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How Young Criminals Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Submitted by RUSERIOUS What’s up my fellow bloggers, just thought I’d stop by with a small bit of information you thought you knew. 🙂 Do you really want to know the sad, pathetic state of the judiciary and our laws? Here’s how it goes. Our young friends who are snatching your phones, your jewellery and […]

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Is Enough Being Done To Prevent Crime And Violence In Barbados?

Submitted by Yardbroom I have no evidence which leads me to believe, that the Barbados Police Force is not working “diligently” to achieve the aim as stated in their mission statement: “To provide the highest quality Police service in partnership with our community, to ensure a safe stable environment.” However, there is a perception widely […]

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The Time Is Now For Attorney General And Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite To Act

BU has expressed concern regarding a type of crime on the rise in Barbados. The heinous act which occurred last year at Campus Trendz and caused the death of six Barbadian women is one example. There is a resignation by BU that Commissioner Darwin Dottin, in response to concerned Barbadians, is programmed to deliver a […]

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Wild,Wild, West

What is happening in Barbados is truly unbelievable in regards of the crime rate. When a group of guys can go to a football game with guns and behave stupid, creating problems for innocent people, it is very dangerous to not only the population but also to the visitors who come and want to come […]

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