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Local Media Houses Can Do Better Opines Retired UK Journalist

The following is a response to  BU question by retired journalist Hal Austin formerly of the UK Financial Times –Do you have a view on the role a local newspaper should play as far as community journalism s concerned? Is local media filling that role? Barbados Underground was motivated to ask the question because for […]

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The Day the Local Media Blinked

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart it is reported held a four hour meeting with members of the local press corps and addressed several issues that have been stoking national discussing in recent weeks and months. It is reported he addressed the Cahill Energy issue and that  he confirmed the government has pulled the plug on the […]

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Sir Hilary Beckles and a Bought Bajan Media

The following article originally posted at Bajan Reporter. Did Sir Hilary change tune because he was “kicked upstairs”? Or how Bajan Media make Piranhas seem ethical… by AirBourne / May 13th, 2015 When UWI enrollments diminished by 4,000 students compared to the previous year, Sir Hilary Beckles was enraged – he said Barbadian education has […]

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Response to JAMAICA GLEANER: EDITORIAL – Barbadian Press Blunder

Submitted by Fair Play Yesterday, The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper rushed to the defence and support of the Nation newspaper, with which, by its own admission, it has “fraternal relations”. However, right thinking Barbadians, as well as those knowledgeable Jamaicans living here, should point out to the Gleaner that, unlike some other countries – that will […]

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Goodness Gracious CBC, Time to Get Doug Some New Suits

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte Don’t say it, and we are not being picky, but one cannot help but notice Morning Barbados’ lead anchor Doug Hoyte is in need of a couple of new suits. Good grief man, hasn’t the Board noticed Doug’s futile attempt at hiding the fact that he has out grown his current […]

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Police Service Commission Should Have Passed Darwin Dottin’s File to the Director of Public Prosecutions to Seek His Arrest

The top story of the week stoked by the local media is that a newspaper snagged a video which was circulating on Facebook for over a month and posted a blurred image of two teens having sex in a classroom full in the knowledge they were being video recorded. BU has no doubt the public […]

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Nation Newspaper Exploits Children in Need of Help

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Think Tank/Watchdog Group The publishing by the Nation Newspaper of Barbados, of two minors engaging in sexual activity, is a violent violation of the Convention of Rights of Children (CRC) as outlined by UNICEF of which the country of Barbados is a signatory. It is clearly pointed out within the […]

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler Reacts to Criticism on the Eve of No Confidence Motion

Yesterday [21/10/2013] David Ellis of Voice of Barbados shared audio of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler [MoF] and Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley. BU finds the audio interesting because of the comments which the MoF directed at David Ellis, Dennis Johnson, Corey Layne and Netafari Caddle in their role as talk show hosts. Listen […]

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Tales from the Courts – Mars(ton) and Pluto Were Inside the Closet Part XVIII

For some years now BU has been highlighting the issue of the almost terminal state of our justice system. We have been highlighting, among other things, the backlog of cases both before the High Court and the Court of Appeal, the complete inefficiency of the Registry with its loss of files and procrastination, the mess […]

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CBC News Staff Worried About Michelle Arthur Becoming Director of News

Submitted by CBC Staffer There could be a strike or some kind of protest at CBC soon. Staff of the news and current affairs department are waiting to see who the board is going to appoint to head the department. Arnon Dyal has  been acting as director of news since Reudon Eversley resigned this year […]

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Barbados Government Begged Facebook to REVEAL Three Users

Submitted by St.George’s Dragon According to an article in the Jamaica Observer, the Barbados Government is the only one in the Caribbean to have asked Facebook for information on its Bajan users. Apparently the Government has made three requests for information in the last six months. It’s not a high number of requests but why […]

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Roy Morris ME

BU understands from a reliable source that former Associate Editor Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation newspaper in mid-September to take up the BIG job. The murky circumstances which led to his departure from Barbados’ leading newspaper appear to have dissipated with time. Our source has confirmed that the coming of Morris was […]

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler Meets the Press

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy Part II

Submitted by Nomen Nescio Well guess who, it is Nomen Nescio again. I found it interesting reading the comments to my post that perverted Roy Morris will be returning to the self-dubbed family newspaper or Nation Newspaper. Thank you David for your comments against those doubting Thomases such as, in particular, Plantation Deeds and BAFBPF […]

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy?

Submitted by  Nomen Nescio Word in the journalistic fraternity is that Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation Newspaper come 5 September. Ever since a week-and-a-half ago when the Newspaper advertised for an Editor-in-Chief the phones have been buzzing in Fontabelle about the imminent return of the PERVERT Morris, who at present is the […]

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Is Big Brother Listening to YOU?

Submitted by St George’s Dragon The big news in the USA and UK is about their Governments tapping into the internet service providers and having access to all the emails, Skype calls, photos etc., that go through Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and the other technology companies. What about Barbados? Will our Government tell us what access […]

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Nation Editorial, Classic Example of ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’

Submitted by Douglas Monday’s Nation Editorial is a classic example of what my Mass Com professor used to call ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’. From the accusing headline to the first few paragraphs and the  general drift and body of the story, a reader is sure to deduce that Government was at fault for the delay in […]

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Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

Submitted by Jay Arthurs Now that it has been proven that the student did steal the boom box:- Is Ms.Whittaker going to the Nation and having them print a back page for Thursday as an apology to the Principal? Is the officer at the Ministry who advised Ms.Whittaker going to call her and advise her […]

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