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An Invisible Auditor General

However, a second driver for the interest in the performance and capacity of PACs has been the global interest in governance and oversight and in the role of parliament in curbing corruption – (Stapenhurst et al., 2006). What is certain about this time every year when the Auditor General releases his report is to expect […]

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Food Revolution Wanted

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Open Letter to Vivian-Anne Gittens and the Nation Newspaper ABOUT Venezuela

PRESS RELEASE – CLEMENT PAYNE MOVEMENT Dear Ms Gittens, Approximately one week ago, you and your Nation Newspaper facilitated the staging of a Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados by the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) — a United States of America dominated association of media corporations and media owners. And as was to be […]

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Originally posted on AfraRaymond.com:
The main issue now arising in relation to the Beetham Water Recycling Project (BWRP) is the complete failure of our country’s system of Public Financial Management. The $1.043 Billion BWRP was omitted from Trinidad & Tobago’s 2014 national budget.  By any standard that is an unpardonable failure to account for…

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Where Does the DLP Go from Here?

Submitted by Beresford As Barbadians struggle to survive the permanent hot mess by the DLP, the Moody’s review, the Auditor General’s Report, yet another tax, the iniquitous so-called Municipal Tax, unanswered questions about the Cahill deal, along with diverse other unanswered charges from the business community and citizens opened new sores on the disease riddled […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Has Mauritius Anything to Teach Little Barbados?

Introduction: In a recent essay on how small economies cope with a volatile world economy, Jeffrey Frankel, professor of economics at Harvard University, referenced Costa Rico, in Central America, and Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, as two nations with interesting growth models. Both nations, he pointed out, had outshone their peers and, noticeably, they had […]

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Integrity Legislation:Lord I Can’t Take It No More

Submitted by Benny I will urge the people to vote out this government as soon as possible if they fail to bring integrity laws. This situation is really ridiculous. This government knew full well why its campaign message was centred around bringing such legislation. I have always held Prime Minister  Stuart as an honest man […]

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Shame On You Venezuelan Ambassador!

Submitted by Gabriel Varvaro Just read the interview by Barbados Today with the Venezuelan Ambassador … what a shower of old left wing garbage that was. I made some pertinent comments as I was left outrage by this but it seems like Barbados Today did not find them adequate for their news outlet. My comments […]

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Auditor General Report on Financial Statements 2012-2013


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A Tribute to Athelston Winston Best

The following is a tribute to a a great Barbadian compliments of Hal Austin It is impossible to speak or write about the British schooling system and its engagement with the post-war Black presence these last 50 years without calling the name, Winston Best, over and over again. Without doubt, Winston stands in the vanguard […]

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MESA, Stop Squabbling, NOW!

Submitted by William Skinner It is understandable, that Mr. Ralph Boyce, unlike many of his counterparts, who would have opted for a retirement of leisure, has chosen to utilize his vast skills to better the society. He has been attempting with some moderate success to do so via the Men’s Educational support Association (MESA). I […]

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We Want to Know…

The following was posted by Artaxerses on the blog Notes From a Native Son: Reshuffling Sinckler Out of the Cabinet Needn’t Be Painful Have we conveniently forgotten: That the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler said his life had been threatened and as a result, he is currently being ‘detailed’ by member of […]

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Accessing Tourism Internet Portals to Win Deals

While it is probably most hotelier’s dream to fill their property every night of the year at published rack rates, the reality is quite different and that is where marketing creativity becomes even more crucial. Our larger hotels are predominately tour operator dependent but that comes at a price, being forced to contract rates well […]

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BCYN Advocates for Women & Children’s Rights

Submitted by Felicia Browne The month of April is celebrated as youth month. Across the world, the rights of children are recognized as fundamental human rights. In the US, April is recognized as Sexual Awareness Month and in the Caribbean the UN under the UNiTE umbrella has deemed Child Sexual Abuse a human rights issue. […]

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Pertinent Questions About the Venezuelan Political and Economic Situation

Submitted by John E. Farmer WHY does President Maduro keep demonizing the USA in every speech he makes? Also, why, like Chavez did, does he blame USA for Venezuela’s problems? Is it not true that IN 2013 USA purchased an average of 792,000 BARRELS of OIL PER DAY from Venezuela which is more than a […]

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Let Us Discuss Food Imports Minister YESTWICK!

“It has been reported that Barbados current food import bill is in the region of $800 million dollars annually.  The Minister of Agriculture has also stated that 65 percent of our food is produced locally. This means we import 35 percent of our food.  Our total food bill is therefore almost $2.3 billion dollars annually. […]

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Natural Habitats on the Decline

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Almost a quarter of Europe’s bumblebees are at risk of extinction due to loss of habitats, climate change, the intensification of agriculture and changes in agricultural land.” Study: A quarter of Europe’s bumblebees face extinction, 3 April Barbados Advocate Insects are under siege not just in Europe but worldwide, including Barbados. […]

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Anguish in the Land – Who Fooling Who?

Submitted by Beresford Un-godly. Ungracious. Unfair. Frightening. Mia Mottley’s unapologetic and piercing summing up of the political anarchy, system disorder and personal degradation engulfing Barbadians, especially in the public sector, as Government continues its job cuts could not be more appropriate. Not lost was the symbolism of her comments and the stance of the BLP, […]

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