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Adrian Loveridge

Success is About Making Others Feel Special

While this column has never been about individuals, I celebrated a milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago and could not help but spend a little time reflecting on the fifty years that I have spent mainly in the tourism industry. Some people evaluate success or what the definition of it differently and there is nothing wrong with that.

My introduction to the world of commerce at a very early age was driven not so much by any desire to become fabulously wealthy with all the associated trappings, but more by the basic need to fend financially for myself without the benefit of sustained further education as a result of a prolonged illness. Looking back, I learnt very quickly and by the age of 21, I had already become the majority shareholder and managing director of four companies which employed scores of people. This is not a boast, but a simple fact.

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Terrence Thornhill, Chairman of Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd

Terrence Thornhill the #2 CLICO Man in Barbados Continues to Get a Free Pass

The number two man for many years in the entity that was CLICO Barbados Holdings Ltd (CBH) is Terrence A. Thornhill. He sat and walked next to the embattled former CBH Chairman Leroy Parris. The recent Deloitte’s Forensic Report confirmed what many know and that is Thornhill is the man who has witnessed the unsavoury, […]

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Kirk Edwards

Barbados Cricket Selectors Blunder

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan-Pilgrim

Am I the only one, or are they others who continue to be baffled as much as I am after all these years as to how the Barbados and West Indies cricket selectors select players for duty? Even though they continue to fail game after game so miserably! I have always thought that any player seeking selection in any sports team had to be performing admirably and be selected on merit. Evidently this not the case when it comes to the Barbados cricket selectors

Is there anyone with a sound mind who could tell or explain to me how Kirk Edwards, could be failing for so long and yet the selectors continue to find favour in selecting him for national duty before other in form batsmen? Looking at the young man’s scores for the last eight to ten innings or more, are like selecting Lotto numbers which cannot add up to 120 runs. Why are the selectors continuing to select him in front of other young talented batsmen? Is it because of his arrogance that he is not listening to others regarding his batting problems? Or is it the same old problem that has always dog Barbados regarding favoritism?

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Late Prime Minister David Thompson led the DLP on a platform of bringing greater transparency to government in 2008.

David Thompson and Families First Slush Fund, the Corruption Trail

Each day, as this saga unfolds, more and more of the innocence of Barbadian society gets destroyed. Some Barbadians, who are thinking for themselves, have already raced ahead to recognize that CLICO is just the tip of a national iceberg.The hard-earned money of Barbadian taxpayers has been receiving similar treatment for the last 30 years alsoWalter Blackman

The BU household agrees with pundits who suggest irreparable harm has been done to the legacy of the late Prime Minister David Thompson caused by the recent revelations contained in the CLICO Final Forensic Report unsealed by Justice William Chandler. Before the CLICO meltdown many Barbadians were prepared to give credit to Thompson for his Families First Campaign and other people centric initiatives. He promulgated the view “Family values are crucial and the role of fathers and mothers is vital to children’s development.” What a noble effort by the late Prime Minister Thompson which sadly appears to be the usual political rhetoric.

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Mara Thompson MP should defend her husband's legacy by championing transparency legislation

Barbados Underground Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Speaker of the House Michael Carrington and Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson

The Barbados Underground household listened today with deep sadness to the news Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson denied the request from the Opposition to debate a No Confidence Motion against Speaker Michael Carrington. Barbados finds itself in a position where the Speaker of the House was recently directed by by a Barbados Court to pay a […]

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Guyanese anti-PPP government activist,

Courtney Crum-Ewing

Guyanese anti-PPP Government Activist Courtney Crum-Ewing Assassinated

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the assassination of well known Guyanese anti-PPP government activist, former Guyana Defense Force Officer Courtney Crum-Ewing, while campaign against Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

CGID expresses outrage at the unrelenting killing, with impunity, of PPP opponents, solely because of their anti-government activism. Almost all of these murders are unsolved. The refusal of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to seriously investigate these murders is a repudiation of justice and a mockery of the rule of law.

Mr. Crum-Ewing’s assassination is reminiscent of the assassination of journalist Ronald Waddell, who was killed by a death squad allegedly operated by then PPP Cabinet Minister Ronald Gajraj and Roger Khan – now convicted and imprisoned in the United States. 

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CLICO Barbados

CLICO Final Forensic Report UNSEALED

Here is the CLICO Final Forensic Report unsealed by Justice William Chandler on 10 March 2015.

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Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mottley’s Big Bag o blunders Wunnah Really Feel She Ready?

Submitted by Douglas

1. George Payne vs Eddmond Hinkson an unnecessary high court suit still not resolved since the start of her term as opposition leader OFF AND STUMBLING!

2. The bitterness and the display of spite – Full of malice she began by refusing to name Dale who was good enough for Owen as her deputy ——-nor has she named any one else for that matter! (But The world is Mottleys and the rest are pawns in her personal power game).

3. Wasted opportunity :Appointing the biggest disappointment in Christ Church Dr “smut matters most ” Walcott to the senate. Does he lead the young and un impressive Wilma Abrahams or is Wilma leading him ?

