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2013 General Elections Follow-up – Campaign Financing

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group In reference to the current debate about corporate financing of the BLP and DLP, The Mahogany Coconut Group quotes from an article, it submitted to, and was published by BU shortly after the last (2013) General Elections “ While we shout from the roof tops […]

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Vote Buying on the Rise in Barbados

The electoral system is one which Barbadians have been proud of until recent general elections.  The cries have been getting louder and louder from the public that votes have been bought on election day. Yes we have had political candidates in the past wooing the public with “corn beef and biscuits” at the village shop […]

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16 to 14 Result in Barbados General Election

Tonight is shaping up to be a victory for the people and for Barbados. I am pleasantly surprised and quietly proud. We have defied all polls, expectations and political/election stereotypes. BU has been a great conduit for it to begin. Let us move ever closer towards that much needed tipping point and let’s hope that […]

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Good Luck at the Polls Barbadians and Remember the ‘One Lesson’

Submitted by Peter Brathwaite Fellow Barbadians, We go to the polls this Thursday. Emotion, anticipation and excitement fill the air (along with the ‘noise’ of the various political parties canvassing late into the night). Posters and flyers (and big as shite billboards) blanket our landscape (yet no one dared put their respective flyers/posters on the […]

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