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Donville Inniss, Minister of Commerce

Donville Inniss: Politicians Do What They Like, Social Media Will Do What We Like–And the Deeds of Politicians Will Be Registered on the Internet for Review by Your Children et al for All Eternity

Submitted by Artaxerxes

I was flabbergasted after reading in today’s Daily Nation that Donville Inniss, while speaking at his St. James South constituency branch meeting, mentioned “The Opposition party in Barbados now has mastered the social media…….. and they are being heavily used to spew a lot of filth.”

David BU, these are the types of issues you need to articulate more and raise on the blog for comments. In my opinion, Inniss is essentially saying social media needs to be controlled in the same manner the Advocate, CBC, Government Information Service and, to a lesser extent, the OCM Network are influenced to report in favour of the DLP.

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Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes

Nigel Hughes Ideal Man to Lead Coalition Against PPP

Submitted by Rickford Burke

The Guyanese nation now ponders the election of a new leader and government to chart a new course for our country.

Our nation needs a rebirth. It has been perennially plagued by racial strife; social and economic stagnation; morally and intellectually bankrupt governance; abject criminality; unparalleled PPP corruption and political decay.

Now is the time to unshackle our country from the morass engendered by the discredited PPP leadership.

To accomplish this, we need a new leader with a bold new vision to transform our society and inspire the current generation of young Guyanese, who long for advancement, prosperity and a better way of life. We need a new leader who can unleash our developmental potential and propel the nation toward the path of modernity. 

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Disgraced Speaker of the House, Michael Carrington

Speaker Michael Carrington’s PRIVATE Life is No Example for Children to Emulate

Submitted by Anthony Davis

"I have not heard it said that the honourable member, in respect of whom that matter was referred, should be prevented from coming to the House, but I’m hearing a lot of fuss now because a newspaper report has said something about your honour in your honour’s private capacity, not in respect of any matter concerning any of the privileges of this House" – Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Why does the PM insist on calling the Speaker honourable? Do honourable people do what he did?

Methinks that he is very dishonourable – especially for a man in his position. He should do the honourable thing and step down!

You talk about wanting to attain First World status, so that is what anyone who has such a position in a First World country would do? Comparing the case of Burton Hinds, who became Speaker of the House of Assembly under Tom Adams in 1976, with that of the present Speaker of the House of Assembly is like comparing apples with oranges. Mr. Hinds did not embezzle anyone’s money. I don’t see your point about if he were a doctor.

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Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Kindly Honour Your Word Mr. Minister

Submitted Napolean Bonaparte

Will the Minister of Education, the Hon. Ronald Jones update the people of Barbados as to his seriousness and intentions of remaining in his post and fulfilling the institutions mandate, as our children’s education, (that which most Barbadians cherish) is at stake. Mr. Jones if you reading this and if you have not yet noticed, we have become disgruntled as to their plight with you at the helm.

As you may know, Barbadians for many years have used this vehicle education, as a means of social mobility and have been most discreet and frugal with their spending to enable at least their children (if not themselves) the opportunity to further themselves. To have expected parents of the current years’ university entrances to find between $5,500 and $19,765 at the spur of the moment is wrong. Your proposal to somewhat buffer this unexpected hardship was a proposed 3,000 bursaries to families lacking the means.

Exactly where does these UWI students and their families stand with regards to these bursaries you have promised? Are you aware of the stresses and strains placed on them now that the term has started, with regards to completion of their education program?

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Guyana Trades Union Congress Objects to Guyana Government effort to Compromise Integrity of CXC to Facilitate National Elections

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress – Press release, 26th January, 2015

The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) registers shock and disgust that the Government of Guyana has decided to reschedule CXC examinations, a regional calendar item, to fulfil their need. CXC is a timbale event, not only national in nature but also regional. To shift the CXC speaks to questionable integrity in this whole act. Why change the regional calendar event to meet a desperate need to host elections around Arrival Day and purported visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This shift in dates add pressure to our children looking to conclude schooling by a particular date, and teachers who will now have an additional timetable to keep students focused on the added month to complete exams.

There is no national disaster to justify shifting a regional exam of such import. One can only suspect that the Ramotar regime places the future of our youth second place to the desperate quest for election victory.

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Adrian Loveridge

INSIGHT Critical to Getting the Best Result From Tourism

According to a recent TravelMole article, British travel agents are reporting ‘exceptional’ days of trading so far this month. Some say forward bookings are up as much as ‘30-50 percent’ over the same period last year and that a third of summer holidays currently being offered in 2015 will be sold during January and February.

Based on early indications, the most popular long haul destinations are within the Caribbean and in particular, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Others far flung choices include Mauritius and the Maldives.

On the downside, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reported that short haul holidays are being boosted by the low value of the Euro against Sterling, making the Mediterranean much more affordable. But conversely, the abolition of the dreaded Air Passenger Tax (APD) for children below 12 years is driving demand for destinations further afield.

