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T-Minus and Counting to Develop a Food Security Strategy

Submitted by Readydone Next time you walk into a supermarket take a good look around and enjoy the experience, after all,  you are paying for it, the light bill,  the manager’s mortgage, all of it is coming out your pocket even though you think all you are buying is food. Very little of your money […]

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Your Garden Without Chemical Fertilizers

Submitted by Readydone Most people cannot believe how easy it is to grow plants without Miracle Grow or any other type of chemical fertilizer. Once you get your soil alive the micro-herd in the soil keeps plants growing very healthy. The actually types and numbers of bacteria are of little concern to the home grower. […]

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Nurturing Your Backyard Garden

Submitted by Readydone At Baird’s village farms we use the most sustainable resources available. A main staple in our plant maintenance program is extracted from Mimosa seed enzymes and to a lesser extent coconut extracts. These are the equivalent of vitamins for your plants when applied at each stage of life and can’t be overdosed; […]

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We Need to Integrate Waste Disposal and Agriculture

Submitted by Readydone Gale and her family paid a visit to my farm at Bairds village recently. She was the usual type of visitor. She proceeded to share that she has done some research and is very interested in agriculture for food production at home. It is the usual type of thing I hear. Many […]

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Baird's Village Aquaponics Project, A Case Study For Homegrown Success

Submitted by Ready Done . Many of us are of the opinion that our little island is in need of good leaders (not saying we don’t currently have any). The Barrows and Adams type leaders who had a clear vision and the will power to give us what was needed for 50 years and even […]

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