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tony cozier

What Tony Cozier Meant To Us

Submitted by David  Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement So, why didn’t the Government of Barbados confer our country’s highest national honour on Tony Cozier during his lifetime? Why wasn’t he “Sir Tony Cozier”? Similarly, why didn’t our regional university– the University of the West Indies – confer an honorary doctorate on Tony Cozier, as they […]

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Fruendel Stuart (r) Arthur (l) won the Integrity race last general election

Cahill Energy Agreements EXPOSE Prime Minister Stuart as Withholding the Truth from Barbadians

In her response to the budget of  June 2015 leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley gave impetus to the Cahill Energy debate when she shocked the country with the revelation that four ministers (Darcy Boyce, Denis Kellman, Chris Sinckler and Denis Lowe) had signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Cahill Energy dated 15 March 2014. […]

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Business as Usual Approach by Caribbean Leaders a Worry

The following Editorial was written by the Dr. Malcom Grant who is the founder of the popular Facebook Group SURVIVING OUR HARSH ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT (SOHEE 20,806 members). I just have this uneasy feeling in “my bones” with regards to the future of OUR children and their children, here in the Caribbean. THIS IS NOT THE […]

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Submitted by Heather Cole

Independence: A Blessing or a Curse?

Submitted by Heather Cole We all know the story of what happened on November 30th 1966 in Barbados. The island became independent. The Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain was lowered and a Barbadian flag was raised as a symbol of national independence. However, some of the relics of colonialism were not folded up […]

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Are Citizenship by Investment Programmes Sustainable?

Reposted from the Caribbean Trade Law and Development website. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its end of mission press release following its recently concluded Article IV Consultation mission in St. Kitts & Nevis highlighted that strong construction activity, driven in part by large real estate projects funded under the island’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) […]

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David Estwick, Minister of Water Resources

Solution for Praedial Larceny Minister Estwick

Submitted by Brian Frederick WE see quite often soldiers out with police officers on patrol sometimes in Police vehicles or BDF vehicles.   One has to assume that the soldiers have a legal support role with the Police.   One also has to assume that as a former squadie the BDF soldiers are trained in counter insurgency, […]

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Governance in Trouble

Submitted by Kammie Holder RESIDENT BARBADIANS will be found guilty of treason by future generations, for their failure to protect the legacy entrusted by our ancestors on their behalf. We must respectfully speak up and speak out and not just be humble while grumbling. Who will lead the people? Neither Clement Payne or General Bussa […]

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Political Promises

BU repost another Barbados Advocate Editorial. Don’t ever use me as your tool, A promise is a comfort to a fool –Gregory Isaacs [1978] A promise, it has been frequently and cynically asserted, is but a comfort to a fool only. Many regional electorates will no doubt be ready to confirm the validity of this […]

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Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

Cruise Ships Allowed to Spew Toxins in the Caribbean Space

Submitted by Anthony Davis Venice is visited by 10 cruise ships per day. There is no law which stipulates the use of ultra-low-sulphur diesel in the Mediterranean…More and more Germans love cruising the high seas. However, when it comes to environmental protection many passengers and shipping agencies still turn a blind eye. Great expectations are […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – A More Rustic Tourism Product to Add Value

I still find it remarkable that after so many years that such an exceptional property, like Villa Nova remains unsold and empty. Yes of course it has its geographical challenges competing with what is perceived as the traditional form of tourism accommodation, but when you have only 24 or so rooms to fill, there are […]

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The Business Blog – Informing a Relevant National Financial Debate

My own theoretical work long ago showed the flaws in Schumpeter’s analysis, and now empirical results provide strong confirmation. Today’s markets are characterized by the persistence of high monopoly profits…If markets are fundamentally efficient and fair, there is little that even the best of governments could do to improve matters. But if markets are based […]

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The Role of the Church in Politics

Submitted HAMILTON HILL He was the Dean of St Michael’s Cathedral. The very Reverend Harold Edmund Crichlow I believe is now Dean Emeritus. His was the voice of the church that propelled the movement that ultimately led to the defeat of the real Democratic Labour Party back in 1976. I take it that the role […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Does Government Even Care?

The Nation Newspaper clipped the last sentence of Caswell’s column, here is the unedited version. On Tuesday May 10, 2016 debate on the Opposition motion of no-confidence against the Government started in the House of Assembly. I must confess that I did not listen. However from reports in the media, except CBC, it is my […]

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Wayne Willock – Time to Speak Out

I believe that it is time to speak out on certain matters. It may take me more than one column to say these things but I am not committing to having a page or a slot. Just for background information for those who may not know, I recently retired from the teaching service at the […]

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A Matter of PRIDE

God hates all sin but pride is right up there with idolatry and sexual immorality. Corey Worrell, A familiar stranger – May 5 Nation Newspaper Submitted by Charles Knighton Children, as well as many adults, would certainly find themselves thoroughly nonplussed upon reading the above, particularly so as they reside in a nation whose motto […]

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tony cozier

Tony Cozier, the LEGEND

Posted by Sargeant I haven’t listened to cricket on the radio in decades but the passing of Tony Cozier has stirred some long dormant memories. I can’t remember when I first heard Cozier on the radio but my first memories of listening to cricket was the WI tour of Australia in 1960-61 when as a […]

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Governor of the Central Bank, Delisle Worrell - Click image to read PDF report

No Confidence in Governor Delisle Worrell: Governance by Stealth

It is of concern to many having to observe the charade playing out in the Lower House in the form of a No Confidence motion. The leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has readily admitted that her side anticipates the motion will be defeated because the government side has the numerical strength and will toe […]

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Friends of Sports Inc Refused Permission by Government to Develop Vaucluse Raceway Facility

The following documents detail the plight of Friends of Motor Sports Inc to acquire planning permission to develop Vaucluse Raceway Facility to contribute to motor sports development in Barbados. The Barbados Festival of Speed was recently held at the Bushy Park facility and provided an opportunity for Barbadians to experience what motor sports can offer […]

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