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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – Tourism Sector in Barbados on the Rise

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Breakfast Press Conference held recently Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and trying to put partisan politics aside, in my humble opinion it was one of the best presented meetings of its kind that I have ever attended on Barbados. Apart from the many representatives of the […]

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Domestic Violence Legislation a Giant Leap for Barbadians

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group Under the amended statute, a junior police officer may issue an emergency protection order if he or she has reason to believe that such an order is necessary to ensure the safety of a person at risk. Low-ranking officers may also issue emergency protection orders without the consent of […]

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Crossing the Rubicon

One of the most famous men to have walked on this Earth was Julius Caesar. The exploits of his life are well known up to this day having been immortalized in the works of the great playwright William Shakespeare. The conspiracy that led to his assassination has left phrases that are still in use. They […]

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“I Have Nothing to Say to the Nation Newspaper”

There is the feeling of déjà vu. To use the Bajan vernacular, the more things change, the more they remain the same. A brief article in the Nation newspaper yesterday [18 December 2016] must have jolted many who read it. In response to a journalist Maxine McClean, Minister of foreign affairs responded, “I have nothing […]

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Fruendel Stuart and Adriel Brathwaite

Silly Season!

Submitted by Anthony Davis Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite today warned that Barbados was exposed now more than ever to threats of international terrorism, while stating that Government was prepared to meet local Muslims and Rastafarians halfway on the controversial requirement that female members remove their headdress when talking official photographs … So seriously is he […]

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister: The People’s Price Tag on a Republic

I write on the behalf of the people of Barbados to highlight what I think is a matter of great concern to your attention. It is with regards to the changing of the system of Government in Barbados from the Westminster system to a Republic. You may recall that in 1652 the under represented English […]

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Another Perspective on Barbados Becoming a Republic

Submitted by Amused In circa AD100, the Roman poet Juvenal in his Satires bemoaned the descent into dictatorship of Rome and explained how the dictators operated to gain political power with the phrase, “Give them bread and circuses.” And we know what happened to the Roman Empire as a result. Yet, a little less than […]

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The Price of Progress

When I was knee high I remember going to Father Knight’s shop in Maxwell to buy groceries with my cousins. It was a time when my Grandmother wrote her list with a lead pencil on a brown piece of paper and we carried our groceries in a box. I still have a memory of Father […]

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Becoming a Republic

Posted to Facebook by June Naime Yesterday at 10:15pm. Going Republic might sound good in principle but when you change the legal entity to another legal entity every Treaty every Agreement even down to the letterhead has to change including all international Airline Routes, every Double Taxation Treaty will need to be changed and amended. Do […]

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Barbados Through the Eye of a Senior Citizen

Posted to the 2015 Year in Review blog by Are-we-there-yet. 2015 was, to my mind, the year in which the guard was emphatically passed from the remnants of my parent’s generation to my children’s own. I’ve now fully accepted that 2016 and beyond is not about me or my generation (those of us still surviving […]

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A New Year’s Revolution

Submitted by Heather Cole To date, the Haitian Revolution from 1791-1804, has been the only revolution in the Caribbean. What started as a slave rebellion in 1791 became a revolution because the former slaves of the French colony of Saint-Domingue; under the leadership of Toussaint L’Ouverture and ‎Jean-Jacques Dessalines were successful in ending slavery and […]

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If Barbados was a Bajan – Part II

Submitted by King Ja Ja But if Barbados was a Bajan, it would explain a lot about the state of our national psyche. When approaching 50 years, a Bajan man or woman might reflect on his or her life […]

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If Barbados Was a Bajan – Part (i)

Submitted by King Ja Ja Is turning 50 significant? In the life of a Bajan, or any human, it probably is. In the life of a country, in historical time, it probably is not as significant as we might think. Fifty years in a state’s life is really not that long, but when analyzing Independence […]

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Barbados National Bank

Selling the Shop!

Have you noted, David. that no one bats an eyelid at the FACT that NON-CANADIANS CANNOT (by law) own more than 25% of Canadian assets like Air Canada, …. but that PRIVATE Canadian companies can own 100% in banks,[…]

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What Are We Celebrating?

Submitted by Heather Cole (The Barbados Lobby) Barbadians are patriotic to the bone. Not even in the USA is Independence celebrated for a whole month as is done in Barbados. It is pride and industry and those colours of blue, gold and black that holds the threads that bind us all together. […]

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Bjorn Bjerkhamn

Is that YOU CC #2?

The following again posted in the interest of the public of Barbados.  The names of Bjorn Bjerkham and Philip Tempro are mentioned, in a shady light. We invite both gentlemen to submit their rebuttal.[…]

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Send info to BU by using the contact form at the bottom of this blog

Is that You CC?

The following recording was leaked to BU. We do not claim to be experts in voice recognition but there is a familiar ‘’ring’’, you be the judge. IF, it is who we think it is then the only comment from BU is – May God bless our country.[…]

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Denis Lowe, minister of the environment

Cahill Energy + Deltro Electric Inc = Poor Governance

Any day now this Government will have another government entity sign yet another power purchase agreement with yet another Canadian outfit, called Deltro Electronic Inc […]

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