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Was the Tax Clearance Certificate Brouhaha Necessary?

The brouhaha surrounding the requirement by the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) to request a tax clearance certificate as part of closing a property transaction seems to have gone the way of the day 7-day news cycle. The issue was brought to a head when the Barbados Bankers Association flexed its not too considerable influence by […]

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Donville Inniss is Correct, Barbados Bar Association Part of the Problem

On 30 July, Barbados Today reported on the comments of Donville Inniss and the response by the Bar Association’s (BA) new president, Liselle Weekes. BU has long stressed the necessity of removing from the BA all matters disciplinary and responsibility for the Compensation Fund. Therefore, Mr Inniss’ comments are welcome, if a little late. Mr […]

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Tales from the Courts – Adriel Brathwaite #bajanswantchange XXX

The latest report emanating from Adriel Brathwaite on amendments to the Legal Professions Act has appeared in several news outlets. For those who have not read about it, here is one such report. The truth is that these amendments will be as much use as trying to stick a plaster on a gaping abdominal wound. […]

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Barbados Bar Association and the Useless $2,000,000.00 Compensation Fund

BU continues our spotlight on the Barbados Bar Association (BA) and the Disciplinary Committee (DC), in particular the little known Compensation Fund (CF). The CF can easily be compared to the useless Catastrophe Fund (CF#2), government recently made a decision to transfer the balance outstanding of 35 million dollars to the Consolidated Fund (CF#3). The […]

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Tariq Khan and Adreil Brathwaite

Understanding the Challenges Faced by the Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association

It has become evident to BU that one of the reasons the Disciplinary Committee (DC) cannot effectively carry out its work is because of a lack of resources. Even the well-meaning Andrew ‘Pilly’ Pilgrim could not make a difference and the incumbent Woodstock-Riley must be facing the same challenge. The DC is an autonomous body […]

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TALES FROM THE COURTS – Vernon Smith QC Has Sued the Barbados Bar Association XXIX

Hot on the heels of his suit against Marston Gibson, Vernon Smith QC has sued the BA. It is reported that the BA has responded by filing and serving […]

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Barbados Bar Association and Michael Carrington

Several weeks ago Barbadians were promised the Committee of Privileges will determine if Speaker Michael Carrington broke House rules, we continue to wait. To any observer it appears to be business as usual and this matter like many others will shuffle along until the next general election is called where is will die. We hope not. Parliament will resume sitting on the 10 March 2015. The people, the servants of the political class in parliament will have to wait like dogs waiting for a bone.

Let us assume the report, if it completed, will confirm Prime Minister’s Stuart’s view that the Michael Carrington issue is a personal matter, and has nothing to do with parliament. It will confirm to many that public opinion is not a factor with this government. (The idea a political leader of Barbados would make such an idiotic statement continues to be incomprehensible to many and deserves greater national discourse)

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A Moribund Entity that is the Barbados Bar Association

When Andrew Pilgrim took up the post of President of the Barbados Bar Association, BU was very optimistic that in tandem with newly appointed CJ Gibson, some efficiency would have been achieved in our court system. We were wrong. To compound the perception that the Bar is a moribund entity it has been three months […]

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Barbados Bar Association Must Be Dissolved

A BU blog Compensation Fund: Another Screw-up By the Barbados Bar Association highlighted another in a list of indiscretions by the Barbados Bar Association (BA). The big regret is that the traditional media refuses to honour its obligation to expose this club to the glare of the public. For years the who is who in […]

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Vernon Smith QC Suggests Barbados Bar Association Illegally Charging VAT on Member Subscriptions

BU read the Barbados Today article with  interest which outlined Vernon Smith QC reaction to being characterised a delinquent Barbados Bar Association (BA) member. The BU family is reminded of the list which was circulated by the BA and posted to BU in a blog by Caswell Franklyn – Defaulting Lawyers. BU has posited a […]

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Tales From The Courts XII – Barbados Bar Membership Revisited – Registrar and Sir David Simmons, Wilfred Abrahams Exposed

Update: The Nation newspaper has issued a public apology to Sir David Seale and Caswell Franklyn in today’s  edition. It turns out that it was our own Caswell who penned the Guest Column and NOT Sir David In a recent blog BU investigated the issue of attorneys who opt not to be members of the […]

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Non Membership in the Barbados Bar Association Does Not Preclude a Lawyer’s Right to Practice Law

BU has been provided with a copy of the letter dated April 4, 2013 by which the Chief Justice finally advised the new Queens Counsel that he had received the Letters Patent that the GG had executed and sent to the CJ some weeks previously, instructing that they be delivered. The GG had also officially […]

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Defaulting Lawyers

Recently, I heard that the Bar association had published a list of attorneys-at-law who did not pay their dues to the association, as required by law. At first, I was a bit sceptical but all doubts have been removed when I saw a story in the Saturday Sun of April 6, 2013 to that effect. […]

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Bar Association President Andrew Pilgrim Serving Two Masters

… we decided to approach Andrew Pilgrim, well known dramatist and President of the Bar Association for his view… Bajan Reporter The above was extracted from an article posted by Ian Bourne on his website – President of the Barbados Bar Association sees special Unit for Raul Garcia as Tax Inefficient – Let the former […]

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Chief Justice Marston Gibson Slams Barbados Bar Association President, Andrew Pilgrim

In an email to Andrew Pilgrim, president of the Barbados Bar Association, Chief Justice Marston Gibson has slammed the BBA, thereby raising many points that BU has been promoting about the Justice System. The Chief’s email to Mr Pilgrim is posted to the members section of the BBA website and requires that it be accessed […]

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Barbados Society Built On Law And Order – Collusion Of Silence Cloaks The Appointment of Chief Justice Of Barbados

If there is one thing the government of Barbados must plead guilty, it is the procrastination and vacillation which has affected their ability to appoint a Chief Justice of Barbados. The denial given to Sir David which forced him into an early retirement would have signalled to the public the government had a plan  to […]

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Barbadians Are Listening Very Carefully To What You Say Chief Justice Marston Gibson

The appointment of Chief Justice (CJ) Marston Gibson has generated heated debate in some quarters. Today President of the Barbados Bar Association Andrew Pilgrim criticized the current system which which sees the Prime Minister appointing judges. It seems he was peeved about the reason which Gibson offered for accepting the appointment in the face of […]

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An Outdated Legal System In Need Of Leadership

The arrest of the venerable lawyer Leroy Lynch on a 2.2 million fraud charge  on the weekend, has sent ripples through the legal fraternity and wider society. Why would Mr. Lynch, who has represented First Caribbean International Bank, and before that CIBC for many years, sought to perpetrate fraud has proved to be incomprehensible to […]

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