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Young Democrats Launch Education Grant

The following shared as a public service communication – Barbados Underground Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 18:28:29 -0500 Subject: Young Dems Educational Grant Programme Application Form and Poster From: youngdemocratsbarbados@****l.com To: Dear Comrades, On Thursday 17th  August, 2014, the Young Democrats lunched it’s Educational Grant Program. The Young Dems launch this initiative to target students […]

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Barbados Can Generate More Tourists from the USA by Subsidizing Travel

While still a month away, September presents one of the most challenging times of the year from a tourism perspective, especially from our second largest market, the United States. With three flights daily, two from Miami, and one from New York, unless the scheduled aircraft equipment is changed that amounts to a total seat capacity […]

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Submitted by Pachamama As we enter week four (4) of the barbaric slaughter of the sacred Palestinian people a simultaneous and larger war against the peoples of the world pursues apace. Indeed, the savage decades old war against the Palestinians comes within the context and at the height of an American imperial exceptionalism that has […]

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Barbados Underground Congratulate Akela Jones

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Solid Waste Tax Good for Barbados

There is a cricket saying, if a batsman does not watch the ball carefully onto the bat, bad things are likely to happen. The local news will be consumed with the resignation of former prime minister Owen Arthur from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) after being a member for 43 years for the next week […]

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Owen Arthur Resigns from Barbados Labour Party

The resignation of Owen Arthur from from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) should make Barbadians pause for several reasons. The incapacity of a former Prime Minister of fourteen years to carve out an effective role to serve his political party in the twilight of his career leaves a sour taste. If our leaders are unable […]

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Owen Arthur’s Revelation

Submitted by Joan Worrell The following was submitted before former Prime Minister submitted his resignation earlier today. David, I am surprised that 12 hours after an interview between Owen Arthur and Kaymar Jordan captioned ‘Arthur Fed Up’ in yesterday’s edition of Barbados Today, you have not made reference to it.  Prove to me and other […]

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Public Secrets?

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.net:
It seems to me that we are entering a sustained and hard-fought Information War, global in extent, but with local flavour. The main features of this are the attempted redefinition of Privacy as a defunct notion, right alongside the State’s duty to know all about us, but tell us as…

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Sack Worrell and Sinckler

In May this year Governor Delisle Worrell issued a directive to ban the Nation newspaper from participating in press conferences hosted by the Central Bank of Barbados. His action provoked wide condemnation from every corner within in civil society. The Governor and Central Bank obviously yielded to the pressure and public expectation reverted to the […]

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Mia Flip Flop

Submitted by DLP Supporter Back on September 29, 2010, Mottley said in her address to the Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Hilton Barbados that Government should not continue to wholly own and manage some of its facilities, when to do so would “challenge its ability to afford other services and benefits which are more […]

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Palestine – The False Equivalence

Submitted by Pachamama As the latest Zionist massacre of Palestinians enters its third week the international ‘shareholders’ have now dusted off their scripts and are again mouthing their tired refrains. These choruses would by now be sounding tired to the Crop Over judges in Barbados. However, the western tools, as blatant and tireless supporters of […]

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Caribbean Capital Reserve Bank Taken Down by the CIA

In April of this year BU reported on Caribbean Capital Reserve Bank and exposed it for what  it is, a scam – see Caribbean Capital Reserve a Total SCAM. BU is pleased to acknowledge all the bloggers who helped to highlight this matter. It is a good feeling to know when something positive happens and […]

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Caribbean Court of Justice Judge Gets Greedy

When and where ignorance rears its head it must be exposed for what it is. When it occurs within the realm of the judiciary that is responsible for the administration of justice – the foundation of an orderly society-  it definitely is cause for concern. The incident  reported by the Trinidad Express that a Caribbean […]

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Mia Will Walk

The following is a statement issued by the leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley. The action by Mia Mottley may prove to be a defining moment for her in the battle of public perception over BLP leadership. If she is able to rally her troops on Thursday, it will go a long […]

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Opportunity to Reach Our Full Potential Beckons With the Launch of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc

Trawling through the Internet, when it has been available this last week, I have been almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of beautifully presented and creative local world class websites, clearly built by what appear to be mostly small Barbadian entrepreneurs. Often with stunning images both in still and video format, frequently highlighted by outstanding […]

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Caribbean Businesses, Organizations and Governments and People Could Be Losing Millions To Cyber Criminals & Hackers, And Don’t Know It

Submitted by James Bynoe – CEO Cyber Security Centre The Caribbean Cyber Security Center (CCSC) continues to urge the Caribbean region to take the growing threat from cyber criminals and hackers seriously. CCSC estimates that on a frequent basis Caribbean businesses, organizations, governments and homes are targeted and scanned for information system weaknesses and vulnerabilities […]

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Confession of a Policewoman

Submitted by Karquena Healez Metaphorically speaking and just so they can say that it is understandable, you make mistakes when you are young, admit it, confession is good for the soul? The truth is not important for police. They will create evidence and conditions to satisfy their inferior morals. Commonsense to them is something that […]

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World Affairs – Connecting the Dots

Submitted by Pachamama What do the near two weeks of continuing slaughter of Palestinian children in the concentration camp cum Warsaw ghetto of Gaza, as the same forces that have maintained that open air prison for 65 years continue to support ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, sometimes Levant – have in […]

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