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The George Brathwaite Column – Stuart’s Abysmal Communication

“Not the gun but the word is the symbol of authority.” – Charles Lindblom, former American political scientist and economist. Public discussion and debate are essential in a social democracy such as Barbados. Indeed, effective political language and communication are healthy for good governance, especially in the context where there is a contest of alternative […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Education and Development

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates. Prior to 2013-2014, the Government of Barbados held an untainted view on linkages between education and development. The evidence of personal and national development in Barbados since the 1950s, points to the fact that investments in education contributed to the […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Playing ‘The Last Post’

This coming weekend will mark the 62nd annual conference of the beleaguered Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Beneath the propaganda machine and the spinning on contrived FACTS that have little or no assimilation with the truth, there will be deep concerns of political survival. The DLP appears desperate to ward off the threat of banishment to […]

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The Duopoly | Third Parties Failing So Far

A year or so ago when I said that any new party mounting a platform on transparency and integrity in 2018 can’t get my vote, I was ridiculed. Barbados is in an economic morass, the electorate is looking for leadership, experience and a track record that combine to instill a level of confidence and belief […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Dust Off the DLP, Change is Coming

In another week or so, the pain and punishment being meted out to Barbadians will increase with the 2017 Budget measures taking full effect. The ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has failed to convince Barbadians that today or tomorrow will be any better than the plight Barbadians endured for nearly a decade after that party’s […]

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Latest CADRES Poll Shows DLP Trailing the BLP

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Freundel Stuart: Holding Our Leaders Accountable

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Mia and Freundel …we want transparency legislation IMPLEMENTED!

The following was poster was created by Sunshine Sunny Shine The Barbados Labour Party opposition leader has painted a picture that the parliamentary system of government under the Barbados Model needs a drastic amendment to make it more effective and public centred. When one listens to the gusto of the opposition leader, the way forward […]

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Solutions for Barbados – Put Public Servants on Four Day Week and Cut Salaries…

Submitted by William Skinner As the clock ticks, those of us who refuse to be drawn into the web of deception that is now the main engine driving the ambitions of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, can do nothing more than rely on a dwindling number of independent thinkers to save […]

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Dems Low on Credibility: Barbadians Beware!

Towards the end of 2016, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – speaking at a meeting of the Christ Church constituency branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – asserted that his struggling party will make morality a key issue in the next general election. For some, it is hip-hip hooray! Yet, numerous Barbadians are convinced […]

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DLP’s Misery: An Incestuous Marriage?

Submitted by George C. Brathwaite (PhD) Today in Barbados, there are important political questions that must be raised about the relationships between state and society, and between wealth and power. With perhaps less than 15 months to go before the next general election, residents and citizens of Barbados are venting their frustrations about the status […]

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Michael Lashley: Lawmaker Lawbreaker

The following was posted to his Facebook page by former Attorney General and member of parliament for St. Joseph Dale Marshall The Ministry (read Minister) of Public Works is demanding that the Road Safety Association remove the fluorescent flags which that association has installed to give warning of potholes. The Ministry (Minister) asserts that it […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Blame Builds Confusion

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future” George Bernard Shaw. Plain and simple, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration under Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is trying to reach the landmark of January 21, 2017 in efforts to duly celebrate the Father of Independence – […]

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Aye Aye Mr. Speaker Sir 30 Honourable Members Indeed

The 2016 Estimates Debate will be remembered by the BU household not for the high standard of contributions between members of parliament but for the decision by Speaker of the House Michael Carrington of Assembly to refer a matter to the Committee of Privileges (CoP).    A Nation newspaper report offended Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite to […]

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Pure Political Play

Submitted by Beresford The DLP don’t play when it comes to politics. A new sinister play of party paramountcy, of DLP first and foremost above all else including country, and survival at all costs, sprung like an X-men monster as the central feature of the Government. All talk of a new approach immediately dissipated on […]

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Government Reneges on Promise to Enact Anti Corruption Legislation

Submitted by Anthony Davis The Freundel Stuart administration is not interested in in pursuing anti-corruption legislation at present because it is not a priority,” Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said. “Brathwaite played down the stance taken by University of the West Indies political scientist Cynthia Barrow-Giles who indicated at a recent event that corruption was part […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Nothing But Empty Promises

The next general elections are constitutionally due in approximately two years. Very shortly I expect that candidates, from both major politically parties will be out on the hustings trying to convince the electorate that they deserve the people’s confidence. In my view both parties have been underperforming in their respective roles and neither has done […]

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The Birth of Cahill Energy

The Greenland Landfill project will forever taint the legacy of the Barbados Labour Party and the period the Owen Arthur administration governed Barbados from 1994 to 2008. There is the oft saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The Cahill Energy project, with all its warts, will be known as […]

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