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Notes From a Native Son: Time for the Government to Get Moving

Introduction: The intellectual argument that Barbados is in deep economic (and social) crisis has now been conceded by the deniers – those who talk nonsense about the nation punching above its weight and exaggerating the soft influence we have in the region and, the world. Of course, it is all self-praise, the unfortunate outcome of […]

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Financial Services Commission Needs To Deliver on its Remit

The observation has been made by BU et al from time to time that there is a lack of financial analysis by the local traditional media. While there is reporting about financial matters, the public continues to be cheated out of billions invested in the education system through the years which continues to produce accountants […]

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Small Business Cannot Get Government to Pay VAT Refund After Two and Half Years

Over the last twenty five years, I believe our small company has been a model corporate citizen on Barbados. We have no outstanding debt to either Government or the private sector, yet next week we will be forced to go cap-in-hand and beg our bankers for an overdraft facility. Why, you may ask? Simply to […]

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The Tax Haven Issue Gaining Momentum

Submitted by Not Taken French President Francois Hollande has called for “eradication” of the world’s tax havens and told French banks they must declare all of their subsidiaries. President Francois Hollande As a regular visitor to Barbados, I am concerned with what I am reading in the mainstream media in Canada and Barbados and the […]

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Review of Barbados' Economic Performance for 2012 and Prospects for 2013

To make the harsh observation: Our foreign reserves would have dropped to $1.3 billion if not for that $167 million from the sale of the BNB shares….Was that sale strictly for window dressing purposes to impress the IMF and the ratings agencies? It would have meant 4 continuous years of declines in the year end […]

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Is the Customs Officer Always Right?

The following article is written by Customs Officer, Arleigh Durant, for CESS NEWS (Customs and Excise Shop Stewards News). The shop stewards at Customs use CESS as an avenue to disseminate news among the staff. A member of the business community was having a candid conversation with a Customs officer. The businessman told the officer […]

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All across the English speaking Caribbean, there is an ominous movement of sorts, a movement of low frequency rumblings without patterns, without form, not like the rhythms of bumbatuk or soca or the one drop of reggae or mento that we are accustomed to. The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they […]

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WEEKLY CARICOM STOCK REPORT 10 December to 14 December 2012

Should You sell Those Shares To Finance Christmas Shopping? In the two years we have been publishing this report, we have noticed an increase in share trading around the end of the year. This has led us to suspect that some investors may be liquidating their shares to help finance Christmas and New Year holiday […]

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Notes From a Native Son: To Much Haste, Possible Waste

Introduction: In a moment of euphoric celebration, the Opposition BLP published a 15-point plan which it hopes will be a roadmap to power when the DLP Government finally decides to call a general election. It appears as if the BLP is so confident that the ruling DLP is destined to lose power whenever the general […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Making a Traditional Business Model Modern

Introduction: I have a deep and consuming passion for small rum shops, apart from the fact they tend to take up too much of my time when visiting Barbados. But then again, I have a confession to make: I am the product of a rum shop culture, on both sides. My paternal grandfather had a […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Why a Massive Development Plan Could Have Made a Major Difference to Development in Barbados (Part two)

Medium Term ( First parliamentary term): Part of any dynamic strategic development plan should be based around carefully locating industrial policy at the heart of that plan. But, as has been mentioned before, this generation of policymakers and politicians do not have a natural impulse for industry. They prefer to base development strategy on tourism, […]

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Notes from a Native Son: The Barbadian Diaspora

Introdution: The post-independence experience of Barbados is one of missed opportunity after missed opportunity and nothing demonstrates this more that the Diaspora conference which is now coming to an end in Barbados. Here was a rare opportunity to draw on the collective knowledge, enthusiasms and skills set of the great Barbadian Diaspora to add to […]

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What Is Going On Here?

Message from the Board of Directors of Almond Resorts Inc – Published in the Nation and Barbados Advocate today. Shareholders were asked to approve the sale of Almond Beach Club to Fairweather Holding Company, but it appears they were only acting as a nominee for Lazy Lagoon (Barbados) Ltd. Is this a nearly formed company […]

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Local Media Lacks Financial Intelligence

…what percentage of investors who invest in Bim are driven by ratings? what rates can we raise money at if we need to? The fact is that Jamaica with a much lower rating has been raising money globally at comparable rates to Barbados, actually lower in some cases. My general point is that all the […]

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Financial Meltdown, How Would It Effect Our Fragile Investment In Four Seasons?

Submitted by Old Onion Bags Greece’s political leaders struck a historic deal Thursday to make deep cuts in government jobs and spending to help save the country from a default that could shock the world financial system. Greece needs the bailout by March 20 so it will have enough money to redeem €14.5 billion worth […]

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Looking Ahead For The Better

Submitted by Old Onion Bags The taxation assault that was unleashed on Barbados, has brought about what is occasioned today …a total slow down of the economy and negative or no growth pattern during the five year implemented. It was a mistake to increase VAT from 15% to 17.50% in order to bring additional revenue […]

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Stop Blaming All On Global Economies

Submitted by Old Onion Bags Why don’t the DLP give up on its campaign of blaming everything on Global Economies for its lethargy. Bajan are growing tired of it now. Everything during its 5 year term has been blamed on the Global Economies yet Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan Guyana Canada Sweden and I can go on […]

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Barbados Entrepreneurial Foundation Think Tank, Outcomes

The Barbados Entrepreneurial Foundation recently held a think tank session to critique the need for a new Barbados governance model. One of the key players behind the initiative is Dr. Ronnie Yearwood. Last week BU posted ‘An Open Letter to Barbados on Forty Five Years of Independence: We Are the Change’. Here is some more […]

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