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General Election 2013, a Campaign of Nothing So far

BU joins many who are concerned about the lack of ideas and fertile discussion coming from the political platforms by both political parties.  One should easily have thought that the economic and social challenges which confront global economies  – and which ours is very dependent – would have guided the platform speak of all candidates […]

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A Mirror Image To Boast About?

Here is what Kammie Holder is writing elsewhere – Credit to Nation Newspaper (Raw Version) What mirror image do you have, and are you happy with what is reflected? Is the mirror image that of an educated, informed, creative and independent Barbadian? Can you honestly say yes? Did you do the right thing today? Why […]

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Matters Of Concern

In recent weeks two issues have surfaced above all others which have served to vex the BU household. There is an unwritten rule in Barbados if one has to be critical of the legal community or Mrs. Ram  instinctively you breakout in cold sweat and may even shiver. Mrs. Ram is said to be a […]

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Barbados Ablaze!

Yesterday a 32 year old manufacturing business Tropical Beverages located at the Grazettes Industrial Park was severely damaged by fire. Reports in the media suggest 16 employees are currently displaced by the tragedy. BU cannot imagine the pain and mental anguish which the owner of Tropical Beverages must be experiencing. Bear in mind this is […]

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Poster on Barbados Forum Says That The Barbados Fire Service Accepted "Hand-me Downs" From The Toronto Fire Service

  I saw on the Toronto CP 24 News last night, the Barbados Fire Chief accepting a donation from the Toronto Fire Service of used fire-fighter protective clothing and equipment. As a proud Barbadian who has always considered us as a leader among the Caribbean nations; could not help but think. “Is this what we […]

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