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Delivering a Relevant Budget Before a General Election In a Global Economic Slowdown

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance

If one is to judge from the political rhetoric polluting the blogosphere this week, the delivery of the 2012 Budgetary and Financial Proposals promises to be full of drama. Whatever happens it will be a centre-piece event for several members of parliament as a much anticipated general election looms. For some it will a last opportunity before they are retired to ‘civilian life’.

It is disappointing Barbados continues to be comfortably lodged in an economic vortex precipitated by the mother of global recessions. Despite the economy being described as stable by the government’s banker, there remains heightened concern given current realities.

The focus of tomorrow’s budget presentation is the ‘licks’ which the government side promises to ‘pelt’ in Arthur.  It is not lost on BU that Arthur – as Prime Minister – hid under the cloak of parliamentary privilege to deliver scathing attacks on Barbadians who were unable to answerback.  Both sides it is fair to say have contributed to the poor standard of behaviour and debate in parliament in the last decade or so. It is unfortunate that what should be one of the most important debates in parliament will probably be relegated to a political slugfest.

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