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Time for a Third Party to Enter the Fray

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

Say what you like. Time is right for Barbados to have a  serious  political third alternative.For sure, there is more than enough interest by both those fed up and looking for a new alternative and  those totally disillusioned who believe that they have something new to offer the charged political lanscape.

With another three years now before the next general elections,someone with enough motivation and testicular fortitude to see this country rise like a pheonix from the chaos and grapple,has more than enough time to place the necessary machinery in gear. All it takes is the will.

Listening to the call in programs, one could  also discern there exist a search and seeding for a new body to present itself as a third alternative. However,the history of third political parties in Barbados and the Caribbean (for that matter) is  fraught with failures, and by no means is a motivator to any potential candidates who is bold enough to put themselves forward as a new leader.

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Donna St.Hill -

Donna St.Hill Accused of Questionable Decisions in the Nigerian Student Affair

Press Release – Nigeria Delta State Project

Prepared jointly by Douglas Trotman, Attorney-at-Law for Nigerian Students, R.E. Guyson Mayers, Attorney-at-Law for Sharon Brathwaite, R.E Guyson Mayers represents Ms. Sharon Brathwaite and Douglas B. Trotman represents 66 Nigerian students in this matter

Mr. Trotman was instructed by his clients that they wished to have Ms. Sharon Brathwaite reinstated as their coordinator; they also wanted issues related to their accommodation, food, laptop computers and cell phones raised and settled preferably before the start of the program. The matter of the lack of decency and respect shown by Ms. Donna St. Hill towards them was also an issue raised by the students.

A letter was written and delivered to Ms. St Hill on the 7th January 2015 outlining the issues raised by the students; to date Ms. St. Hill has not responded to the letter nor has she accepted service of a subsequent letter written to her. Instead Ms. St. Hill used the media to put her story in the public domain. The assistance of a government senator was sought and that senator communicated with Ms. St. Hill to no avail.

During the effort to resolve the issues we have listened over the past two weeks with keen interest to a string of accusations that were levied against Ms. Sharon Brathwaite, whether she was named or not.

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The Power of ALL

There is so much divisiveness (almost typed derision) in Barbados of late. In the same way an organisation is defined by the quality of its employees and the ability to be productive – the definition is the same for a country. Barbados will only overcome the many challenges it faces if the majority of the citizenry is led to unleash its collective intelligence for the good of the whole. Sadly we are far from this being a reality anytime soon.

Within the government ranks the Eager 11 episode has fizzled to David Estwick versus the rest. The discord periodically played in public by the government betrays the loyalty to the Westminster model of government and its aged old conventions. On the other side of the political aisle we have the leader of the Opposition battling demons as well in the form of former prime minister Owen Arthur tossing political barbs from the Independent side located on the government bench, sacked ‘Leader of Opposition Business’ Kerri Symmonds or the senseless bassa bassa between George Payne and Edmund Hinkson. There is a resignation the Westminster system we have bastardized breeds an adversarial politics. Do not expect any solutions from the political class.

What about the trade unions?

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Disgraced Speaker of the House of Assembly, Michael Carrington

Show Prudence, Let Political Ethics Be the Principle

Submitted by Dr. George Brathwaite

Lord Dicey argued that the legal system consists not only of the procedural enforcement of rules and precedents but also of the informal “customs, practices, maxims, or precepts which are not enforced or recognised by the Courts, [and which] make up a body not of laws, but of constitutional or political ethics.” In the Commonwealth Caribbean – Barbados included – most states govern using the broad pillars of a Westminster model parliamentary democracy.

Indeed, over the last year, Barbados has been celebrating its 375th anniversary year of Parliamentary life which is the third oldest in the British Commonwealth. On top of this, Barbados is now into its 49th year of independence and the challenge remains for all citizens of the country to be ‘strict guardians’ of the Barbadian heritage and ‘firm craftsmen’ of the fate of the nation.

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Dr. Clyde Mascoll

Clyde Mascoll’s Insight to the Barbados Economy

History will first remember Dr. Clyde Mascoll as an aspiring politician who misread the tea leaves when he failed to accept the return of the late David Thompson to lead the party. Then only will his study of economics and other academic achievements be referenced. BU however will always define Mascoll as the  quintessential economist. Few if any of his profession understand the numbers behind the Barbados economy the way he does. His many years spent at the Central Bank has prepared him for the role as chief spokesman on the economy.

BU recommends Mascoll’s recent column.

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart


Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

FM92.9 the voice of my choice reported it. Nationnews.com published it. PRIME MINISTER STUART SUPPORTS THE SPEAKER. ‘Hold your ground’ was the message from one comrade to another. Question is why shouldn’t he? Why should he not support his comrade? Why should his comrade not hold his ground? What now confronts this country is exactly what its citizens in some sick, twisted and demented way seem to enjoy. For in the midst of it all  the Country at large jubilantly celebrated ERROL BARROW DAY.

