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The State of Castle Grant Reservoir

A good indication of quality management of any entity is to examine the physical infrastructure (as one example) for which said management is charged. The state of the condition of the entity in this case should raise an alarm when the infrastructure under scrutiny is the national water generation and distributions read Castle Grant reservoir. […]

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James Paul Blames Developers for Water Shortage

Submitted by Anthony Davis Developers of new housing developments are to blame for the water shortage at the BWA because they are putting down too much concrete around homes. I don’t even call them developers,”he said – Barbados Today 16 February, 2016 First of all, Mr. Paul, pray tell me: Is there no concrete around […]

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Water Woes Trending

Submitted by Anthony Davis THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS is fully aware of the water woes and is focussing on solutions. So says Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, who assured Barbadians that help was on the way, but warned against ‘dangerous thoughts’ of causing social unrest over the current  water woes. SATURDAY SUN dated January 2, […]

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Water to the Cattlewash Crew

The following diagram was posted by BU family member Colonel Buggy with the following note: Not all of St Joseph people are affected by this chronic water shortage . I have yet to see a BWA water tanker in Cattlewash, with the local gentry lugging buckets, pails and poes to collect water, or filling up […]

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Late Prime Minister’s 2009 Address to the BWA

The following address delivered by the late Prime Minister David Thompson in 2009 merits a repost in the prevailing climate. This week Minister David Estwick assured Barbadians in the North BWA’s tactical response to water woes will be the installation of water tanks. […]

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Problemas de Agua

In 2009 late Prime Minister David Thompson approved a hike in water rates charged by 60% with the promise the increased cash flow would improve the level of service and upgrade to equipment by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) – see Has the BWA Short-changed Barbadians After Benefiting from a 60% Rate Hike in 2009? […]

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Has the BWA Short-changed Barbadians After Benefiting from a 60% Rate Hike in 2009?

Barbados Water Authority (BWA) acting senior engineer Stephen Lindo was in the news recently reminding Barbadians, yet again, that the BWA needs to source one billion dollars to fund the replacement of old infrastructure. Another point he made which should be of interest to Barbadians is that the government “would be approaching the IDB for […]

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CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee Finds Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer Guilty – David Estwick Take Note re:Barbados Water Authority

The Nation and Advocate both carried almost identical articles about The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football’s (CONCACAF’s) investigation into allegations about Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer. While the article covered the main allegations and findings it is only when you read the full report of CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee, that you appreciate […]

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The "G" Virus Continued

After reading the  Are VIPs Exempt From Paying VAT? which followed BU’s  The G Virus,  BU remains convinced we have a crisis of governance in Barbados. As election time draws  closer BU will be highlighting examples to show that it does not matter which government is in office, the decadence which permeates our governance system is foreboding. […]

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Spring Garden Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility – The Great White BLP Calf

Submitted by Andre Jones Of all the fatted calves in Barbados, the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility at Spring Garden owned and operated by Ionics Freshwater Limited is surely the fattest in the herd! This BLP calf delivers BDS$1.9 Million each and every year to its owners in the form of a standby charge billed to […]

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BWA Facing Water Challenges: Special Audit of the Barbados Water Authority EXPOSED

Submitted by John Dillinger See link to Report by the Auditor General of the Special Audit into the BWA commissioned by Minister of Finance. What is the role of the former Prime Minister David Thompson appointing Executive Chairman, Arni Walters in all these infelicities highlighted by the Special Audit? Where is Mr. Walters now? Why […]

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Getting Ready For The Campaign Trail, SOON

The following was posted as a comment on the CLICO – A Rape Victim But Who Are The RAPISTS? blog. BU believes the submission captures many of the issues which will be distilled on political platforms in the upcoming general elections. Current Opposition Leader Owen Arthur says that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government has […]

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Illegal Water Rates: Pay Back The Money

On March 3, 2012, the Saturday Sun published an article entitled, “BWA Sacred Cow”, which claimed that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is no longer regulated under the Utilities Regulation Act (the Act) chapter 282 of the laws of Barbados. This in effect means that Fair Trading Commission (FTC) cannot set water rates or hear […]

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Will The Fair Trading Commission Protect Consumers From EMERA And LIME?

On Friday, Emera showed a profit attributable to shareholders of $241.1 million ($1.97 per share) on revenue of $2.06 billion for all of 2011. That compares to a profit of $190.7 million ($1.65 per share) on revenue of $1.6 billion in fiscal 2010. The company credits gains earned by Caribbean subsidiary Light & Power Holdings […]

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How Two Utilities Failed Barbados In The Post-TOMAS Period

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)   It has been long remarked by many living souls in  Barbados that, if Barbados were to have been sufficiently struck at any time by a tropical storm/hurricane, how a lot of homes, buildings and other properties would have been seen to be partially or wholly destroyed, primarily […]

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Barbados Authority Employee Forcefully Enforces Water Code

Submitted by Fort George Resident I am writing you to lodge a complaint about an incident which took place in Fort George Heights on Wednesday 11th August, 2010 at 9 am. I was in my garden wetting my plants when a BWA vehicle passed my house and I was verbally abused unprovoked by the driver. […]

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Brass Tacks, BWA, Crops, and MTW

Here is what Kammie Holder is writing elsewhere – Credit to Nation Newspaper 09/07/2010 Negativity, stupidity, red tape, common sense and ignorance in pure Barbados style. The aforementioned adjectives are observations of pervasive descriptives within Barbados. Why, is it that it that the once popular Brass Tacks talk show now seems to be the embryo […]

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Barbados Water Management In A Mess

The recent appointment of former Senator Arni Walters as Executive Chairman of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has raised more than a few eye-brows. Given his extensive experience working in the labour market, one would have assumed his skills would have been needed in the position he was just removed. After all, the economy is […]

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