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Ten Fundamental Principles of Reparations

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Chairman,Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN) “I, and I know you, too, believe in time, and we shall wait patiently for two hundred years if need be, to face our enemies through our posterity……When I am dead wrap the mantle of the Red, Black and Green around me, for in the new life […]

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AMOS WILSON Speaks on the Continuation of Black Slavery

Submitted by by Ras Jahaziel Amos Wilson speaks on the continuation of Black slavery in the present day, illustrating how the behaviors that were implanted by the slave system persist today and serve to keep Black bondage in place. Produced by Ras Jahaziel with paintings created by Ras Jahaziel

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The Slave in Your Mentality (Chapter 2)

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Tafari Destroying the lie of Black Emancipation, and setting in motion the necessary project of SELF-REPARATIONS that first begins with the painful task of introspection.  

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VAXXED – Predatory Medical Exploitation & Colonization Genus of Neo-Eugenic Enslavement: Black Guinea Pigs & the Systematic Racial Genocide of People of Color

Submitted by Terence Blackett “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” – Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh No other people on the earth have been as systematically oppressed, enslaved, murdered or attempts made to wipe them from the pages of human […]

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EMMERTON, The Anguished Cry of Those CHEATED in the Name of EMANCIPATION

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel This video uses the famous song called “Emmerton” to expose the injustice of Black Emancipation, a sordid act that compensated the owners of slaves to the tune of trillions of dollars, while leaving the X-Slaves in a landless and vulnerable condition where they are forced to live from rent to rent, […]

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What Else is a Slave but Captive Labour?

Submitted by Author: Ras Jahaziel February 27, 2016 – (Excerpt from the book “The Holy Scriptures of Reparations”) What is this thing called LANDLESS NATIONALITY? Is it not a form of slavery by means of trickery? And why is it held to be so sacred that few have ever dared to question it?It is found […]

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Reparations for DUMMIES

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel A CONCISE SCHOOLING ON BLACK REPARATIONS FOR DUMMIES and the Negroes that are too blind to see that they are betraying their ancestors and generations yet unborn, by shirking their responsibility to keep the issue of Black slavery constantly before the world’s conscience.[…]

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Putting David Cameron in His Place!

Submitted by David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement The members of the Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN) – a Pan- Caribbean organization with Chapters and members in some seventeen Caribbean territories– would like to inform United Kingdom Prime Minister […]

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Historical Reparations: The Compounded Moral Debt Owed – How Despotic Euro-AmeriKKKan Slavers Gulaged the Black Race Inflicting Intergenerational ‘Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder’

Submitted by Terence Blackett “Skin is a wrapper for the soul’s Earth experience. […]

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Silence by the Region in Response to Haitian Cleansing Next Door

The loud silence by the government of Barbados, traditional media and other actors to the deportation (‘cleansing’)  of Haitians from the Dominican Republic betrays why attempts at regional integration is a pipe dream. Yet again Haitians find themselves […]

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The Principles and Praxis of Reparations

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel The campaign to achieve the “payment” of Reparations to the nations and people of the Pan-African World for the atrocities committed against their ancestors and the damage inflicted on their civilization during the centuries of European-imposed slave trade, slavery and colonial domination is well and truly underway!

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African Liberation Education

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Fun and entertainment addiction is a computer chip that is placed in the psyche of every slave on the plantation via a continuous counter-intelligence operation that is performed by The Walt Disney Nation.Any possibility of The Negro regaining his African intelligence is countered by this counter-intelligence program. Because of this chip, […]

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RACE Talk Surfaces, AGAIN

There is no subject that will ignite a discussion like race, it doesn’t matter which part of the world. If you want to make minorities in Barbados uncomfortable discuss race, whether it is about the Moslem enclave in the making spawning the Clermont and Prior Park area or the unprecedented events of a search and rescue operation triggered by the disappearance of Karen Harris a White Caucasian female. An observation of online fora and on the ground the conclusion is the same, why must Barbadians always distil events through a prism of Black and White. There is a simple answer to those of us who wants to be honest.

Barbadians understand the divide separating Blacks and Whites. There is a tolerance level both sides slavishly respect. We come together to cavort at Crop Over and at a few social events on the calendar but for the most part we live separate lives, the Whites at Cattlewash, Kendal, Brighton etc. and the Blacks wherever. Of course we have some Whites and Blacks who socialize at the margin. The fact Whites and other minorities control a disproportionate control of the social and economic influence in Barbados adds to the dynamic. It explains the chain of events witnessed in the Karen Harris episode if compared to Kyla Weekes for example. Kyla who you asked?

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Vigilantes Caucasian Style

Submitted by Anthony Davis

As discussion continues about the massive search for missing woman Karen Harris last weekend, a watchman at Buttals Plantation in St. George is reporting he was harassed by three members of the search partyBarbados Today

This case is unprecedented in the annals of search and rescue in Barbados!

It is obvious that in such a case one will find the George Zimmermans who think that Blacks are there for a blood sport where they have the dogs and, like during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s campaigns, they could loose them at people whenever they want. If my memory serves me correctly, we are in the twenty-first Century – and not the seventeenth, eighteenth or nineteenth. Yet we have three Caucasian males treating Mr. Sam as if we were still in one of the latter three, and he was a runaway slave whose Human Rights they could contravene with impunity.

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NYPD Chief Philip Banks Exposes Police Department Top Echelon is Unacceptably Dominated by White Males

Op Ed  – by Rickford Burke, President of the New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) The resignation of Chief Philip Banks, the highest ranking African-American official, of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is an unfortunate circumstance that should be troubling for Mayor Bill deBlasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, as it […]

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Blacks, Religion and Stockholm Syndrome

Submitted by Bentley This [Stockholm Syndrome] explains the very strong connection that people of (recent, since all humans are) African descent have with religion.  Religion (Christianity, Islam) has been consistently and unrelentingly forced on Blacks from the time of slavery to the point where the vast majority of black people are now adherents to one […]

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Racism in a Collapsing Empire – The Lynching of Black Men

Submitted by Pachamama Talking Loud and Saying Nothing – Great Philosopher, James Brown Black people and people of colour everywhere are in deep crisis. Wherever we go we see the indicators of cultural desperation. In some ways near slavery conditions still prevail. In others, there are attempts to reverse the hands of time. In still […]

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The Focus Must Be Dismantling RACISM Within the System

Submitted by Ratafarivisions

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