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Credit Unions the Forgotten Movement

Submitted by Kevin Lashley “For the cause that lacks assistance, The wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that I [BU] can do.” I humbly submit that the cause that needs assistance right now is the impact of the middle-class and poor by the recent policies. More specifically I […]

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DLP as Clear as Mud

Submitted by Beresford This Friday will be a watershed for Barbados. The vote on the Estimates will determine whether hypocrisy will continue to subvert conscience and the DLP Government renews its hijacking of the economy and lives of Barbadians, or there will be a summoning of integrity, national and social responsibility in support of the […]

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Notes From a Native Son: What the UK Chancellor Can Teach Chris Sinckler

Introduction: The annual UK Budget Speech is pure political theatre, it can be funny at times, and it gives the chancellor a chance in the limelight. But for the real details, those of us geeks have to wait traditionally for the chancellor to sit down and the civil servants to press the buttons to send […]

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M.I.A. Must Go

Submitted by Douglas Barbados’ social and economic livelihood is currently under threat from infestation by an insidious phage which is more devastating than Ebola, SARS or Chikungunya.  This deadly pathogen is M.I.A. – Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba.  MIA must go! The MIA phage had tried to over run and corrupt Barbados in the period 2008 to […]

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Crime Taking Deep Root

Submitted by Serenity Crime and why we will never be able to reduce the most violent manifestations of it. In today’s paper NATION page 6a the defence for the recently concluded trial of the aggravated burglary of the Nation Newspaper offices in Fontabelle suggested the men be given a fine and that they are willing […]

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Cahill Energy:The Race to Waste Energy

Submitted by Pachamama After more than 20 years, the government of Barbados has finally made an attempt to address municipal waste management. While the present government must be encouraged in this effort, we have some concerns. First, we happened to have led a group that over a decade ago that made a stream of proposals […]

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David Estwick: The Humph in the Estimates Debate 2014

The Estimates Debate is well on the way in parliament and should logically be expected to attract robust debate given the dire straits of the local economy.  Unfortunately former Prime Minister Arthur’s assessment that debate in parliament has plummeted to a poorakey standard remains an apt description. A listen to the ongoing debate in the […]

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LIALPA Awaits LIAT Action on ECCAA Report and LIAT Investigation.

Press Release submitted by Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association St. Johns, Antigua – March 18, 2014 – THE LEEWARD ISLANDS AIRLINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION awaits the recommendations of an investigation commissioned by LIAT’s board of management to investigate the breach of The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation (ECCAA) regulations on November 2nd 2013 by its executive management. […]

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About Venezuela

Submitted by Mirna S. Vegas de Hughes I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend … I am a Bajan….but at this moment more than anything else I am a VENEZUELAN! Our friends may be asking themselves what’s up with all these FB […]

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Men MUST Protect Our Womenfolk from the Scourge of Domestic Abuse

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group Once again, the self appointed guardians of our society are looking for scapegoats, to blame for the dramatic increase in domestic violence. They are attempting to blame women for being murdered by jealous, possessive men, who believe that in many instances, economic dependence by these […]

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Caribbean Tourism: Coming Together for the Benefit of ALL

According to figures released by the Barbados Statistical Service January 2014 recorded the second highest long stay visitor arrivals from the United Kingdom in the last 12 years, with 18,134 persons. Only January 2009 exceeded this number with 20,911 persons. Having said this, there is still a mountain to climb especially if you look at […]

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Malaysian Flight 370: How Does a Triple 7 Disappear in 2014?

Before BU family member Sargeant accuses the BU household of navel gazing …

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LIAT Threatens to Shrink Caribbean Airline Network

The board of LIAT airline is clearly feeling the pressure of mounting ongoing criticism of its consistent inability to achieve a stable business model and to provide a vital intra regional air service in the Eastern Caribbean on a reliable basis. Unfortunately, the announcements of 6th March from the LIAT chairman, Jean Holder, strongly suggest […]

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Union Sold Out for Tax Ease

A court in Germany has sentenced Uli Hoeness, president of European football champions Bayern Munich, to three and a half years in jail for tax evasion. Hoeness turned himself in, hoping to get away from a prison term, when he got a tip off that he was under investigation by the German tax authorities for […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Taking Care of Home

Introduction: Recently a friend of mine, a highly admired New York lawyer of Barbadian extraction, sent me a newspaper clipping about Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment. This month is also Women’s History Month in the UK and today the United Nations held its 58th Commission on […]

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University Education for the Young and the Unworldly

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Each child who goes to a secondary school should do at least one year of national service… thus making a contribution to national development as well as becoming familiar with the world that they now only encounter way too late—the world of work.” Orlando Marville, Education cuts –  March 12 Advocate […]

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CARICOM Moving Full Steam with Demand for Compensation for Slavery

CARICOM Heads of Government (HoGs) are currently meeting in St. Vincent and one contentious issue communicated by sitting chairman Ralph Gonzales is that leaders expect to hold talks with Europe later this year about the thorny issue of reparations. There is the other  issue which has surprisingly been slotted on the agenda – whether marijuana […]

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Harlequin Property UPDATE…

5 March 2013 The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group.  The business activity of the Harlequin group includes the marketing, sale and construction of luxury off-plan property developments in the Caribbean and other resort locations.  If you have invested in Harlequin schemes, we would welcome any information you […]

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