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Who Are the Local Partners in Cost-U-Less?

We do not charge membership fees and believe we can offer low prices to Barbados shoppers, just as we have in our most recent store opening in the Cayman Islands, which was also a partnership with local business people NorthWest Company trading as Cost-U-Less July 2008 It has been almost five years from the time […]

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NIS Pension Looms Large

The presentation maybe of interest if we consider the importance of the NIS Scheme’s contribution  to supplementing retirement income.  BU continues to be optimistic that full transparency will engulf the management of the fund to ensure that one day coming soon the audited financials of the NIS Scheme will be made public to encourage the […]

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Bajan Lawyers: Responsiveness and General Customer Service

A key factor in expanding our international and local business base in these challenge times, is to have attorneys in Barbados that are responsive to the legal needs of our society and nation. Unfortunately there is a “below the radar” systemic problem with many attorneys in Barbados (not all), as it relates to responsiveness and […]

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The following email was received from a customer who shared an interesting experience while shopping at the leading supermarket in Barbados. Team investigation of pricing in the big stores, today I bought 4 items and 2 were wrong… or at least missleading!! I visited your store this morning in Warrens for a few small groceries […]

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I Have Had It With The Barbados Light & Power Company

Extracted from the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson. This blog was forwarded to Miles Howe, a Canadian journalist at the Halifax Media Group doing some good work to keep EMERA ‘honest’. Many of you might remember the tirade I did on BARBADOS *NOT REALLY ANYMORE* LIGHT & POWER a few months ago. And how far […]

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LIME’s Broadband A Tough Squeeze – Are LIME And Digicel Blocking the IMEIs Of Stolen Mobile Phones?

Posted as a comment to BU blog – Clarity Needed In Broadband Speed Sold By LIME In Barbados LIME’s biggest problem is that they simply do not have the bandwidth available to share among it’s current subscriber base. When they first introduced ADSL their customers actually got what they were paying for. Now, the network […]

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Why Is World Crude Oil Price Decreasing While Gas at The Pump In Barbados Is Increasing?

BU’s position regarding Barbados’ heavy reliance on fossil fuel generation has been articulated several times. The fact that successive governments have demonstrated a high level of ignorance by not prioritizing an alternative energy policy belies our boast of being a highly educated nation.  If it is one thing we have become good at in recent […]

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Barbados Consumer Sentiment Survey

Submitted by Amit Uttamchandani (Blogger) . Dear David and BU Family, I will try to be as brief as possible. I need your assistance. Back in 2009, you graciously took the time to complete my survey (Resident Perceptions of Tourism Impacts in Barbados).  Now, I am asking for your help once again. I have setup […]

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CARICOM Consumer Sentiment Survey, 1st Edition

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The Story Of Respectable Thieves Colluding To Price Gouge Bajans

The issue of high food prices continues to be furiously debated in Barbados. To be expected much of the debate is tainted with partisan political rhetoric. The government ran a political platform during the last general election based on a promise, one of many, to Barbadians to reduce food prices. The reality is Barbados was […]

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Electricity Usage In November Attracts 17.5% VAT

Rookie Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has delivered his first budget and admittedly it was at a difficult time. BU does not have the expertise to apply the required analysis to determine if it was a’ ‘good’ budget or not. Seems oxymoronic for people to be labeling an austere budget as good anyway. Since delivering […]

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Global Food Security: “A Measure of Wheat for a Denaris” – The Green Revolution’s Domination and Control of the World’s Last Major Frontier

Submitted by Terence Blackett If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population  – Henry Kissinger Who amongst us have not noticed that the cost price of our food at the supermarket checkout till has escalated in the last year? Let’s go back 5 years – or […]

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Clarity Needed In Broadband Speed Sold By LIME In Barbados

(6) The Commission (FTC) may on its own initiative or on the request of any person carry out any investigation that it considers necessary or desirable in connection with matters falling within the provisions of this Act, the Utilities Regulation Act, and any laws relating to consumer protection and fair competition which the Commission has […]

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International Cricket Council (ICC) Boots Barbados Craft Vendors Out Of Kensington Oval At T20 2010

There is a situation which is brewing at Kensington Oval involving craft vendors. Today, an ICC lawyer before he could get a tan made all the craft vendors dismantle their stalls on the grounds that they were not permitted to sell craft items. This is after the Craft Vendors paid a contract fee to ICC […]

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Barbados Water Management In A Mess

The recent appointment of former Senator Arni Walters as Executive Chairman of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has raised more than a few eye-brows. Given his extensive experience working in the labour market, one would have assumed his skills would have been needed in the position he was just removed. After all, the economy is […]

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The Blooming Of A Thousand Flowers Ready To Launch Assault On The Culture Of Silence Suffocating Barbados

The verdict on the recent application by the Barbados Light & Power Company for a rate hike promised by the Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission  (FTC) Sir Neville Nicholls passed without any serious notice by the media earlier this month. The media given its responsibility within the Fourth Estate of the Realm has failed […]

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Defending The Bajan Brand – II

Submitted by Kim Young as a comment to the BU blog Defending The Bajan Brand You know David, I share the views of some of your commentators. First, I think I understand what you mean by “reputational management”. I suspect that you are alluding to the good reputation Barbados has on the international scene as […]

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Is Barbados A Depraved Society?

Earlier this evening BU family member ROK apologized and explained for not providing the video stream of the ongoing FTC/BL&P Hearings. To his credit the head of BANGO and friends had taken the initiative to expose the PUBLIC hearing via a live Internet stream as a public service over recent days. It seems our country […]

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