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Roy Morris ME

BU understands from a reliable source that former Associate Editor Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation newspaper in mid-September to take up the BIG job. The murky circumstances which led to his departure from Barbados’ leading newspaper appear to have dissipated with time. Our source has confirmed that the coming of Morris was […]

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Are We There Yet?

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group In a movie, involving a family trip, one of the children kept asking: Are we there yet? We see the Caribbean as one nation but we are aware of the deep idiosyncrasies of our individual island states. We recognize the void of leadership; the betrayal […]

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Future Centre Trust Letters Go Unanswered

Submitted by Kammie Holder (Future Centre Trust)

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Majority Supporting Government's Tertiary Education Plan

Submitted by Fair Play I believe our plan to ask students to contribute a small part of the cost of their tertiary education at UWI has more public support than we think. Talking to people from all walks of life, and ironically, particularly among low income earners, there is much support.  Their comments run the […]

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Tales from the Courts – A lucky Dip into the Decisions of the Barbados Court of Appeal Part XVII

“Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” – British politician William Gladstone A dip into decisions of the Barbados Court of Appeal  by BU legal eagles has provided the opportunity to critique the case James Livingstone Eastmond v. Rayside Concrete Works Limited [Unreported] C.A. B’dos Civil Appeal No 18 of 2003. The decision was handed down on […]

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Boosting September Tourist Arrivals

Once leaving August behind, we enter what is traditionally the most challenging period in tourism terms. Historically, the month that experiences the least number of arrivals of the year is September. September 2012 recorded just 27,230 long stay visitor arrivals, the lowest number in any month for the past ten years. A decline of 6.6 […]

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A Prime Minister's Word

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Caribbean Export Development Agency Cancels Design Caribbean 2013 – But Why?

The popular position held by citizens when things go wrong, and Caribbean people are no exception, is to blame the political directorate. Six years after the meltdown on Wall Street which caused havoc on much of the global economy our islands depend, our leaders in the Caribbean both in political and civil society –  continue […]

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A Vision of Hope for Barbados

Submitted by Yardbroom The present economic downturn in the fortunes of Barbados has led to a plethora of bad news.  It “appears” that this news is dispensed with relish by some observers; most of whom believe what they say and to be fair are often not malicious with intent.  It would be silly of me […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Sinckler’s August 13 Budget Proposals are Uninformed, Misleading and Displays an Embarrassing Ignorance of Monetary Policy

BU apologizes for the late update of the Hal Austin submission. Introduction: Barbados is in the last chance saloon. Things are much worse then they believe and the recent Budget proposals by finance minister Chris Sinckler have only added to the fog of ignorance. I have taken the liberty of a long contribution, but please […]

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Cable & Wireless: When is a LIME not Local?

The following was received from a trusted source and BU adds its voice to the query. – Barbados Underground “It is alleged that a Canadian who has Barbados citizenship is living in Barbados and being paid out of Cayman and not paying a cent of taxes to the Barbados Government. Her name is apparently J*****er […]

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The Jack Warner Revolution

Submitted by Mark T Jones (London-based writer and commentator on International Affairs) For those prepared to look as well as see, Trinidad & Tobago is a fascinating country. One steeped in history, rich in cultural variety; a land of contrasts that deserves far greater attention than it receives. For a nation with a stable economy, […]

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AUDIO: State Enterprises

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.com:
Afra Raymond chats on the show  ’Forward Thinkers‘ with David Walker on More 104.7 FM about State Enterprises. 15 August 2013. Audio courtesy More 104.7 FM Programme Date: Thursday 15th August 2013 Programme Length: 0:54:33 [audio http://afraraymond.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/interview_104fm_16aug13.mp3%5D

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Tales from the Courts – The Record of Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson Part XVI

Original blog posted 2.43AM 15/08/13 – Updated 6.44PM 15/08/13 Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson is reported in the Nation as having stated that he will shortly start to throw out old cases. It is now two years since Sir Marston, amid much controversy, took over the role of Chief Justice of Barbados, and delivered promises […]

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