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The March to Déjà vu

The Act will require every person who is a ‘person in public life’ when the Act comes into force to make an initial disclosure to the Commission within three (3) months of the date of commencement of the Act. In the case of a person who becomes a ‘person in public life’ after the commencement […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – DLP’s Dodge

“The least we can expect from our leaders is to deal with the ‘issues of real life’, [and] provide at the very least … shelter, healthcare, education, sanitation, and transport” – Senator Dr. Jerome X. Walcott, 2016). Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) performed sufficiently impressive to put Barbados as […]

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The French in Bajan Politics

Those of us who refuse to navel gaze by maintaining a keen interest in global affairs would have followed the the Brexit referendum and all that ensued in the United Kingdom, followed by the elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA. Both outcomes represent outcomes not predicted by many talking heads who […]

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Political Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement It does not surprise me that Owen Arthur has chosen to join forces with the Freundel Stuart Administration. The sad truth is that Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones, Donville Inniss and all the other members of this dismal DLP Administration really do belong together. […]

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The “Party of Parties”

Today’s Barbados Advocate makes for interesting reading. It deals with the prospect of a Third Party taking root in Barbados and potentially influencing the next general election. – Barbados Underground When the late Lloyd Best, the noted Trinbagonian intellectual, first used the parenthesized phrase in the caption in 1982, it was clear that he was […]

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Notes From a Native Son: If They Come for Me in the Morning, They will Come for You in the Night

Introduction: We are all agreed that the economic arguments which have engulfed Barbados for the last six years have now been fully exhausted and most people have taken sides. Those who believe that the government is on the right track are firm in their belief, and those of us, the vast majority, who believe that […]

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No Gimmicks

Submitted by Douglas The DLP is on the right track to restore growth to the Barbados economy. We are having constructive dialogue with stakeholders to implement the tough measures and minimise the impact on those affected. We have started that consultation long ago with stakeholders to identify strategies to restructure the Barbados Economy. We have […]

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Time to Usher in an Era of Political Maturity

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group Good Evening, Fellow Barbadians, let me say how pleased I am, that our recently held general election was incident free and fair. Let me congratulate all the candidates for maintaining the democratic process and thanks to all those hard working citizens, who ensured that the […]

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What's In a Name

Submitted by Old Onion Bags Has anyone else noticed the sudden impulse to rename buildings, boardwalks and schools nowadays? Wonder why? What is really the subliminal message being sent out here? Soon time? All is mine? Could it be… those were our charges and deserve more mention? Which ever way is up, it seems facetious […]

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Minister Denis Lowe: A Man Searching for Integrity in High Office

The DLP promised us integrity legislation within a short period of time once it had formed a government. Now, on the eve of another general election, there is no integrity legislation. It cannot escape consideration that the DLP did not dare to provide integrity legislation as, if it did, it and successor governments of both […]

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Blind Men Don't Play Dominoes

Submitted by Old Onion Bags Time we face up to facts. Too often now, plasters are to quick to be offered for every sore. Like Mathew Farley the said megalomaniac. Though some can see the truth behind the unfortunate situation, they would rather cower to a defensive stance and represent like a pit bull, giving […]

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Owen JR Arthur

Submitted by DLP Supporter Lights !!! Camera!!! Action!!! Last weekend’s meeting of the Barbados Labour Party’s branch of the St Michael North East, on the spacious lawns of Tyrol Cot, reminded Barbadians of a scene in the upcoming new series of Dallas . This is one of the many scenes were JR Ewing and Sue […]

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At The Risk Of Inflaming The Understood Passions Of Diehards

Submitted by William Skinner At the risk of inflaming the partisan passions of die hard Barbados Labour Party and Democratic labour Party supporters, I venture to suggest, that both parties are now in the position of the pot calling the kettle black! It seems to be quite clear to objective citizens, that both are now […]

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Dear DLP

Submitted by Observing You are suffering and you are indirectly suffering the independents that support you. We like you, really we do. We believe that you have the most integrity and desire to help all Barbadians and with time could do so. But you are doing an atrocious job of showing it, proving it, or […]

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Re: Some Comments To Rescue And Rebuild

Submitted by Looking Glass Some comments suggest we know and understand little about the country and less about how the world spins. Some party faithfuls without knowledge or facts preach falsehood in tattered narrowness. A few seem to have difficulty with the written word. Prodigal Son asks if theSt Joseph hospital was sold how could […]

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Did The BLP Really Rescue and Rebuilt Barbados?

Submitted by Looking Glass You know election is around the corner when the opposition and its supporters have nothing good to say about the current government. Quite often the purported facts and figures produced have little to do with reality. Preaching falsehood in robes of tattered narrowness becomes standard. According to Mr. Austin (Not Hal […]

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Notes From a Native Son – Is Our Institutional Democratic Deficit a Barrier To Our Economic Progress

Introduction: The Caribbean Court of Justice recently held its first meeting outside Trinidad, hearing the case of a young Jamaican woman allegedly assaulted by Barbadian border officials, and it was generally judged a success. In another development, a former Attorney General and Chief Justice has also revealed that it is his intention to put his […]

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Barbados Labour Party Launches The Silly Season At Haggatt Hall

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL Although Prime Minister Stuart has not yet made known the date of this country’s next general elections, the Barbados Labour Party and particularly its leader Master Tactician Owen Arthur found a way to announce, at least from their vantage point, the start of “The Silly Season”. What else is there to […]

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