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Compensation Fund: Another Screw-up By the Barbados Bar Association

BU has been able to access the audited financial report of the Bar Association (BA) relative to the Compensation Fund. BU notes that the fund holds in excess of $2 million. The authority for the Fund is to be found at Part VIII of the Legal Professions Act Cap. 370A of the Laws of Barbados. […]

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Vernon Smith QC Suggests Barbados Bar Association Illegally Charging VAT on Member Subscriptions

BU read the Barbados Today article with  interest which outlined Vernon Smith QC reaction to being characterised a delinquent Barbados Bar Association (BA) member. The BU family is reminded of the list which was circulated by the BA and posted to BU in a blog by Caswell Franklyn – Defaulting Lawyers. BU has posited a […]

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Barbados Tourism Officials On The Beat

Today is World Tourism Day. Despite BU’s concern that we depend on this industry for too much of our economic survival, it appears to be the one significant productive sector we have at the moment. See attached an extract from the in flight British Airways magazine High Life and judge for yourself how our tourism […]

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What Society Are We Having Forced On Us? – Christian Loses Crucifix Appeal Against British Airways

World citizens, especially Christians following the case of a British Airways check-in assistant Nadia Eweida versus British Airways (BA) would have been extremely disappointed she lost her appeal. In a nutshell the basis for the court case: Eweida, a part-time check-in assistant since 1999, complained about anti-Christian bias after BA introduced a new uniform in […]

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30 Airlines Predicted To Go Bust By Christmas:Will Tourists Soon Have To Walk To Get To Barbados?

Britons stranded in the Caribbean by the collapse of XL Leisure mutinied after a hotel tried to make them pay twice. Instead of helping them arrange flights home, they say, managers at their Barbados hotel seemed more concerned that they were not going to be paid by XL. They told the 11 Britons to pay […]

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