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Mottley’s Address to the BLP or What is left of it

Parody submitted by Douglas Good evening, Members of parliament, former members of Cabinet, members, friends of mine, friends of Arthur, friends of the Men’s Club, Diplomats, media, family and Maria Agard. […] Advertisements

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Demand for Renewable Energy Solutions Threaten EMERA

Submitted to the Innovation Required by Barbadians to Make the Quantum Leap to Survive the Future by The Watcher While prices are still somewhat out of the reach of the ordinary Barbadian, there are reportedly in excess of 7000 such installations in private homes now in existence here on the island. That figure scares the […]

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BLP and DLP Political ‘Germfare’

Submitted by William Skinner As we continue to grapple with the floundering of the Democratic Labour Party and the blundering of the Barbados Labour Party, the collision of hypocrisy with reality stares us in the face. The inescapable truths are now haunting the apologists and desperate assortment of political henchmen and women, who never put […]

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A Ring a Ring o’ Roses: BLP DLP Same Party

Less than one year after the last general election and the sense in the BU household is that the country continues to be gripped in election mode. This is despite the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) having won the general election albeit by a narrow margin of two seats. The inability of the Stuart led government […]

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EMERA's Barbados Light & Power Company To Apply for a Hike in Rate Soon

EMERA Caribbean President Sarah MacDonald has signalled that the company will be applying to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) for a rate increase in the near future. The Canadian owner of Barbados’ sole electricity generation and distribution company intends to build a 60 megawatt power generation plant.  We have been told that the current plant […]

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Bunker C and BL&P Revisited

Some have always admired the candour of Stephen Worme of Barbados Light and Power (BL&P). He was recently asked by a BU family member what was the average price they (BL&P) had paid per ton for Bunker C in the 2003 compared to 2013. This is a follow up to an earlier blog – http://wp.me/p41kz-74Z 2003 […]

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Deliverance Leadership Pragmatism: (DLP or BLP) A New Direction

Submitted by Yardbroom Deliverance from Whom? Leadership to Where? Pragmatic in what we can reasonably afford. All underpinned by “INTEGRITY” for without that, we are nothing. In a matter of days Barbados’ electorate will go to the Polls and elect a Government for the next five years.  The time for crunching figures is over.  The […]

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EMERA WATCH: Pay Up Or Power Down

Nova Scotia Power tacks seemingly arbitrary “security deposit” charge to customers’ billsWatch your meter closely, or you might be in for a surprise by Miles Howe Having trouble paying your power bill? Be careful: don’t fall too far behind on the wrong day, or you might just find a pricey surprise in the mail. Nova […]

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I Have Had It With The Barbados Light & Power Company

Extracted from the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson. This blog was forwarded to Miles Howe, a Canadian journalist at the Halifax Media Group doing some good work to keep EMERA ‘honest’. Many of you might remember the tirade I did on BARBADOS *NOT REALLY ANYMORE* LIGHT & POWER a few months ago. And how far […]

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Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Worme, Barbadians Want To Examine The Analysis On Solar Energy

As part of a pilot programme, BL&P has introduced a Renewable Energy Rider “to permit small customer-owned wind and solar photovoltaic systems to connect to the grid” to generate electricity for their own use and sell surplus back to BL&P. Provision was made for up to 200 connections but the last public report I saw […]

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Barbados Stock Exchange Approves Emera’s Offer To Light & Power Holdings Limited

According to Light & Power Holdings Limited 2009 Financials, “sixty-two per cent of the shares in Light & Power Holdings Ltd (LPH) are held by approximately 2,800 Barbadian shareholders.” The recent offer by Emera Inc. (“Emera” – Toronto Stock Exchange listing: “EMA”) to make an offer to other shareholders in LPH has been approved by […]

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Is This BLP Shame? Considering Truth And Transition

You know my political affiliation; I have been loyal to the BLP and that is where my support lies — with the political party as a mechanism for ensuring our continued liberties as well as the social, economic, and political development of all Barbadians. I do not need to be caught up in the euphoria […]

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Opposition Leader Mia Mottley Accused Of Confusing Barbadians, Privatization Will NOT Lead To Advancement Of Political Enfranchisement

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)   The idea that there will be “A New Beginning with Mia – A Chance for Barbados” is such a ludicrous flagrant idea to the PDC that it is not even worth considering on a piece of cheap, dirty foolscap paper. Now, let us a little show, commenters […]

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A New Beginning With Mia – A Chance For Barbados

Submitted by Henderson Bovell It perhaps would have caused some to think of Charles Dickens (1859) novel – A Tale of Two Cities, which depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralized by the French Aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution. After all, the DLP (which does not know what it is […]

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Where Is The 'Pathway To Progress' the DLP Promised

Where is the “Pathway to Progress” the DLP promised in its 2008 Manifesto and how could it be transforming our society to meet the needs of Barbadians, as it alleged it would do, in that same Manifesto? When I heard those DLP allegations, I too felt it was: “mission impossible.” Despite the distraction now and […]

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Mia Mottley Leading Barbados Labour Party Into A Cul-de-sac

I don’t profess to be the brightest or the best at what I do, nor do I have powers of observation, discernment or discovery that are greater than any others in my field. I am merely a political adviser and strategist who has a little common sense, can read people reasonably well and who has […]

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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave…

“Jesus had no servants yet they called him Master; He had no degree but they called Him Teacher; He had no medicines yet they called Him Healer, He had no army yet was feared by Kings, He won no military battles yet He conquered the world; He committed no crime yet they crucified Him, He […]

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The Dems Represent Change: Why Do I Keep On Fooling Myself?

The politics of convenience, opportunism, and promises are built upon less than solid foundations. As the winds blow and tremendous waves encroach, the sands upon which the tower of fortune is erected bear major disaster for the victims of happenstance. Late 2007, Barbados was bombarded with all myriad claims that the government of the day […]

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