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2014 – Barbados’ Year of Faith

Submitted by Douglas Happy New Year to all of Barbados! Most Barbadians have enjoyed yet another festive holiday season, refusing to let the naysayers and predictors of doom and gloom try to spoil their mood. As we reflect, Barbadians were reliably informed about the challenges the economy has been facing due to predominately external factors. […]

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Barbados Underground 10 Point Plan for New Governance

The following 10-point plan has been championed by BU family member Bush Tea for several years and endorsed by Barbados Underground. There is rising resentment and criticism  directed at the feudal Westminster System which has become irrelevant in a modern global market which requires speed, flexibility, innovation and creativity even from small island states like […]

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Trade Unions Square Off Against Government With Job Cuts Imminent

Submitted by Anthony Davis All of a sudden we have the union leaders running around like headless chickens, trying to do for their members what they should have been doing long ago – giving them proper representation, instead of hanky-pankying with Government, and the heads of the private sector bodies. They should have anticipated what […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Barbados is Facing the Hour of Decision

Introduction: As we recover from the exuberance of the seasonal celebrations, we still have to face the reality of tough decisions as a nation. There is no hiding place, it is as Frank Sinatra said, the end is near and we are facing the final curtain. So far, predictably, neither our political leaders nor policymakers […]

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The Military Invasion of Mecca

Submitted by Pachamama …For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile … (William Shakespeare) As part of the spoils of war and since the end of World War Two, the Saudis of Arabia have come under the military umbrella of a currently declining American Empire. […]

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An Urgent Call for Caribbean Unity

Suggested reading by Ras Jahaziel URGENT CALL FOR PATRI­OTS AND STATES­MEN (David Commissiong – Parts I, II, III) In this era of cri­sis, when vir­tu­ally every sin­gle Caribbean coun­try seems des­tined to end up in the clutches of the dreaded Inter­na­tional Mon­e­tary Fund, it would do well for the peo­ple and nations of the Caribbean […]

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Fool, It Is Not the Undervalued and Exploited Worker to Sacrifice Again: Seek the Political and Capitalist Classes

I begin by wishing all Barbadians and the Caribbean family, a hearty and improved 2014. I write hopeful that the political and civic leaders would be resolute in creating growth opportunities and access to decent work. Starting with those two societal expectations the possibility exists that the government may bring an end to the socioeconomic […]

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A DLP’s Work of Art – Barbados Becoming a Failed Society

Unless Barbadians ‘force change’ soon and put this county on a different path, by April 2014, Barbados is not going to be a pretty or pleasant place to be! Tourists are already staying-away and capital is running! What sense will it make having “new fancy looking money” that nobody in the Caribbean wants to see […]

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Top Gear is Coming to Barbados

After a dismal 2013 from a land based tourism perspective, certainly up until the end of November, it was refreshing to get some good news to end the year. After many early media releases in July, it was finally confirmed this month by the Barbados Tourism Authority that the Top Gear Festival, will make its […]

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Climate Change and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia

Submitted by Pachamama The recent devastating and unusual weather in the Eastern Caribbean represents the latest manifestations of the effects of human induced climatic disruptions that will only get worse. It should be fairly clear by now that these new normal weather events, in scale and scope, are equal opportunity harbingers of dangers which will […]

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‘Lady’ Mary-Anne Williams is it really you?

Submitted by the Owner Hooliganism, Bullying, Intimidation, Moral Decay All of the above, in my opinion aptly describe an experience I had recently. I remember in my youth and even to this day hearing persons muse about the fact that Barbadians are a docile people. One of the favourite things we like to say in […]

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Lessons to Guide Another Dichotomous DLP Cabinet: Save Barbados Now!

At the 2007 Annual Delegate’s Conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), the then Leader of the Opposition, David Thompson, began his featured speech by invoking a few disclaimers. It was revealed that there were groups within civil society actively speaking out against several perceived ills. Freedom of expression prevailed in Barbados under the political […]

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AUDIO: Heritage Radio Interview: Public Procurement, etc. – 04 December 2013

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.com:
JCC President Afra Raymond interviewed on Heritage Radio 101.7FM by Hans Hanoomansingh to discuss JCC matters such as Public Procurement, Invader’s Bay and G2G Arrangements. 04 December 2013. Audio courtesy Heritage Radio 101.7 FM Programme Date: Wednesday, 04 December 2013 Programme Length: 1:23:27 [audio http://afraraymond.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/part1.mp3%5D

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An Urgent Call for Caribbean STATESMEN and PATRIOTS

The following is the foreword to an article authored by David Commissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement by RAS JAHAZIEL It is time for us to admit that up to this day, the wind in our sails as a Caribbean peo­ple has been the wind that drove the slave-​ships to these shores, and the com­pass that […]

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