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Protecting Our Youth From Adults

Barbados Underground is committed to cover issues which often escape the full attention of traditional media. It is a nasty job when one has to peer at the underbelly of anything on a frequent basis. One of the negatives emanating from what we do is the tendency to get bog down by all that ails Barbados and the world.  To be honest members of the BU household get depress sometimes when we have to update the blog with some of the content. The worst feeling we get is when we have to write negatively about issues affecting young people.  This blog is one of the hardest we have had to produce to date.

At a recent youth forum in Barbados BU was made privy to some of the conversations between the parties. For obvious reasons we have sanitized the exchanges to protect the first, second and third formers who participated many who wear the label of problem children. The forum discussed teen pregnancy.

One of the second formers described how she and her sisters participate in sex with grown men. The men contributed to the household. One can draw their own conclusions. In another case a third form student spoke to the relationship which her friend has with a 39 year old married man. Money is exchanged with the full knowledge of her parents.

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