quelled and its whip […]

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VACANCY for Leader of the OPPOSITION

Submitted by Douglas A few weeks ago in the article titled ‘Its Friday Mia!’, her bluff was called regarding the change of strategy from attacking The Minister of Finance to the Prime Minister. As usual, nothing happened. In that article as well it was predicted that there will eventually be a political obituary entitled ‘The […]

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