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Choose Bajans: Urgent Fresh Elections or an IMF/DLP Programme of Austerity and Suffering Even Worse Than 1991?

The downgrade by Standard and Poors is proof that, you can hijack the truth – even hold it hostage for a short time (as it is now crystal clear the DLP did before the February 2013 general elections) but “truth” will always escape and expose you, as the DLP is now finding out. Before the […]

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Prime Minister Fruendel's Stuart's General Election Declaration

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2013 General Election Media Campaign

The 2013 General Election is behind us and the analysis is  being processed by those interested to determine the factors which led to the final result. There is surprise that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) ran a media campaign which was more effective in persuading voters. One DLP TV Ad capitalized on the Barbados Labour […]

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Campaign Finance Reform Needed

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group The Mahogany Coconut Group submits that the real vote buying is in the upper echelons of our society. What we witnessed on Election Day was some voters getting cash, cell phones, IPods and a bill paid here and there. The real votes were bought by […]

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Post General Election 2013: A Time to Decompose the Rhetoric

After what has been described as one of the most bruising political campaigns in history of Barbados, the commonsense approach is for all Barbadians to quickly put our shoulders to the plough in the interest of country. There is no time for the traditional honeymoon period. Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart needs to quickly get his […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Before Voting, think with your heads and not your hearts

Introduction: When the voters of Barbados enter the polling booths on Thursday, it will be an enormous challenge for them to abandon old political tribal loyalties and objectively put the nation, future generations and their own futures before irrationally supporting a party or candidate they have always supported, while suspending reason. The harsh truth is […]

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Good Luck at the Polls Barbadians and Remember the ‘One Lesson’

Submitted by Peter Brathwaite Fellow Barbadians, We go to the polls this Thursday. Emotion, anticipation and excitement fill the air (along with the ‘noise’ of the various political parties canvassing late into the night). Posters and flyers (and big as shite billboards) blanket our landscape (yet no one dared put their respective flyers/posters on the […]

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A DEM View Of the Recent CADRES Poll

Submitted by Stephen Williams According to the latest Cadres Poll, Freundel is out front. Wow!!! With that said, the DEMS must, therefore, press home the advantage as a result of our favourable showing. However, I am somewhat sceptical about Wickham’s findings, that despite the fact that Freundel is ahead of Arthur, the DLP is still […]

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Stuart Winning the Leadership Race as E-Day Looms

Based on the most recent CADRES poll Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is winning the leadership race. What must be of concern is that the Wickham poll was conducted before Minister of Agriculture David Estwick delivered one of the most powerful presentations of the campaign so far at the NCF on Friday night. How will this […]

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Fix the Blasted Sluice Gate!

Images submitted by Nostradamus The problem which Barbados faces in 2013 is vividly illustrated in the images above. We have a medical doctor and a mechanical engineer seeking election to the House of Assembly on the 21 February 2013 to represent Christ Church South. Smack dab in the constituency they aspire to represent and in […]

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Manifesto WARNING!

The manifestos of the DLP and BLP have been released about ONE week before the E-Day of February 21, 2013. Generally people pay very little attention to manifestos in most countries. A manifesto may be described as a political tool to get political parties elected. Although we know they are usually littered with pie in […]

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I Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal…Pinocchio is Back!

Submitted by Old Onions Bag Whoever said vices were easy to break Lenten season or not? More recently, DLP clones who seems to want to out-do their once ‘royal conferment’ and his infallible record, have taken to the challenge. Talk about strangers to the truth. Bold faced cold and stark. It is as if whether […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Politicians Must Come Clean about Their Programmes for Change

Introduction: In our democracy, politicians have the simple task of collectively being rainmakers, they simply bring talent together and, from that collection of outstanding individual instrumentalists, create a harmonic sound. Times of crisis call for innovative thinking, experimenting with new ideas, adopting what we in Britain call the Dunkirk spirit. It is at historic points […]

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Barbados DLP is Nothing Like Obama’s Democratic Party: Sell Foolish Somewhere Else

In light of last night U.S State of the Union speech given by President Obama, the DLP again today attempted to draw parallels between the U.S Democratic Party and the failed Barbados DLP administration, which as I have said before on BU is “COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE” and here are (3) more key reasons why: (1) On […]

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Seems To Me That The BLP are about to BITE one Another in a most Vicious Way

Submitted by DLPite The BLP have been play political hop scotch with the truth ( if they know what is truth) and with the Barbadian public they have failed to come clean with you, they believe that photoshop corrections to an aged and tired today Arthur and photographs of Mottley and Arthur looking at each […]

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Deliverance Leadership Pragmatism: (DLP or BLP) A New Direction

Submitted by Yardbroom Deliverance from Whom? Leadership to Where? Pragmatic in what we can reasonably afford. All underpinned by “INTEGRITY” for without that, we are nothing. In a matter of days Barbados’ electorate will go to the Polls and elect a Government for the next five years.  The time for crunching figures is over.  The […]

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Manifesto WATCH

Whether you believe that the political manifesto of a political party is its intent to rollout certain policies if elected or that it is a social contract becomes an exercise in semantics. It is currently the preferred option which political parties have to outline a set of promises which they hope – if elected – […]

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Notes From a Native Son: February 21 is the First Day of the Rest of our History

Introduction: They are off, the race is on, and thoroughbreds and also-rans are lining up as if they rightly deserve to be in this race. But, this is the general election that will define Barbados for the rest of our history; as electors we can either reject the old-fashion vulgar, always cynical rhetoric and demand […]

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