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General Election 2013, a Campaign of Nothing So far

DLP 2008 Manifesto under heavy criticism by the Opposition.

DLP 2008 Manifesto under heavy criticism by the Opposition.

BU joins many who are concerned about the lack of ideas and fertile discussion coming from the political platforms by both political parties.  One should easily have thought that the economic and social challenges which confront global economies  – and which ours is very dependent – would have guided the platform speak of all candidates in the coming general election.

The other concern is the reluctance by the two major political parties to release their Manifestos at the earliest time in what is a short campaign period. Up to now a Manifesto was taken for granted by the political parties and the public. BU is hopeful that in the age of social media the time has come where ordinary citizens will be able to demand accountability of our governments. What we have is the ridiculous situation of politicians barking about the past instead offering proposals of how to chart a path forward for Barbados.

We wait!

A Mirror Image To Boast About?

Here is what Kammie Holder is writing elsewhere – Credit to Nation Newspaper (Raw Version)

Kammie Holder

What mirror image do you have, and are you happy with what is reflected? Is the mirror image that of an educated, informed, creative and independent Barbadian? Can you honestly say yes?

Did you do the right thing today? Why in the year 2010 do we have six young people in the prime of their lives dying because the Town Planning Department or the Barbados Fire Service may have been less than diligent?

We cannot allow this to be another Arch Cot, and families of these victims will be encouraged to seek redress via a civil suit, if the law permits. Did any Government institutions fail to enforce the law?

Thus, I ask these institutions what’s their mirror image? Tell us it’s not selective enforcement or complacency? Those with voices must speak for the voiceless.

After being tossed about with screaming passengers on a British Airways plane in thunderstorms 62 two miles east of Barbados, I arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport from London, only to have to walk through the rain to Immigration.

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Matters Of Concern

In recent weeks two issues have surfaced above all others which have served to vex the BU household. There is an unwritten rule in Barbados if one has to be critical of the legal community or Mrs. Ram  instinctively you breakout in cold sweat and may even shiver. Mrs. Ram is said to be a lawyer and has judiciously picked her battles with others through the years. The legal community with its several parts always seem to be able to intimidate all-comers because of the intimate knowledge of the court set-up which remain a mystery to most; others may add that our government and ancillary governance systems are controlled by members of the legal community.

In his most recent article Henry felt pushed to pat Mrs. Ram on the back when he wrote …I take my hat off to Mrs. Ram Merchandani and her team at Casa Grande. She could have thrown her hands up in despair, but rather she has gone outside of the box and established a family oriented entertainment centre that’s like a God send for thousands of persons, visitors and locals alike, each week. Why can’t others get up off their hind and do likewise?

From all reports Casa Grande which has been converted to an amusement centre continues to be a big draw card for entertainment starved Bajans. Originally constructed to be a low budget hotel located strategically 5 minutes from the airport, the owner to prevent a financial disaster has demonstrated some quick thinking to save the enterprise. A visit to the widely read TripAdvisor listed a litany of woes which visitors to Barbados experienced while staying at the Grande.  Of late on any weekend hundreds of people can be seen visiting Casa Grande to drive bumper cars, amuse themselves in the arcade and believe it or not, to bowl.

Here is the problem BU has with Henry bigging up Mrs. Ram. Has the Furniture Limited building in Bridgetown been remodeled by the astute Mrs. Ram to reflect the fact the owner is concerned with ensuring that many Barbadians, especially Black work in a decent physical environment? It begs the question what have our unions and inspectors from the Barbados Fire Service been doing over the years. BU will not touch how the Liquidation Centre continues to operate on Lower Bay Street.  Yet we have the government’s leading political strategist bigging up this woman?  Perhaps an opportune time to ask for campaign finance reform!

Woe betide anyone who crosses this woman it seems!

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Barbados Ablaze!

Barbados Fire Fighters Website

Yesterday a 32 year old manufacturing business Tropical Beverages located at the Grazettes Industrial Park was severely damaged by fire. Reports in the media suggest 16 employees are currently displaced by the tragedy. BU cannot imagine the pain and mental anguish which the owner of Tropical Beverages must be experiencing. Bear in mind this is a company which has defied the odds for longevity in the manufacturing sector. Hopefully time will tell what caused the fire. The Barbados Fire Service and the Royal Barbados Police Force must have taken note of the high number of fires at the Grazettes Industrial Park over the years.

According to statistics floated, Barbados has experienced over 400 fires for the season. Sugar officials have already expressed concern that the high number of fires has reduced the projected yield of 30, 000 tons for the sugar crop 2010. Over 250, 000 acres affected by fire to date. Last week an elderly lady had to be rescued from a burning house. Today a property in Wildey next to the Texaco Gas Station went up in smoke. The underpaid and undermanned Barbados Fire Service Officers have been working around the clock to prevent Barbados from sizzling to ash.

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Poster on Barbados Forum Says That The Barbados Fire Service Accepted "Hand-me Downs" From The Toronto Fire Service


I saw on the Toronto CP 24 News last night, the Barbados Fire Chief accepting a donation from the Toronto Fire Service of used fire-fighter protective clothing and equipment. As a proud Barbadian who has always considered us as a leader among the Caribbean nations; could not help but think. “Is this what we have come to”?Don’t get me wrong, it is good to see the recycling of good equipment that otherwise might have just been dumped, but I could not help but feel that, have we reached the stage that we have to go with hat in hand looking for hand-me-downs to supply our fire service. Most Barbadians do not consider themselves as Third World yet why does our government let one our most important public service branches be treated as such.?

Maybe I am just a little too PROUD of our PROUD little nation.

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The information was posted over at Barbados Forum. For some reason the message by the poster, who appears to be a Barbadian living in Canada, conveyed sadness. BU has interpreted the last sentence of the post which the poster highlighted in the colors of Barbados to mean that his pride as a Barbadian was dented after watching the broadcast. To be honest in the BU we feel the same way in the BU household. Barbados Fire Chief Mayers, if you have to accept the old equipment then do it away from the public glare.


What is the message which our leaders are sending? We spend millions on a multiplicity of project but we have to accept “hand-me-downs to supply our service.”