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Fortress Caribbean Property Fund: Do We See Rats Jumping Ship?

There is the old saying that one should always follow the money. In the case of Barbados one can say that when the money-class in Barbados begins certain machinations others less positioned should sit up and take careful note. A report which appears in the Barbados Today makes for interesting reading – Fortress Fund initiates […]

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Opportunity Africa: Leveraging Barbados’ First Cousin Advantages to Maximise Trade and Investment in Africa’s Economic Rising

Caribbean people have long been at the forefront of African liberation and empowerment. From political giants like Sir Walter Rodney, Marcus Garvey and George Padmore, to more recent stalwarts in the vanguard like Bob Marley, Sir Hilary Beckles and Eddie Grant, out of the geographically tiny islands of the Caribbean have come the towering intellectual […]

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Canadian Government Continues to Hunt for Tax-Avoiders

Submitted by Not Taken Yet another interesting (scary for Barbados) article – Cameco’s $800-million tax battle. I have been sending these recent articles  as a public service so the Minister of Finance (MOF) and Governor of the Central Bank have a heads up on the attack on Canadian tax evaders/avoiders that is undoubtedly about to […]

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Government Needs to Protect Small Businesses

Perhaps more than many, I can empathise with individuals who have recently seen their business either fail or brought dangerously close to insolvency. In 47 years it has happened to me twice and in both cases, they were largely external forces which caused near personal financial catastrophe. Of course, it is easy to attribute the […]

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Small Business Cannot Get Government to Pay VAT Refund After Two and Half Years

Over the last twenty five years, I believe our small company has been a model corporate citizen on Barbados. We have no outstanding debt to either Government or the private sector, yet next week we will be forced to go cap-in-hand and beg our bankers for an overdraft facility. Why, you may ask? Simply to […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Has the Central Bank Failed to Give the Nation Any Direction on Economic Recovery

Introduction: The governor of the Central Bank appears quite clearly to have lost all sense of balance as far as the local economy is concerned. Not only has he been in office for the last five years or so, he is yet to come up with a publicly available reasoned and detailed plan for rescuing […]

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NEW LISTINGS AND DELISTINGS There were a number of listings and De-Listings across the regional exchanges in 2012. On the Bahamas International Securities Exchange, Arawak Port Development was listed on April 23 2012. In Guyana, Rupununi Development Company Limited was listed on March 19 2012. In Jamaica, First Caribbean International Bank Jamaica, First Jamaica Investments […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 3 December to 7 December 2012

Keep It Simple. Keeping it simple in investing is not stupid. Seventeenth-century philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” This aptly describes the investing process. Those who trade too often, focus on irrelevant data points, or try to predict the unpredictable are […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 26 November to 30 November 2012

The Float Ratio of a stock refers to the number of outstanding shares held by “public investors” as opposed to company officers, directors, controlling-interest investors or other strategic investors. In essence, the float ratio refers to the proportion of shares that are available for regular trading, as distinct from shareholdings that are only likely to […]

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Entrepreneurship Key to ‘Rebirthing’ This Fair Land

“In plenty and in time of need. When this fair land was young, Our brave forefathers sowed the seed. From which our pride was sprung…” From time to time in Barbados the debate centres on how Barbadians can enable the landscape for entrepreneurship to flourish. A casual observation confirms that a large and growing Barbados […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 12 November to 16 November 2012

Listen to Your Gut. Any valuation model you may create for a company is only as good as the assumptions about the future that are put into it. If the output of a model does not make sense, then it’s worthwhile to double-check your projections and calculations. Use DCF valuation models (or any other valuation […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 5 November to 9 November 2012

Prepare for the Situation to Proceed Faster than You Think. Most deteriorating businesses will do so faster than you anticipate. Be very wary of value traps, or companies that look cheap but are generating little or no economic value. On the other hand, strong businesses with solid competitive advantages will often exceed your expectations. Have […]

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CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 22 October to 26 October 2012

Solid gains on manufacturing stocks drove the major Caribbean indices higher during the week ended October 26. For the week, 3,963,727 shares valued at $4,418,471 crossed the floors of the six stock exchanges across Caricom, with 43 stocks advancing, 36 declining and 44 remaining unchanged. Caribbean Producers was the volume leader with 719,093 shares being […]

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Notes From a Native Son: What Ethics and Whose Social Responsibility?

Introduction: On Wednesday I delivered the keynote address to a Financial Times seminar on ethical and socially responsible investing and thought the content generally of interest to share with a number of you. I have turned the speech in to a blog. Re-Defining Ethical: Behaving in an ethical or socially responsible way is one of […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 1 October to 5 October 2012

In a week of light trading, gains for Retail and Distribution, Conglomerate and Banking stocks saw the CSX 30 end the week higher, while the Junior market again returned to negative territory. For the week, 6,429,103 shares valued at $3,341,679 crossed the floors of the six stock exchanges across Caricom, with 20 stocks advancing, 41 […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 24 September to 28 September 2012

The weakness in Caribbean stock in 2012 continued as the major indices ended the week of September 28 lower.  The major indices were dragged down by losses on manufacturing and financial companies, however, there was some respite for investors on the Junior markets as that index ended the week in positive territory.  For the week,  […]

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