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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Chris Sinckler New Maths …


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Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance


Submitted by Old Onions Bag

People already hollaring for murder from these draconian taxes, yet it ain’t even Budget Day.

How much longer can we continue this way Mr. Sinckler? Better believe we need to come up for air now. People all over Barbados want some reprieve. How much longer can they take these draconian measures and not fall through the social net? We need relief and we need it like yesterday.

What is the sense of being able to boast of cutting the deficit in half and the country’s people are suffering?

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Will Minister Chris Sinckler Bring Tidings of Great Joy?

The Christian festival of Christmas is the time of the year Barbadians join many across the globe to become immersed in the spirit of the season.  Psychiatrist suggests human beings need ways to relieve stress. Whether Christian or Infidel the season is used to promote frivolity, show kindness; reach out to the less fortunate, spread […]

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Who is the Biggest LIAR in the DLP Government?

Submitted by Jason Beckles Can’t even pay NIS contributions. Sinckler walking bout telling big people big lies. Related Link: Unpaid National Insurance Certificate between National Insurance Board (Claimant) and Barbados Agricultural Management Co (Defendant) Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says urgent financial help is on the way for the dying sugar industry. LIAR Delivering the […]

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Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) David Estwick, Minister of Agriculture (r)

Chris Sinckler and David Estwick Saga Continues – Money is Sweeter than Sugar

BU understands the Minister of Finance & Economic Affairs Chris Sinckler will play hardball with the sugar industry deal unless Minister of Agriculture David Estwick appoints BNB Capital Corporation to provide the financing for the new sugar factory. It is being discussed in certain circles that the minister of finance arranged for BNB Capital Corporation […]

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Increased Taxation Will NOT Work Mr. Sinckler. Have you ever heard of Laffer’s Curve…?

Submitted by Just Thinking Economics Who ever said that increased taxation will help Barbados out of its current mess needs to have their heads examine. We are already overly taxed and to inflict further pain…..”broadening the tax base”…. will do nothing more than to compound “the already poor” problems. Just imagine asking small incomers (working […]

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Cash Flow Minister Sinckler?

Extracted from Facebook: ”So Chris Sinkler say that due to cash flow problems Bajans might get Tax Certificates instead of their income tax returns. What kind of fucking cash flow problems they could have and buying new raaasssshhhhole Rav4s for the cunthole messengers? Look look look smh somebody soon fuck a hard lash in one […]

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Minister Chris Sinckler’s Press Conference

Minister of Finance (MoF) Chris Sinckler has promised a press conference on Monday [27/10/2014] at 10AM. Given the anaemic performance of the Barbados economy over the last 6 years, AND what is projected in the near term, there is an air of doom and gloom that has understandably settled over Barbados. One positive that may […]

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Remembering What Politicians Do

Are we not a little ticked off at the lack of respect elected politicians and others have for us, the electorate? Why do many of us allow political partisanship to influence good reason and in the process give politicians especially a free pass. BU recalls when the Eager 11 story broke a few government members […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Reshuffling Sinckler Out of the Cabinet Needn’t Be Painful

Introduction: Recently, partly as a result of the continuing failure of Chris Sinckler as minister of finance and prime minister Freundel Stuart’s hesitance in removing him from office, questions have been raised about the constitutionality of a Cabinet reshuffle. It is a subject that will take up a considerable amount of time by constitutional experts […]

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Sinckler Plan to Send Home Workers Given Cabinet Green Light

Now that Minister of Finance has spoken to confirm the Sinckler Plan to retrench 3,000 workers, we are left to ponder where do we go from here as a country. The DLP now has the unenviable reputation of having sent home public workers twice in the last 25 years. History will pay very close attention […]

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Whose Life Sinckler?

Minster Chris Sinckler in October 2013 informed parliament during a no confidence motion brought against him that his life had been threatened – see Barbados Today report. BU is surprised there has been little public reaction to this startling revelation.  A threat to kill anyone is a serious matter and if it involves a minister […]

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Sinckler Missed the Mark, Again

Submitted by Pachamama Today Christopher Sinckler, as Minister of Finance (MOF) is in the middle of delivering some bitter medicine to the people of Barbados – read Ministerial Statement On Government’s Fiscal Consolidation Programme 2013-15 presented to the House of Assembly by The Hon. Christopher P. Sinckler, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs. This after […]

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Government's Concessions to SANDALS Barbados

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Notes From a Native Son: The Time has Come for all True Barbadians to Put Country Before Party

Introduction: After a few days in Barbados, mostly resting, but spending time with friends and acquaintances alike, I have returned with a feeling of deep sadness for a nation for which I have a very deep affection. But, we have a situation in which the national political discourse has been reduced to a leading minister […]

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For Love of Country… a Coalition Government

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte Heads of Government :  Stuart, Arthur, Mottley, Sinckler Minister of Finance : C. Mascoll Attorney General : K. Symmonds Minister of Tourism :  D. Inniss Minister International Business: D. Marshall Minister of Transport: M. Lashley Minister of Culture: T. Prescod Minister of Education: G. Payne Minister of Labour :David Estwick Minister […]

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Chris and Mia Welcome You to Club Barbados!

Submitted by William Skinner The apologists, supporters, assorted scribes and defenders of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, should now hold their heads in collective shame, after the embarrassing and bizarre spectacle that took place in our parliament, on Tuesday 23rd, October 2013. The pathetic spinners are trying to convince the public, […]

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler Reacts to Criticism on the Eve of No Confidence Motion

Yesterday [21/10/2013] David Ellis of Voice of Barbados shared audio of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler [MoF] and Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley. BU finds the audio interesting because of the comments which the MoF directed at David Ellis, Dennis Johnson, Corey Layne and Netafari Caddle in their role as talk show hosts. Listen […]

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