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Barbados’ Environmental Double Standards

Submitted by Mohammed Degia (Originally posted to Extranewsfeed) Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, addressed the UN earlier tonight at its annual General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. This was her 8th time speaking at the UNGA and tonight’s speech was the standard repetitive language one has come to expect from […]

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Prime Gaston Browne Adopts Hands Off Approach to Guyana Government’s Decision to Prorogue Parliament

New York Caribbean Democracy Body Slams Caricom Chairman, Prime Minister Gaston Brown of Antigua & Barbuda, for “uninformed and vacuous” Comments On Political Crisis In Guyana NEW YORK: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has said the assertion by Caricom Chairman, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua & Barbuda, that Caricom […]

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Notes From a Native Son: United we Stand, Divided We Fall – a Case for Greater Caricom Unity (In Memory of Norman Girvan)

Introduction: The premature death of Professor Norman Girvan has robbed the Caribbean of one of its genuine intellectuals and, in particular, of the leading theorist of the regional union, Caricom. I had the misfortune of not knowing Professor Girvan personally, but feel as if I did: we have a regular email correspondence and have been […]

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CL Financial bailout – Really learning from the past

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.net:
I am responding to the points made by Central Bank Governor, Jwala Rambarran, in his 6 November speech to the T&T Coalition of Service Industries. This speech attempted to both re-affirm the Central Bank’s important role in our economy – …as the country‟s prime financial regulator, the Central Bank has…

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Complaint Letter To LIAT Airline

Submitted by Corey and Karen Burns It is with great disappointment that I have to express my disapproval with Liat and how Liat conducts business. Most other airlines I have travelled on would simply wish to take me from A to B quickly as possible. I find it preposterous that Liat can just change a […]

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Government MUST be Transparent About the Waste to Energy Plant

Where is the transparency? Two letters to the Minister of Environment Denis Lowe and a full page in September have not even garnered a response from the government. Is this government serious about open government? Thus can you post the above article from Dr David Suzuki who the Future Centre Trust is hoping along with […]

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DLP: Bajans Not Good Enough – Neither Can They Reach Jamaicans High Standards – Work Permits Therefore Necessary

You can excuse the DLP if it did not care to read the ‘National Strategic Plan 2005-2025. But Goal #6 of that document speaks, in part, to: “Branding Barbados Globally.” When you read it, you begin to understand why the demise of a Barbadian brand like Almond, is a national scandal. I suppose the same […]

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Unanswered Questions About the ROI on Tourism Initiatives

As we have now passed the latest ‘book-by’ date for the several times re-launched Barbados Island Inclusive promotion, is it time to analyse how cost effective the initiative has been? Especially as it was one of the very few, national marketing initiatives for this year that has either not been postponed, cancelled or simply just […]

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The Integrity Account

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.net:
Having completed my four-part series [1, 2 & 3, 4] on what I termed ‘The Integrity Threat‘, I was intrigued by two recent public notices on the meaning of the Appeal Court’s recent activity on these matters. 6 October  – The Integrity Commission issued a Public Notice which was a clear…

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The Hilary Beckles Deception

Submitted by Pachamama In the national waste paper, otherwise called ‘The Nation’, we see Hilary Beckles praising that ‘organization’ and more importantly reverting to a language from his previous life in an effort to achieve two competing and contradictory goals. First, Beckles is seeking to promote a reparations agenda which he feels will bring resources […]

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Is the Ministry of Tourism Underachieving?

Excerpts related to tourism Budget Speeches 2008 to 2012: There are some critical national concerns and a Tourism Master Plan is currently being designed by a new Unit in the Ministry of Tourism designed to look at our tourism development strategy in a holistic way addressing our product, land use policy, marketing, carrying capacity and […]

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Minister Richard Sealy is a Pedigree JA

To bloggers who listened to the radio clip (compliments of VOB) today which featured Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy defending governments washpan of concessions to CPH Property Holdings (Barbados) Limited and Grande Cass Management (Barbados) Limited together known as SANDALS – see Government’s Concessions to SANDALS Barbados, they would have been offended. He made reference […]

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Tourism Budget, Doing More With Less

Analysis of the first nine months of 2013 in terms of long stay visitor arrivals confirm that while all major markets experienced substantial declines, the most resilient and therefore least impacted, was the United Kingdom with a 2.9 per cent fall when compared with the same period in 2012. Give that so many discussions have […]

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Gender Justice Advocate Calls for more Human Rights Laws

Shakadan Daniel’s death has drawn much concern in relation to modern legislative laws and litigation where we rely upon the professionalism of custodians and that of the penal system. Though many agree that human rights are of key significance in our society, very little has been done to educate the general populace on the Human […]

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Invader's Bay part 3: MORE Invaders Bay Ingredients

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.net:
Invaders’ Bay I closed last week’s article by restating my view that all the ingredients for corruption were present at Invader’s Bay. What are those ingredients? Here is my list – Extensive public assets coming onto the market, in turbid circumstances. Those assets can include property, concessions, contracts and jobs;…

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Albert ‘Tank’ Williams the Legend

The funeral of Albert “Tank” Williams was today. “Tank” as he was known as, was formerly headmaster of Harrison College for many years, after having been a teacher there for many more years. Tank was also the brother of former chief justice Sir Denys Williams and of former justice of appeal Colin Williams and of […]

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Notes From a Native Son: The End of Dependency Development Has Come

Introduction: Now that the majority of the developed economies, the OECD-member states, are growing, and Barbados has drifted deeper in to recession, we now await political and business leaders to tell us what are their master plans for rescuing, stabilising and growing the local economy. It means that finance minister Chris Sinckler and his adviser […]

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Investment Landscape Needs a Fillip

Up until submitting this column, the Barbados Statistical Service had not yet posted either the August or September 2013 tourism arrival figures, so I suspect it will be sometime before figures for October this year are known, via this important agency. Fortunately, news agencies like Bloomberg extract the information from the Central Bank of Barbados […]

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