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Industrial Climate In Barbados Heats Up As a General Election Approaches

Thanks to traditional media for helping us to do a pulse check of the industrial climate in Barbados today (7 January 2013). The Barbados Workers Union (BWU) has threatened to shut down the country if LIME refuse to return to the negotiating table after sending home 97 workers last week. Jeff Broomes has been reported […]

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Poor Judgment by Public Service Commission

The supposed conclusion to the long-running Alexandra debacle appears to have caused more problems than it would have solved. Some might argue, and I am tempted to agree, that the resolution imposed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) has solved nothing. It would appear that the PSC attempted to settle the internecine warfare that was […]

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Alexandra School: "Separation" and Sacrifice

Submitted by Yardbroom I wonder how many of those teachers, who assiduously canvassed for the Head to be “separated” from the school, thought that they too would be separated, and if they did, why did they fight with such alacrity [eagerness]?…I have only posed a question. The general idea from the present Government’s perspective was […]

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Alexandra Solution or Confusion?

First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak […]

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Ministry of Education Summons BSTU To Hastily Arranged Meeting Which Provoked ‘The Letter’

As promised BU produces the letter in its original form which the BSTU sent to the Chief Education Officer arising from a ‘secret meeting’ under his chairmanship. It does not matter how anyone tries to interpret the letter, to any competent person (counsel), the threat and inference is crystal clear. If one compares what is […]

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The AX Matter Moves To The Next Phase

The final arguments from lawyers representing all parties in the Alexandra School Dispute have been submitted and Barbadians await the report from lone Commissioner Frederick Waterman. It is obviously the report will be delivered before the September school term begins. There was a sense by BU during the last two weeks of the Inquiry that […]

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The Alexandra School Conspiracy EXPOSED

On August 25, 2012 BU family member, the venerable Yardbroom, a posted the following comment: “Reports are that Mr. Vernon Smith QC “RECALLED” Alexandra’s Deputy Principal Beverley Neblett-Lashley and Former Secretary Merlene Sealey to give evidence again before the COI. It is alleged after which “Smith, who questioned the deputy Principal and former secretary, then […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Alexandra School is a Metaphor for Failure of a System

Introduction: The crisis at Alexandra School, being played out before the nation, is but a reflection of the generally meltdown in education in Barbados. Although the Inquiry itself may be the public humiliation of a man, his stubbornness and the notorious Barbadian culture of spite and vindictiveness, the message it sends to the rest of […]

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Jeff Broomes Should Beg for Forgiveness

Submitted by Mahogany Coconut Think Tank/Watch Dog Group From the very beginning, Mahogany Coconut had determined that Mr. Jeff Broomes should have been separated and or fired from the post of headmaster at the Alexandra School. We need to root out professionals such as Broomes from all positions they hold in the public sector and […]

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The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry – Part II

The Alexandra School Commission of Inquiry continues to enjoy rap attention of Barbadians. In response to requests BU starts Part II of The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry to ensure commenters are not inconvenienced by the burgeoning comments. The Parliament of Barbados voted today (24/07/2012) to allocate $598,000 to pay for the Inquiry.

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Commission of Inquiry: Rule of Law, What a Joke!

By now Prime Minister Freundel Stuart should have re-read the relevant sections of the Constitution, the Public Service Act and the Commission of Inquiry Act and realised that he has seriously blundered in his handling of the industrial relations problems at the Alexandra School. He is sticking tenaciously to his explanation that he acted in […]

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Alexandra School – The Way Forward

It was evident to the most discerning when the Alexandra School issue reared its head – Alexandra School Dispute – Who Shall Lead The Children? – that the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) had reached the end of its tether fuelled by how past grievances were managed by the ministry of education. Many Barbadians became […]

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Notes From a Native Son: A Cautionary Tale Of An Education System In Decline, Alexandra Impasse The Symptom

What is Barbados coming to when in the early years of the 21st century a small group of teachers can walk out of a school on the grounds that they do not like the head’s management style and his competence as an administrator? What is even more scandalous is that government and trade unions are […]

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The Alexandra Matter: The Role Of The CPO and NUPW

Nearly two weeks have passed since the BSTU instituted action against the principal of the Alexandra School Jeff Broome. Up to late yesterday [14 Jan 2012] there appeared to be no resolution to the matter. A meeting held under the chairmanship of Minister of Education Ronald Jones only served to proved BU’s position, management systems […]

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Alexandra School Dispute – Who Shall Lead The Children?

Submitted by Chuckles I would like to divert a bit and ask you [Caswell Franklyn] to make your services available to the BSTU/Mary Redman. What is this woman doing to the school children at the Alexandra School? I was a member of the BWU for about 18 months before I left these shores to take […]

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