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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column

Reputations in the tourism industry I suspect in most types of businesses can take decades if not a lifetime to build, but can be lost in seconds, if staff or sometimes management are not appropriately informed and fail to effectively communicate with a common purpose. Out of the blue we received a rather disturbing email […]

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BTMI, a Case of New Wine in Old Skins

One thing the last few months has taught me, as if I really needed reminding, is that however much you change the structure of an organisation, if you cannot fundamentally improve the way things are done within it, then very little has been accomplished. Implementation, or rather the lack of it in a timely manner […]

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Tourism Sector a Cadre of Beggars

Submitted by William Skinner The granting of concessions to the hoteliers, is a capitulation on the part of the Barbados government, which now finds itself with a one step forward two steps backward economic policy; trying to please an essentially lazy and backward corporate class while inflicting serious blows on the already poor and economically […]

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Barbados Can Generate More Tourists from the USA by Subsidizing Travel

While still a month away, September presents one of the most challenging times of the year from a tourism perspective, especially from our second largest market, the United States. With three flights daily, two from Miami, and one from New York, unless the scheduled aircraft equipment is changed that amounts to a total seat capacity […]

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Discover re-Discover Barbados

This last week has been what can only be described as an adventure in learning or how to maximise the results of a microscopic marketing budget while transforming a concept into a revenue generating tool.  Hopefully it will play at least a small role in maintaining viability and employment in our tourism sector. The very […]

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Barbados Tourism Officials Asked to be Customers for a Day

Should we, as a sector or in fact a nation, be overly concerned that the Ministry of Tourism has not had a functional website for months? In this time when both foreign and local investment is absolutely critical to upgrading existing plant and product, what sort of message are we sending when a default statement […]

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Sandy Lane Private Jet Service Launched

Submitted by Douglas When the hoteliers on the island like Mr Adrian Loveridge rejoice in writing every week the trifle and myopic vision for tourism, I am forced to ask if he ventures outside and into the areas that are really doing business in tourism and that are the ones generating serious inflows of foreign […]

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Tourism Practitioners Must Work Harder to Deliver Value for Money

If there was ever a time when the expression ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ could be applied, then it was perhaps written to give life to a personal challenge over the last couple of weeks  while trying to resurrect one of the most successful dine-around programmes in […]

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Barbadians Need Authorities to Come ‘Clean’ About the Sector

We are now midway through the peak winter tourism season and it is small wonder that the general populous becomes confused or even bemused when trying to monitor exactly how the industry is performing. Especially when there are a number of proclamations emanating from our policymakers, who many may feel should be better informed. Two […]

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What Does the Merger of American Airlines and US Airways Mean for Barbados?

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways has now pushed the combined frequent flyer membership above the 100 million mark. Put another way, almost 33 per cent of the world’s third most populous country, the United States. In any market it would be a difficult segment to persistently ignore, but from our second largest […]

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Top Gear is Coming to Barbados

After a dismal 2013 from a land based tourism perspective, certainly up until the end of November, it was refreshing to get some good news to end the year. After many early media releases in July, it was finally confirmed this month by the Barbados Tourism Authority that the Top Gear Festival, will make its […]

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Barbados.org is that You?

Submitted by Due Diligence When I Googled “Barbados All Inclusive” yesterday [17 November 2013] I clicked on the barbados.org link, then http://www.barbados.org/allinclusive_vacations.php#.UoohrxaSKRY,There I found a list of 8 all-inclusive resorts, I then printed pages 1 to 3 of the 5 pages. On the printed page 2 of 5, the same two pictures of the two […]

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Unanswered Questions About the ROI on Tourism Initiatives

As we have now passed the latest ‘book-by’ date for the several times re-launched Barbados Island Inclusive promotion, is it time to analyse how cost effective the initiative has been? Especially as it was one of the very few, national marketing initiatives for this year that has either not been postponed, cancelled or simply just […]

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Is the Ministry of Tourism Underachieving?

Excerpts related to tourism Budget Speeches 2008 to 2012: There are some critical national concerns and a Tourism Master Plan is currently being designed by a new Unit in the Ministry of Tourism designed to look at our tourism development strategy in a holistic way addressing our product, land use policy, marketing, carrying capacity and […]

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Investment Landscape Needs a Fillip

Up until submitting this column, the Barbados Statistical Service had not yet posted either the August or September 2013 tourism arrival figures, so I suspect it will be sometime before figures for October this year are known, via this important agency. Fortunately, news agencies like Bloomberg extract the information from the Central Bank of Barbados […]

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Fly All the Way to Barbados When $1 Canadian was Worthed $1.72 Back in the Day

Submitted by Due Diligence I really could not make this up. I was out on Saturday to an auction sale at an old home in an high-end neighbourhood (not my neighbourhood). Among the stuff they were selling was a bunch of old books, magazines and (1956) newspapers. Thinking it would be interesting to compare the […]

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Sandals Almond Chronology II

Submitted by Due Diligence In July 2012 ARI/N&M sold Almond Beach Club, to Fairweather Holding Co., which operates Elite Island Resorts  for $33 million, the proceeds of which was used to pay down bank debt that had been incurred to keep ARI afloat. It is not clear who owns/controls Fairweather/Elite, January 4, 2013, the Jamaica […]

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Managing the Transition in Our Tourist Industry

If you have not done so I implore you to read – especially if you are involved in tourism or financing – what in my humble opinion is an excellent article entitled The La Source Saga. The author S. Brian Samuel spent 20 years with the World Bank, primarily working on the Caribbean Project Development […]

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