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The Adrian Loveridge Column – jetBlue is Coming!

More good news with the announcement that jetBlue will commence a daily flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (FLL) airport to Barbados from April next year, opening up a second main gateway from the South Eastern United States. Depending on the final flight times, it also may present […] Advertisements

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – The Definition of LIAT is Politics

Frankly I have employed extraordinary restraint in commenting on the subject of LIAT, because at the end of the day I believe until the politics is completely removed from the management of the airline and it is operated […]

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Complaint Letter To LIAT Airline

Submitted by Corey and Karen Burns It is with great disappointment that I have to express my disapproval with Liat and how Liat conducts business. Most other airlines I have travelled on would simply wish to take me from A to B quickly as possible. I find it preposterous that Liat can just change a […]

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We were asked to share the following article with the BU family. Although against our policy which is to be original in our postings sometimes we have to concede when there is merit in deviating from policy. Business: LIAT’s turning point? 9/30/2013 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under […]

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One Scapegoat Does NOT Fix LIAT or Caribbean Airlines

Some might believe that, for the second time in only three years, Captain Ian Brunton has been made a scapegoat by the board of directors of a Caribbean airline company – fired as CEO of Caribbean Airlines Limited in late 2010 and, this week, he resigned as CEO of LIAT. Indisputably, the overall operation of […]

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LIAT’S 2012 Strategy Plan Now BADLY Damaged in 2013

Submitted by Robert MacLellan On 28 August LIAT’s CEO, Ian Brunton, talked to Caribbean media and finally acknowledged in public some of the real facts behind the airline’s chaotic operations over the last three months. He also described LIAT’s worrying current financial position, in the same month that the airline has taken on a US$65 […]

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Letter to LIAT from Dominican Hotelier Requesting Executive Shake Up

I have to ask again, would a lot of the agony that LIAT customers have been forced to endure been avoided if the airline had opted for the Q400? Faster, quicker turn-around, less maintenance, longer range and no pilot re-training – Adrian Loveridge Read letter

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Main Shareholder LIAT Needs to Address the Issue of Increasing Airlift Fast!

It’s always very difficult to write about LIAT with absolute authority, because despite the Barbadian taxpayer being the single largest shareholder in the airline, the public for years has been denied sight of any business plan or annual audited accounts. During the recent spat with a clearly dissatisfied customer, the involvement of Sir Richard Branson […]

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LIAT Reponds to Virgin’s Richard Branson…is this a joke?

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The ATR Story by LIAT

Submitted by M.R.Thompson Quote from Barbados Nation Newspaper of June 27, 2013… “LIAT, with the partial backing of some Caribbean governments, is enhancing and transforming its fleet, with 12 new aircraft over the next two years that will cost investors US$100 million.” This very simple but not fully explained statement got me in the market for […]

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Tourism Watch: Understanding LIAT’s Strategy

Whether you attribute the now infamous saying, “there are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics’ to a former British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli or American author Mark Twain, it is perhaps even more true today, than it was then. And in the current silly season, I am sure we are going to […]

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WestJet Model Creating Opportunity

It is certainly not all doom and gloom in the travel and tourism industry. Take WestJet, the Canadian low cost carrier as an example. This April it posted record load factors, achieving an average of 86.2 per cent and a revenue passenger miles growth of 8.2 per cent over last year, together with record first […]

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REDjet’s Demise + LIAT’s Haemorrhaging = Regional Transportation In Crisis

A quote from a BU commenter about REDjet

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What Concessions Did REDjet Receive?

David Ellis who has become VOB’s goto moderator since the demise of Tony Marshall shared some interesting information today [26/3/2012] to his midday audience. On the subject of REDjet many Barbadians were under the impression REDjet was being treated like a stepchild compared to other airlines who are suspected of receiving subsidies from government. However […]

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REDjet Grounded!

The ‘sudden’ demise of REDjet has been a talking point in the Caribbean in the last few days. Each day that REDjet remains grounded secures another nail in its coffin. It would be a pity if this airline goes belly up the way of Carib Airlines and others before it. It is perplexing how two […]

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REDjet And re-Discover Caribbean

By now, much of our energy would be going into fine tuning the annual re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show, which usually takes place in late April. Just in time for the longer and leaner eight summer month tourism season. Sadly, unless a major sponsor comes forward, it will not take place this year and this may […]

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LIAT, REDjet and Caribbean Airlines – Who Will Pay The Price?

Submitted by BarbadosFirst It has just been told to me that Barbados Civil Aviation Authority granted permission for Caribbean Airlines to fly the Barbados/Guyana and Barbados/St Lucia routes – two of the most profitable routes for LIAT (in which Barbados is the majority shareholder). This is after giving REDjet the same license. The Barbados Government […]

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Redjet: Playing The Fiddle As It Burns

Submitted by Looking Glass The airline having promised wonders announces imaginary success. In the process Barbadosbecomes the culprit but to date not a word from us. That we need to give the green light–also suggested by the CEO–is another bit of unadulterated falsehood. Barbadosis not Caricom. It cannot control or dictate to the islands what […]

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