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Adrian Loveridge

Time is Money

Anyone who has used the internet to shop in Britain, North America and Continental Europe cannot fail to be impressed with the variety available, level of service and delivery options. And I wonder with the recent change of ownership, branding and appointment of new management in some of our distribution and supermarket outlets has not presented an incredible opportunity to better serve up to 500,000 long stay visitors that we attract each year. Especially for first time visitors staying at our vast choice of villas, condominiums and apartments and who are unsure of what is available and pricing on certain consumables, at least prior to arrival.

What prompted these thoughts was the appointment of Judith Wilcox as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TriMart Inc. Her vast knowledge of the tourism industry gained with Virgin Atlantic and more recently, one of our largest villa rental agency, could provide a unique insight in developing better synergies between our suppliers and overseas visiting customers. While there have been various local websites in the past, perhaps now is the time to take this marketing medium to a much higher level with the means to research product offerings prior to homeland departure, pay online with a credit card and delivery to coincide with the visitor’s arrival. It is also potentially a great promotional vehicle to expose more locally made items and build better brand awareness to a much larger marketplace.

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Karen Harris

RACE Talk Surfaces, AGAIN

There is no subject that will ignite a discussion like race, it doesn’t matter which part of the world. If you want to make minorities in Barbados uncomfortable discuss race, whether it is about the Moslem enclave in the making spawning the Clermont and Prior Park area or the unprecedented events of a search and rescue operation triggered by the disappearance of Karen Harris a White Caucasian female. An observation of online fora and on the ground the conclusion is the same, why must Barbadians always distil events through a prism of Black and White. There is a simple answer to those of us who wants to be honest.

Barbadians understand the divide separating Blacks and Whites. There is a tolerance level both sides slavishly respect. We come together to cavort at Crop Over and at a few social events on the calendar but for the most part we live separate lives, the Whites at Cattlewash, Kendal, Brighton etc. and the Blacks wherever. Of course we have some Whites and Blacks who socialize at the margin. The fact Whites and other minorities control a disproportionate control of the social and economic influence in Barbados adds to the dynamic. It explains the chain of events witnessed in the Karen Harris episode if compared to Kyla Weekes for example. Kyla who you asked?

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Jason Holder

Are the West Indies Out of the ICC World Cup 2015?

Submitted by Pachamama

We have always blamed the West Indies Cricket Board, of Control (WICB)(C) and their regional members for the persistent failures in West Indies cricket and we intend to continue in this vein. The successes, we shamelessly attribute to the players, and the players alone. That trajectory of management failure is now likely to lead to the early exit of our team from the ICC World Cup of Cricket 2015. We will be asking what has to happen for us to jettison this culture of persistent failure in a form of the game where we are supposed to have a competitive advantage. An advantage based on our natural approach to the game. An approach which predates the commercialization of limited overs cricket. An approach not always accepted by the so-called regional cricket connoisseurs. Those who would want to be more English than the very English!

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Ian Carrington, Director NIS

Incompetence at the National Insurance Scheme Costing Taxpayers MILLIONS and Counting

Without knowing the intimate details of the NIS’s problem, I will speak from a position of authority from my involvement in ICT strategy and implementation and from at least 25 years of experience. Barbados is woefully lacking in the ICT arena. This position of inefficiency comes from a lack of vision on the part of ICT decision makers of which they are really none within the government. Let’s look at the supposed CIO of government, although that is not his official title. This person, who has been named Chief E-Government Officer can move about from ministry to ministry touting glorious projects which he proposes to perform but has yet to show one iota of value.

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Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance


Submitted by Old Onions Bag

People already hollaring for murder from these draconian taxes, yet it ain’t even Budget Day.

How much longer can we continue this way Mr. Sinckler? Better believe we need to come up for air now. People all over Barbados want some reprieve. How much longer can they take these draconian measures and not fall through the social net? We need relief and we need it like yesterday.

What is the sense of being able to boast of cutting the deficit in half and the country’s people are suffering?

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Gas Pump

Should Road Taxes Be Collected At The Pump?

Submitted by Tony ‘Kite’ Gibbs

The recent proposals by the President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) to recover road taxes through fuel tariffs at the pump may seem administratively elegant at first glance, but to the non-economist like myself, is riddled with shortcomings, economic and otherwise, which do not appear self-evident to many in the Barbados Economic Society.

Road taxes are fixed charges levied by the government on vehicles for the right to use the roads in this country. Collecting road taxes at the pump through volumetric rates will always result in revenue adequacy problems. There will be over-collection of taxes when the economy is good or when oil prices are low and under-collection when economic circumstances force motorists to drive less. Road taxes collected in this manner will eventually be biased towards over-collection since there can be no conceivable way for Government to true-up and reconcile collected taxes on a month-to-month basis, in a revenue neutral manner, similar to what occurs with BL&P and the fuel clause adjustments.

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