Who cares that today represents a blatant reversal of every single progressive policy aimed at the advancement of poor Barbadians by the late Skipper? Who cares that his pet project called EDUCATION, the vessel crafted to sail any native Bajan regardless of colour, class or creed into the ocean of equality has now been ran aground off the coast of Jones beach? That John Connell or the other Senator whose name escapes memory at this time never came close to heaping this level of shame and embarrassment in the lap of a ruling party, but were still made to fall publicly on the sword of retribution does nothing to inspire today’s Bajan as to what real leadership is. We like who we got,and must take what we get.

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Cable & Wireless Communications' (CWC)

Regulators Should Reject C&W FLOW Deal

Submit by Anthony Davis

A ‘NEW COMPANY’ will emerge once regulators approve Cable & Wireless Communications’ (CWC) intended acquisition of Columbus International Inc. And while the plan also includes ‘a new leadership team, and a new culture’, CWC’s chief executive officer Phil Bentley said the company did not intend to *’pre-empt the regulatory process’. He also said it was too early to say what the company would be calledDaily Nation 19/01/2015

First of all, "a rose by any other name is still a rose". Ergo, no matter what you call it a behemoth remains a behemoth!

I see this as a means of blackmailing the regulators, and should be treated as such. CWC must realise that Barbados is a sovereign and independent country and we do not like the attitude of the CEO. We are in the twenty-first century and we reject his master-slave attitude. I think that the regulators should reject CWC’s bid – if for nothing else but the act of trying to bribe them!

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Afra Raymond Citizen Advocate

Balancing the Scale

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.net:
This article is to engage the issues of falling national revenues due to price declines for fossil fuels, the ongoing commentary and the PM’s 8 January 2015 statement with its attendant criticisms. I am going to focus on the role of the real estate and construction sectors in this unfolding…

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Michael Carrington

Speaker Michael Carrington Saga: Day When Morality Drained From the House of Assembly

Personally I think the Speaker should do the right and honourable thing (pending the decision of the committee of privileges) and vacate the chair of Speaker. Morality and dignity should not have to be forced, negotiated and the subject of legal gymnastics – Grace Fuller

The Michael Carrington saga has shifted a gear.

Last week when Speaker of the House recused himself from the Chair to allow Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson to refer his matter  – Speaker of the House Michael Carrington MUST Go! -  to the moribund Committee of Privileges, there was high expectation the sordid matter of Griffiths Vs. Carrington was being ‘processed’ in a dignified manner by the highest Court in the land.  To the surprise of many Carrington presented himself today to carryon business as usual in the House on the pretext that he is still the Speaker of the House. Carrington’s decision aroused the passion of the perennially taciturn Prime Minister who in a passionate defence of the Speaker, on the floor of what was once an august chamber, questioned how a personal matter was being used to bar the Speaker from doing his job.

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The State of “medicine” in Barbados

Submitted by Sr. George’s Dragon

On page 3 of Monday’s Nation is an advertisement by the Natural Medical Centre titled “Get Well for Less”. Presumably this is a medical establishment advertising its professional services? Among the list of its offerings are MRBA full body scans and 3D NLBA organ scans. Intrigued, as I had never heard of these medical procedures, I Googled to find out more.

Incredibly, MRBA (Magnetic Resonance Bio-Analyzer) scans and 3D NLBA (Non-Linear Bio-Analyzer) scans seem both to be performed using the same piece of equipment – an A/O Analyzer made by Innergy Development. The operator’s manual is HERE.

MRBA is apparently “a non-invasive, full body analyzer that scan(s) 21 major areas of the body covering over 270 bodily functions”. NLBA “presents detailed visual reports of the health status of all the organs, systems and tissue of the body”.

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Rubis Coverley

RUBIS Gas Station at Villages, Coverley in Barbados Constructed Without Planning Permission

Originally posted on BajanFlick:
RUBIS Gas Station at Villages at Coverley

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Adrian Loveridge

Falling Oil Price a Boost to the Hospitality Sector

Submitted by Adrian Loveridge

Of course, many of us, warmly welcome the current fall in fuel prices which probably in the hospitality sector represents the greatest savings in electricity prices, especially those properties which have extensive air conditioning units. Needless to say however Government will collect a less taxes and VAT, so it’s a two-edged sword.

I also wonder how long it will take our limited number of distribution companies to pass on the benefit of reduced delivery costs as a result of cheaper petrol and diesel prices. Assuming of course, they will pass on the benefits at all.

Experts in the aviation industry do not expect any dramatic reduction in airfares and again it may work initially against the consumer’s interest while used aircraft values rise as fuel falls, slowing down the delivery of newer most fuel-efficient aircraft in some cases.

Across our major tourism markets the halving of oil prices will hopefully give people more disposable income, perhaps most notably in the United Kingdom, where we have witnessed a significant fall in the value of Sterling against the US Dollar.

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