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Barbados Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler and Governor of the Central Bank DeLisle Worrell take an in-depth interview at the Global Borrowers and Investors Forum.

Confidence or NO CONFIDENCE

Submitted by Orion The Minister of Finance is quoted as saying at an impromptu press conference in the lobby of Scotiabank Broad Street recently: When this recession hit Barbados, and (with it) the challenges in the financial sector, Barbados lost a tremendous amount of international business, and investment too . . . to the extent […]

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Fruendel Stuart (r) Arthur (l) won the Integrity race last general election

Who Will Save Barbados?

Submitted by William Skinner We seem to be lurching from one issue or crisis to another. Whether it is garbage pilling up all over de place or teachers being assaulted by students, our beloved island state now seem rudderless and heading straight for the rocks. When we add an ill conceived, basically stupid, so called […]

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Embattled Leroy Parris flanked by Chis Sinckler, minister of finance and Hal Gollop QC, Parris' lawyer on the campaign trail in 2013

Sinckler Out to Sea

Submitted by Anthony Davis With work on the new Wyndham hotel due to begin in two weeks time and another Luxury hotel project under active discussion, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler is very upbeat about the prospects this year for job creation. In fact, he expects the national unemployment rate to go down – Barbados […]

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Margaret Sivers (l) Chris Sinckler (r)

Bajans Overly Taxed and NOT Loving It!

Submitted by Old Onion Bags How many of you had any extra money to spend on gifts this Christmas? I bet most of you  (if honest like me) would agree, ‘tings were tight, tight. Over taxation, high food and gasoline prices had people ‘pun lock.’ How much longer can we continue this way though? Better […]

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Problem Solver

Jobs Available Here: Problem Solvers ONLY

Submitted by William Skinner Former parliamentarian and minister, Dr. Don Blackman, had promised to demystify economics and demonstrate that we as a society, was holding some rather obscure academics , in very high and essentially unearned esteem. […]

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Central Bank of Barbados

Governor Worrell Warns Barbadians

There is a need to improve labour productivity throughout the economy. A gap has opened up between the cost of labour and the productivity of the average worker over the past two decades – Governor Delisle Worrell The Governor of the Central Bank […]

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Central Bank of Barbados

Barbados Economy Grew 0.5% in the 2nd Quarter 2015

The headline of the Central Bank’s review of the 2nd quarter 2015 performance is 0.5% growth. According to the Central Bank the growth was driven mainly by by tourism and the country is on track to achieve 1% growth for the 2015. BU continues to be very aware growth is being driven mainly by tourism. […]

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Photo credit: TheGuardian

Is the Economy Improving and Why Strike Now

The report coming out of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it  ‘failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece’ makes for an interesting observation as Barbados is negotiating its own brand of economic austerity.  The moral of the story for Barbadians is simple, we need to solve our problems  by leveraging homegrown […]

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Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance


Submitted by Old Onions Bag

People already hollaring for murder from these draconian taxes, yet it ain’t even Budget Day.

How much longer can we continue this way Mr. Sinckler? Better believe we need to come up for air now. People all over Barbados want some reprieve. How much longer can they take these draconian measures and not fall through the social net? We need relief and we need it like yesterday.

What is the sense of being able to boast of cutting the deficit in half and the country’s people are suffering?

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Dr. Clyde Mascoll

Clyde Mascoll’s Insight to the Barbados Economy

History will first remember Dr. Clyde Mascoll as an aspiring politician who misread the tea leaves when he failed to accept the return of the late David Thompson to lead the party. Then only will his study of economics and other academic achievements be referenced. BU however will always define Mascoll as the  quintessential economist. Few if any of his profession understand the numbers behind the Barbados economy the way he does. His many years spent at the Central Bank has prepared him for the role as chief spokesman on the economy.

BU recommends Mascoll’s recent column.

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CARICOM Continues to be Challenged by Governance and Economic Issues

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think tank and Watchdog Group As is customary, we join with other commentators, that review the year and what gains, if any, the region would have made. As much as it distresses us, we are forced to conclude that 2014 brought nothing new to the region and that 2015 portends […]

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Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Stuart… all we want for Christmas is for the giant to be aroused from his slumber

It is difficult to feel cheerful in the Yuletide season when so many things in Barbados seem to be deteriorating. It is difficult to feel confident if a minister of cabinet publicly expresses his lack of confidence in how the Cabinet is managing “process and procedure’’. He is on the inside isn’t he? It is […]

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Change Fruendel, Change Chris NOW!

Submitted by Old Onion Bag Confidence. That is what investors are looking for, but don’t have in Barbados. How much longer will it take an educated people to realize the need for change to different men in positions at the TOP if there is to be a revitalization of this our staggering and stalling economy? […]

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Increased Taxation Will NOT Work Mr. Sinckler. Have you ever heard of Laffer’s Curve…?

Submitted by Just Thinking Economics Who ever said that increased taxation will help Barbados out of its current mess needs to have their heads examine. We are already overly taxed and to inflict further pain…..”broadening the tax base”…. will do nothing more than to compound “the already poor” problems. Just imagine asking small incomers (working […]

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Governor Delisle Worrell Repeats Himself

The following statement was made by Governor Delisle Worrell in January 2011. .“Barbados economy predicted to grow by 2% The Governor of the Barbados Central Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell says the island’s economy is expected to grow by about 2% this year [2011]. Dr. Worrell says the projected economic growth will result from improvement in […]

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Recovery in Sight

Submitted by Douglas In the interest of the people of Barbados, this Democratic Labour Party administration will remain committed to our goals of restructuring the economy of Barbados. We will also continue to govern by doing what is in the best interest of the people of Barbados. As we go about the process of restructuring […]

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BLP Will Remain Steadfast for Barbados

Submitted by Beresford As more forceful condemnations come with greater frequency convicting Freundel Stuart and his DLP of gross negligence and persistent dereliction of duty in serving country first, the not unexpected responses of what is now widely regarded as a band of nincompoops are more fabrications, braying attempts at blaming and shifting responsibility to […]

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Notes From a Native Son: How the IMF Missed an Open Goal (Part II)

Introduction: The IMF’s light-touch analysis looks as if it was not intended to cause offence, rather than to provide a roadmap to help the nation escape its present economic problems. Reference to the erosion of the tax base is one example, a situation cause by micro-managing, a lack of a broader policy agenda and political […]

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