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A Building Solution for Homeowners

Originally posted on Weighed in the Balance:
The process of building a house for most people in Barbados follows these steps. 1.  The homeowner contacts a draughts-person or architect who prepares drawings and an application for Town Planning approval. 2.  The homeowner presents these drawings to a building contractor who provides them with a price,…

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Structural Engineer Grenville Phillips II Offering Course To Train Construction Foremen

Structural Engineer Grenville Phillips II has initiated a new strategy to reduce the vulnerability of houses to natural hazards.  He has developed a course and hopes to train construction foremen – eventually awarding them with a College diploma with the support of Walbrent College. Courses are scheduled to be held after normal construction working hours, […]

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Call To Implement The Barbados Building Code

Submitted by The Scout The experience of Tropical Storm TOMAS which  passed Barbados a few days ago should jolt the government into seriously implementing the building code. It appears that too many shortcuts are being taken to construct buildings in recent years. The situation was getting bad for a while but with the boom in […]

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Promised Integrity Legislation Bill To Be Debated In Parliament

The Integrity Legislation (draft) promised by the Democratic Labour Party government is listed on the Barbados Parliament website to be debated soon. It is a 157 page document, look forward to feedback from the BU family. See link to Prevention of Corruption Bill 2010

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Four Seasons Restart

Submitted by The Scout Over the last few weeks the talk about restarting the Four Seasons Project has been in the news. According to Professor Avinash Persaud, the man leading the project,  it may start towards the end of this year. The big question is this – will the previous workers be given first option […]

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Coming To Barbados: A North American City (11)

Submitted by Looking Glass That Pickering might not be starting soon because NRDC is unable to attract investors to raise the $1.7bn needed (Arthur: Nation August, 1, 2010) is untrue. The amount cited is loose change for the real owners of NRDC. The reason(s) for seeking an investor, which is not at all unusual, is […]

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Critiquing Owen Arthur’s View On Awarding Contracts

Submitted by Douglas Phillips Mr. Owen Arthur, the Prime Minister of Barbados from 1994 until 2008, in his recent speeches has made comment on the present use by government of large contracting firms rather than the small man. At first thought it appears that Mr. Arthur is attempting to get easy political mileage at the […]

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Mabey & Johnson Former Employer Of Jonathan Danos Fined On Bribery Charge

The British media unlike that in Barbados recently reported on the legal troubles the British company Mabey & Johnson is currently enduring. The BU family should remember that Janathan Danos was a former executive at Mabey & Johnson who subsequently left to form the company 3S Barbados to facilitate the ABC Highway Project (search BU […]

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On The Flyovers For The ABC Highway

Submitted by BU’s ABC Source First let me clarify a simple point.  The structures now being called flyovers are more correctly termed overpass bridges. The analysis carried out by 3S and presented to Government (both administrations) used the Norman Niles roundabout as the test junction.  The analysis showed that the “flyover” solution would have alleviated […]

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A Case Of The Fatted Calf Being Slaughtered?

Bloggers around the world are being asked  to take action to combat the poverty and hunger affecting more than 500 million people worldwide and responsible for the deaths of over 15 million children each year through a campaign Blogger Unite For Hunger and Hope. BU although concerned about people everywhere the campaign (blogging)  has served […]

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Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers And The ABC Highway

Submitted by BU Family Member Do the light poles look any different now from those on any section of the highway? (BAPE said the lightpole bases “looked small” ;) Does the island in the Belle still look too far out in the road now the road is completed? (Another BAPE point) Now that the wells […]

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West Coast Developers Wanted

Barbadians have had to suffer in pain as we have had to make the trek along the West Coast of Barbados in recent years. Many of the windows to the sea have now been obliterated and most of the pedestrian trails to beaches on the West Coast have seen barriers erected as the rich and […]

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Houses Built On Sandy Ground Cannot Stand ~ Where Is Our Building Code?

A new DLP administration will commit to providing incentives to new and existing small and medium size players to come into the sector. We will honour a previous commitment to ensure that at least 40% of all government’s procurement requests for goods and services are reserved for sourcing from small and medium size enterprises. Source: […]

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Structural Engineer Grenville Phillips Hits Brick Wall

I have come to the unfortunate realization that we are doomed to experience the misery and economic setback that other Caribbean islands experienced after being examined by major hurricanes. These countries only paid attention to building standards after their buildings were weighed in the balance and found wanting. I have given up hope that the […]

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