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Moral Rehabilitation a Prerequisite to Achieve Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

Extracted from Andrew Simpson’s Facebook timeline. So many issues need to be addressed, and in so little time – worsening political, economic, environmental and societal conditions are all connected. Everything we do, affects the whole. Numerous valuable offerings grace the pages of our media. Solutions are attainable. Trusted and committed leadership, to corroborate a common […]

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Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange

Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – What if Brexit?

As we rapidly approach the 23rd June, when Britons will vote in a referendum on whether to stay within the European Union or not, I really wonder if our tourism sector has thought through the potential implications for Barbados. Almost all the industry pundits agree that if they do it will impact negatively in several […]

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WikiLeaks Bridgetown: How Uncle Sam Used and Abused Little England the Ignorant

The following is an extract from the famous Wkileaks files dumped to the Internet by the besieged Julian Assange (B) CINCLANT INSTRUCTION 5410.1 OF 15 SEPT 75 BEGIN CONFIDENTIAL 1. THE BARBADOS WEEKLY NATION OF JANUARY 18 (ON THE STREET JANUARY 16) RAN A PIECE IN ITS CENTERFOLD CALLED “UNCLE SAM’S SLICE OF BARBADOS.” IN […]

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ionics_desalination plant

Water Supply with Ionics Incorporated Agreement (Scam), LEAKED

27,000 m3 x BDS$0.80 x 365 DAYS x 15 years = BDS$118,260,000.00 or BDS$118 MILLION DOLLARS.. Imagine being given the opportunity to spend BDS$18 MILLIONS DOLLARS to build a new water treatment plant with a no-risk contract with Barbados Water Authority where them would take all the water treated and where BWA would repay you […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Mirage of Integration (ii)

“The Community and Common Market are intended to promote the coordinated development of the region and to increase intra-regional trade thereby reducing dependence on extra-regional sources. The community will institutionalize the machinery for the many shared services, which already exist and which even the most prosperous of the More Developed Countries, could not operate on […]

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Fruendel Stuart (r) Arthur (l) won the Integrity race last general election

Who Will Save Barbados?

Submitted by William Skinner We seem to be lurching from one issue or crisis to another. Whether it is garbage pilling up all over de place or teachers being assaulted by students, our beloved island state now seem rudderless and heading straight for the rocks. When we add an ill conceived, basically stupid, so called […]

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Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

The Caswell Franklyn Column – A Word to the Wise, Donville Inniss

BARBADOS HAS REACHED a stage where the words and actions of politicians must be carefully analysed, and not taken at face value. Without attempting to cast aspersions, politicians seem to be guided by what would get them re-elected. In that context, I would like to posit my views on Minister Donville Inniss’ recent critical remarks […]

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Barbados Chapter of the YWCA Charged With ‘Maladministration’

Submitted by MacD McRae Corruption Mismanagement Poor Board morale Loosing direction and function The tail is surely wagging the dog and the meanest things are done. Since 2006 the Te YWCA (Y) has been faltering and now at it lowest ebb. Six Board members fled within the last 6 months and another stormed out recently. […]

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a Reminder of What Madmen Can Do

Submitted by Charles Knighton He also said there was no Japanese effort to seek a US apology, ‘nor is there any interest in reopening the question of blame for the sequence of events that culminated in the use of the atomic bomb.” Unnamed senior US official, “Kerry plans no apology for wartime atomic bomb” – […]

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Ronald Jones, Minister of Education and former president of the BUT

Student on Teacher Violence – The Revenge Factor

There has been the usual chatter this week in response to yet another incident of student on teacher violence at a secondary school. Whether it is the slashing of tyres of a teacher, spitting on a teacher, pushing a teacher down a flight of stairs, refusing to pick up the wrapper, the bottomline is that […]

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The Logic of Politics

BU reproduce today’s Barbados Advocate editorial as a ‘Op-ed’ response to Dr. George Brathwaite’s submission – David, Barbados Underground “Politics”, Mr Basdeo Panday, a former Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, asserted sometime ago, “has its own morality”. While we are ignorant of the validity of this claim, one might be forgiven for thinking it […]

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Solutions Barbados Blames the BLP and DLP for High Debt to GDP

Submitted by Solutions Barbados Managing our national economy can be likened to managing a home. While there may be complaints about the food, washing, maintenance, and other services, if the mortgage loan is not repaid, then the occupants will suffer the trauma of being forced out of their home, and their previous complaints would become […]

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Afra Raymond

Property Matters – Housing Issues – part 6

On Thursday 17th March 2016, the Office of the Prime Minster confirmed that the appointment of Housing & Urban Development Minister, Marlene McDonald, had been revoked. On Tuesday 22nd March 20… Source: Property Matters – Housing Issues – part 6

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Central Bank of Barbados

Central Bank Explains Recent Downgrade, by Email

BU understands the following flash report was circulated to an email distribution list which the Central Bank of Barbados maintains. We have scanned the website of the Central Bank of Barbados to determine if the communication was posted for all Barbadians and others to access. What is noteworthy is that there is a confirmation the […]

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The Risk is Marginal: Go for it Mia!

Submitted by Dr. George C. Brathwaite Since the announcement by Barbados Labour Party (BLP) through the Leader of the Opposition to embark upon a strategy of bringing a ‘no-confidence’ motion against the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP), several cynics have questioned the decision and decried the move. One gathers from the critical statements made, and […]

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Submitted by June Naime Socialism has its tentacles like a giant Mantel over the earth and we on the Isles of the Sea are not exempt! It is a slow process of Rot, while promising everything while delivering Poverty under the guise of Equality and Economic Justice, Divisiveness under the guise of Social Equality, Moral […]

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No Fatbergs Here Mr. McLelland!

Submitted by Anthony Davis Deadly mounds of congealed palm oil are being washed up on British beaches, posing a serious threat to children and animals over the summer months. Known as fatbergs, the rock-sized white blobs smell like diesel and are covered in killer germs. They have invaded Britain’s coastline having been carried thousands of […]

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